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Can u do a Draco x reader beach day and Draco ends up getting sun burned

“Draco, you should really put on sunscreen.” you warned your boyfriend, “Pfft, I don’t need some muggle invention to help me.” you shrugged your shoulders and continued to lay out all of your beach supplies. ‘If he gets a sunburn it’ll be hilarious’ you thought to yourself. Draco slowly walked behind you before wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling you against his already wet chest, “Lets swim, love.” he said before picking you up and carrying you to the water. The clear bright sky and warm weather was a welcome contrast to the bleak, dark grey sky you were used to. Once Draco had gotten knee deep into the water, he dropped you in eliciting a shrill scream to escape your lips. You spring up from the chilled water gaping at your boyfriend. He had the biggest grin upon his face making him look almost angel like, that is until you jumped on him and caused him to crash into the water with you on top of him. This continued for a while both you and Draco fighting to get the other wetter than themselves. Laughter and hollers coming from your direction. Eventually the fight had ended in a truce, the both of you completely soaked and grinning from ear to ear, “I told you a beach day would be fun.” you said in a taunting voice. “I’ll admit this is more fun than I thought it would be,” he said while tightening his grip on your hand, “Now let’s eat. I’m famished after all of that fighting.” The rest of the day went by serenely with you and Draco simply talking to each other and enjoying the nice weather. The day had been perfect in nearly every way, and now it would end perfectly with both you and Draco watching the sunset together. It was a cliche yet romantic moment with Draco kissing you right as the sun finally set and the the sky began to deepen and darken its colors. It was a perfect end to a perfect day, and it was the perfect beginning for your soon to be busy day.

~Time Skip~

You woke with a start at the sound of your boyfriend groaning in pain. Turning to look at him you noticed that your boyfriend’s usually perfect milky skin was a bright pinkish red hue. “(Y/N)…I’m dying.” Draco groaned out, “You are not dying, you just have a really bad sunburn.” you said trying to surprise a laugh and failing. “This isn’t funny, (Y/N)! I’m in pain, I may not escape with my life,” he exclaimed. You rolled your eyes standing to go to the medicine cabinet, “I’ll go get some aloe lotion. Do you think you can hold on until then?” “Just go. Bloody hell, I can’t move without it hurting.” You briskly walked to the bathroom gathering some pain relievers and aloe. Upon your arrival, you saw your lovely pink boyfriend spread in starfish position, “I’m back. Drink this, and then I’ll use the aloe.” you said while handing him a glass and some pills. Draco grabbed them from your hand greedily and gulped down the water and pills. He soon lay down with a puff groaning at the friction against his irritable skin. You lifted the cap and squeezed out the cool gel and began to lightly rub it on Draco’s chest. A dreamy sigh escaped his lips and his eyes at the cool relief he instantly felt. You continued to rub it into all of his irritated skin, “Are you feeling any better?” A faint hum of affirmation came from Draco, “Will you start listening to me and believing me when I tell you that you need something?” you asked with a smirk. Draco glared at you, “Now is not the time to tell me ‘I told you so’.” he snapped, “But of course it is. If you had just listened then you wouldn’t be the color of a rose. So I told you so.” Your boyfriend growled slightly before turning his back to you, “Whatever. Just keep rubbing it in. It still hurts.” You laughed kissing his exposed neck gently, “I’ll make it better I promise.” Draco scoffed, “Oh and Draco?” “What?” “I had a wonderful day with you at the beach yesterday.” “Me too.”

Thanks so much for requesting, love! I hope you liked it, and that it was what you hoped for!

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prompt: tim kon and bart go to the beach!

“So if you get your powers from sunlight, will you be more powerful in a swimsuit?” Bart asked, bumping Kon with his shoulder.

“Theoretically? Possibly? Um…” Kon’s voice trailed off, and he would’ve made awkward noncommittal hand gestures if he weren’t busy holding an armful of beach supplies, Tim’s surfboard balanced precariously on top. 

“Anyway if this works we could draw up some redesigns…maybe something along the lines of Starfire, only of course we could put in the S-shield somewhere…” Bart went on. 

“I mean, it might work,” Tim said, a small smile on his face, “and it DOES sound empowering.” 

Kon started laughing, and the movement made Tim’s surfboard fall off and hit him on the head. 

“Ow! Why am I carrying everything? Do you even surf?!” 

Tim shrugged. “It can’t be THAT different from skateboarding, can it?” 

(It was.) 

day one : red/blue 

It was quiet.

Hunk and Pidge had both left to explore other parts of the planet some time ago. It was just Keith and Lance now, lying on the grey sand of an alien beach, a sea of strange blue goop stretched out in front of them instead of clear water.

“This sucks,” Lance piped up after a while. Keith looked at him; he’d thought Lance had been asleep.

“What does?” Keith asked, looking back to the sea. They’d had an uneventful day, sure, but it hadn’t been particularly terrible.

This,” Lance said, gesturing at the air, frustration thick in his voice. “It’s weird. It kinda reminds you of home, you know? But it’s off. I don’t even wanna touch this blue slime stuff. It just makes me miss the actual ocean.”

Home. The word used to ring empty in Keith’s head. It didn’t, anymore. His team was his family now, and home was wherever they were. He didn’t have the same sentimental attachment to Earth that Lance did; he wanted to save it, sure, because he liked Earth as a planet and it was full of people, but he’d never longed for it the way Lance did now.

“I wouldn’t know,” Keith said. “I’ve never lived near the ocean before.”

“But you’ve been to beaches, right?” 

“A few times. Never just for the hell of it.” Keith shrugged. “I’ve flown over a lot of them, though.”

Lance squawked as if Keith had punched him in the stomach, sitting up with an affronted look on his face.

“What? Nonononono. That’s not cool man. I’ll have to take you when we get back.” 

“Take me where?” Keith asked. A beach, his mind supplied, but he liked the way the sad set of Lance’s face morphed into excitement when he asked.

Home, I’ll show you what the ocean is supposed to look like. The water goes so far out that you can’t tell where it ends and the sky begins, and when it’s a clear day there’s just this huge expanse of blue in front of you.” Lance paused, and Keith saw him send him a look from the corner of his eyes. “If you don’t mind dealing with my crazy family, that is.”

Keith thought of Lance’s huge family, of being surrounded by people who exuded the same warmth and gave easy smiles, and something painful twisted in his gut; almost like longing.

“I’d like that,” he murmured. Lance let out a relieved huff beside him, and when Keith turned his head to look at him, he was grinning.

When Lance stood some time later, muttering about dinner, he offered Keith a hand up. He didn’t let go as soon he could have after Keith reached out and let Lance pull him upright, and he gave Keith’s hand a firm squeeze before he did. 

Keith’s heart stuttered in his chest. Without realising it, he began counting down the days to home.