What had been casting a shadow was a long story. It felt like her whole world had changed overnight. Again. 

They got their beautiful and huge abandoned home just as promised, and within mere seconds of Salem stepping on the property, any possibility of her being kept a secret flew out the window. Vladislaus knew. And he was angry.

It was one thing that Augustus was harboring a human for a purpose other than bleeding it dry, but there was more to his anger. One night he appeared suddenly to Augustus, screaming at him, and the truth was finally out. 

Augustus was the descendant of another famous vampire family, similar to Vladislaus’ own, who had betrayed him in the past. Augustus had been adopted by two careless humans in an attempt by his real parents to keep him safe. Vladislaus killed them, and intended to kill Augustus as well that night in Granite Falls. But something occured to him: if he turned him, kept him alive and ignorant, he could have the powerful vampire blood that coursed through him on his side, at last. 

He threatened Augustus. “If you don’t kill her yourself, I will kill you both, you insolent child. You will not breed with a human, you will not muddy up the genes that I have worked so hard to preserve.”

But of course, as he knew, it was too late for that. Salem was already pregnant.


cece: what if. hear me out. what if u ask him to PROM!!!!!!!!??????? its far away but. EH? EH?

blue: what? r u serious lol ;( we arent even friends how am i gonna ask him 2 prom

cece: ok .. OK here the plan: make blue and mattys friends, then blue swoops in with the prom proposal. EH? EH?

talon: um how we gonna make them friends. blue is so mean

blue: ;_______;

Here are some roses I did with watercolour paints! I’ve never painted before and the only time I’ve seen anyone paint is a few stray clips on Instagram, so I’m pretty chuffed with these 🌺😊🖌