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Tekken 4 OST - Kitsch (Beach Stage)


If you like upholstery cleaning videos with those wet extraction vacuums (or just cleaning/washing videos in general), here’s a whole 12-minute long video of someone cleaning a couch with one, with relaxing tropical music in the background!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why hasn't teen beach movie been adapted into a stage musical yet? if not even for broadway, just for youth theater? it has all the antique 50's/60's charm of grease and hairspray and the modernism of high school musical. the plot and the themes are progressive and challenge young girls to be the best them that they can be. the character development is incredible, and would give young actors a chance to explore their own character development skills while still having fun. the songs are fun and catchy, the choreography is incredible (there's opportunity for even more in a stage musical), and the costume design would be so fun- 50's beach AND biker attire? with modern surfer thrown in???? imagine the possibilities for hair and makeup. not to mention you can add coolest cats in town as a "performance" song in the first scene at big mama's. speaking of big mama's, there is incredible opportunity for not only really good set design, but also room to be creative and explore with set movement, when transitioning from the future to the past, and even from the beach to big mama's. there's a role for everyone- strong female lead, endearing ingenue, stereotypical "dream boat" guy, dorky male lead, zany villains, tough guy bikers, cutesy surfers, there is literally something for every type of young actor. any young theater student, cast or crew, would benefit from putting on a stage production of teen beach movie and i have no idea why it isn't a stage production yet.

Stage Fright

Beach City is throwing a talent show to find the most entertaining citizen and the special host of the evening is none other than Sardonyx! The dazzling Fusion ends up outshining all the contestants — that is until Lars shuffles onto the stage dressed as a clown. Sardonyx uncharacteristically panics and un-fuses, leading to Garnet confessing that she’s developed a crippling fear of human clowns over the centuries (and now Lars, as well). Is there any way to soothe Garnet’s fears and help get Sardonyx back on stage before the final round of the talent show begins?

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Top 5 Fighting games themes

Character Themes:

5. Julia Chang (T3)

4. Jam (Xrd)

3. Jin Kazama (T3)

2. Dudley (3rd Strike)

1. Maya (KI3)

which reminds that im still salty cause tekken doesnt really do character themes anymore :^/ there are some good ones too

anyways since im feelin a lil extra imma do stage themes too:

5. South Korea Stage (SSF4)

4. Beach Stage (T4)

3. Under the Bridge (Skullgirls)

2. Streetwise ~Asura Mix~ (T5)

1. you already know wtf it is!!!


Stage☆On 2015 Shine by Mamoru Miyano


Some images from The Growlers show I designed the set for last week. 

​Swamp Stomp, repurposed materials, recycled building materials, 2015
Collaboration with Caroline Augusta & The Growlers. 

Sean Newport made the trees and stuff. 

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About Melissa and Chris... Randomly they're being followed by paps when they've been in Vancouver for months. The annoying one on twitter knew they were going on 'vacation' for 5 days? Why would he know? Wasn't the cast still filming? And those pics of them on the beach look extra staged and how'd anyone know they were in Mexico to suddenly have paparazzi snap pics of them there? This screams paid PR outing to drum up interest because K/aramel was received so poorly by most of the fandom.

The thing with PR is that teenagers fall for it, hook, line and sinker. However, in the adult land where everything isn’t shapes and bright colours, we point out the painfully obvious bullshit that is this relationship. If their agents believe Karamel is THIS bad to go to these lengths, we should be happy because the writers and publishers of the show won’t want to push this dying ship out to a busy ocean.

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