Roadrat Master Post

I’ve been wanting to make this list for a while now, because whenever someone asks me why I’m shipping roadrat and why I think they’re canon (confirmed or not), I always wish I could just send them one link.

So here goes (feel free to add more if you think something’s missing)!

1) They hardly ever appear apart
In all the official art, comics, etc., Junkrat and Roadhog almost always appear together. The other Overwatch characters will appear alone or with varying people, but the junkers are always together.

2) They have matching/linked skins
As far as I know, Junkrat and Roadhog are the only characters to have matching skins (Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s Monster)

Please correct me if I’m wrong here!

3) Voice line development
They used to have a voice line exchange that would go:

JR: You hook ‘em, I’ll cook 'em.
RH: Shut up.

But now the line goes:

RH: I’ll hook 'em…
JR: And I’ll cook 'em! (x)

4) Matching Christmas sprays
Junkrat and Roadhog now have a Christmas-themed spray showing the two junkers fistbumping while sipping drinks together on the beach.

5) They vacation/have fun together
In the Overwatch comic “Reflections” we get to see what the Overwatch characters do for Christmas. Junkrat and Roadhog are seen having the time of their lives racing around in a car:

6) They have a (super gay) theme song
When the comic was released, Twitter user biscuitzombie asked the official OW Twitter which song the junkers were playing in their car, and OW responded with “Down Under” by Men at Work. It was quickly discovered that the song contains at least one reference to gay sex.

7) They exchange Christmas presents
As part of Roadhog’s Christmas skin, his gun suddenly bore the label “From: Junkrat”

and in a piece of art tweeted out by the official OW Twitter account, Junkrat can be seen unwrapping a t-shirt with a pachimari print, which Roadhog is known to love:

8) They are each other’s loved one
When launching the “Reflections” comic, the official OW Twitter tweeted out: “Join our heros as they head home for the holidays and celebrate the season with their loved ones:

Junkrat and Roadhog are clearly celebrating together, ergo… loved ones!

These were all I could think of, but please add more if I’ve missed some!


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