beach thursday

Beach Bums

Another Thematic Thursday submission which is ‘Teenage years’! As part of my Surftopia 86 AU, we have teenager Judy meeting up with teenager Nick at his mom’s surf shop in Sahara Square after he helps put out the boards for the morning. But before they can go and enjoy the weekend of sun and surf, Nick’s mom’s assistant, Yax, regales the two with stories about how the 60′s were a golden age for surfing. Surprisingly, Nick and Judy are unimpressed.

This pic makes the leap from purely hard shadows to including soft gradients to give it a level of depth that surprises me! If you look at their eyes, you can see the light slowly fade to shadow like a round thing would in actual lighting! I’m gonna be trying to incorporate more gradients to give added depth to my lighting.

I also wanted to put out the first chapter of Surftopia 86 but got sidelined with stuff and I haven’t figured out a good story pic to go with it so expect that soon-ish!