beach tapes

holiday klance things

(6/? since this is a series now I guess whatevs)

  • Ok so holidays are just. A struggle for these two lovestruck boys. Like, they love each other, but dear god. 
  • On Lance’s birthday, Keith panics bc he’s never had to buy a birthday present for anyone before. He ends up just rigging a holo-projector on the ceiling above Lance’s bed to play some looped footage of a Cuban-like beach he taped on an alien planet. 
    • Keith feels bad bc he didn’t buy Lance anything, but when Lance sees it he starts crying and he and Keith cuddle on the bed all night, looking at the beach while Lance tells stories about home. 
  • St. Patrick’s day finds Lance dressed head to toe in a Leprechaun outfit (complete with beard) and he just follows Keith around the castle chucking chocolate gold coins at him and being really annoying and cute while Keith blushes furiously.
    • “Hey Keith! You can look for my pot of gold any time!”
    • “No.”
    • “I bet you really wanna know where this rainbow leads to-”
    • “Lance STOP.”
    • (Allura has no idea what this holiday is and when she politely volunteers to find Lance’s pot of gold to help everyone just Loses It)
  • The boys are a wreck on their first Valentine’s Day together. 
    • Lance buys a mountain of alien chocolates because that’s what his mom did for him at home. Turns out alien chocolates are not good for humans and Lance spends that night holding back Keith’s bangs while he pukes.
    • Keith, on the other hand, has about as much a concept of this holiday as Allura does, and buys Lance a wrench.
    • “A wrench? Um…thanks babe, I guess?”
    • “I thought it would be useful, okay?” Keith is staring at the ground, embarrassed. “I didn’t know–”
    • “I love it. Now you’ve saved me white elephant gift shopping, and that’s the greatest present ever.” Lance swoops in kisses Keith’s embarrassment away.
    • The next day Keith finds a do-over present from Lance on his bedside table: a screw.
    • By the time he gets Lance to explain it to him at breakfast, even Shiro is in tears.
  • At New Years, they both get kinda drunk and when midnight comes, Lance literally sweeps Keith off his feet. And ends up dropping him and falling on top of him.
    • They’re both laughing though, and kiss each other in a messy pile on the floor to welcome in the new year. 

• 30/06/15 || 7:42pm •

Last day of June, meaning that I took some time to decorate my bullet journal for July!

Going with a theme for a month to see how I like it - this month is a beach theme!

I must say I’m rather proud of how it has turned out :3

~Luthien x