beach ware


chibi sketch requests!

sun and moon spirits AmePan for @kitycat1, werewolf!SveLiet for @dynamicthesaurus, aph bulgaria for @kuzeykirkland, aph romania for @ask-86-radon, aph prussia for @flouridation, umbreon for @aphspork, cyclops girl in beach ware for anon, aph estonia for @scarlettlillies, and a too smol sugilite with a too big flail for @eldebo

thanks everyone!

Neighbor!Luke Chapter 3

A/N: I feel terrible for how long this has taken. So, as an apology. Send me in blurb ideas as an ask and I’ll answer them. 

Word Count: 1,571

Chapter Three

     By the time you had unpacked and finally got settled in, it was the middle of August. School started in September and you honestly weren’t ready to go back to school yet. You hadn’t seen Luke alone since that night, but you guys had friendly text conversations every now and then.

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