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He tries to break into your apartment while drunk (Cake/4)

Luke: It was one in the morning. You pulled a cushion closer to your chin as you settled on the sofa, watching Hazel Grace Lancaster sob into her pillow on the silver screen in front of you. A tear rolled down your cheek as her parents comforted her. “God, this is so fucking sad…” You buried your head into the cushion, letting out a dry laugh. 

Suddenly you heard frantic knocking on your door, and you stood up cautiously. Walking over to the front door, you slowly opened it, and a boy with messy blonde hair and a lip ring fell forward, startling you and causing you to let out a scream. The boy looked up at this and scrambled drunkenly to his feet, looking at you accusingly. “You’re not my room-mate!” He pointed, at you, and you flinched. “What are you doing in my apartment?” 

You glared at him, crossing your arms. “This is my apartment, mate. I suggest you leave before I call the police.” He glanced around confusedly, whispering, “Where am I?” You tried not to laugh at that, as it was obvious that the boy was wasted, before you recognised him. He was 209, the boy who lived just down the corridor. You’d never spoken to him but you admitted to yourself that he was very attractive. His blue eyes and lip ring could draw anyone to him. “You live in 209, right?” You questioned, and he pondered for a moment before nodding dumbly. 

“Hey, I’ll take you there. Just follow me.” You walked down the dimly lit corridor, 209 stumbling after you. After a few seconds it became apparent that he was having some difficulty in walking, so turning to him, you linked your arm in his and led him back to his apartment.

Taking his key, you unlocked his door for him and patted his shoulder. “Get some sleep.” He gave you a crooked smile before placing a sloppy kiss on your lips, taking you by surprise. Snuggling his head in the crook of your neck, he whispered, “I’m Luke.”, before giggling and stepping into his apartment. You said goodbye to him before closing his door and walking back to your apartment, stunned at the events that just took place, and feeling a little warmer inside.

Calum: BANG! The sound made you jump as you got up from bed hastily, ran to your door and swung it open. On the ground was your neighbour, Calum Hood, sprawled out on the ground.

“Calum? What the fuck?” You knelt by him as he raised his head and shot you a cheeky smile, before his head flopped back down. He was very drunk. “Fuck, Calum, get up!” You tried to pull him up by his arm but he was too heavy. “Calum, please get up, you’re scaring me.” Slowly, he lifted his head again and looked at you, concerned. “I’m sorry, I thought this was my apartment, but my key wouldn’t fit and I thought if I just ran into it…” He mumbled, and you rolled your eyes. “Just get up.”

He obeyed, standing up and leaning on you and grinning. “This isn’t funny,” You glared at him, and he waved you off as you tried to help him walk. “I can walk, Y/N, I’m drunk, not dying.”

“Alcohol is a poison, so technically, right now, you are kind of dying.” You retorted. Calum laughed again before giving you a serious look and clearing his throat. “I’m not dying, right?”

“That depends. How fast can you haul your ass back to your apartment before I kill you for ruining my sleep?” You crossed your arm. Calum gulped before tilting his head. “You look beautiful right now?” He held his hands up in surrender as you picked up today’s newspaper by your door, rolled it up and smacked him on the shoulder.

“Ow…Y/N, stop! I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl whose weapon of choice is a newspaper.” You dropped the newspaper as Calum realised what he’d just said and blew you a cheeky kiss before drunkenly running back to his own apartment, fiddling with the door until he unlocked it and let himself back inside. 

He had a crush on you?