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My Secret Romance Episode 8

THIS IS THE BEST. Can’t they just stay in that beach side resort forever and live a happily life full of kisses, late night swimming shenanigans and heart to heart conversations? CAN’T THEY??!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved to see Jin-wook plastered, competing with Hyun-tae or when he transformed the kids playground into a catwalk and gave all those mothers a much deserved show, but I have said it once and I will say it again: the best Jin-wook is the one who’s honest with Yoo-mi and isn’t afraid to show his most vulnerable side. And that’s who we got at the resort, no alcohol involved at all, and he was proactive to show his intentions and feelings for her.

It’s Yoo-mi who needs to start working out what she wants to do because she will find it even harder in the future to deny there’s nothing happening between them or that she doesn’t have feelings for him. I understand it’s her first time receiving so much attention and romantic affection from a man, but I wish she would let loose and let go of her inhibitions, enjoy this moment with Jin-wook because she deserves to be happy. And if he makes her happy, what’s stoping her?

What I found to be a nice surprise was to see a less guarded side of Hye-ri. I like this version of her so much better than the one not listening at all because now I know she actually has feelings for Jin-wook and her strong face is just that. A way for her to deal with his constant rejection.

Which is why I liked to much her scene with Hyun-tae and the way they connected through their respective love woes. They are both pinning for someone who won’t look their way, either because they don’t want to or because they don’t know about those feelings. In Hyun-tae’s case, I have to agree with Hye-ri and Jin-wook, he needs to stop being so ambivalent and make his intentions towards Yoo-mi clear to himself and her if he really wants to fight for a chance to be in a relationship with her. Why is he doubting so much?

Overall, this episode was full of character development and pushed the story forward in a way the other episodes hadn’t. This is by far my favorite until now, with that one exception of the car scene at the end of episode 1. You know what I’m talking about ;)

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PS: I have seen many comments about whatever Dong-goo is Yoo-mi’s son. It’s my opinion that he’s really her much younger brother, if not how come Hyun-tae hold her in a eternal sacred and pure pedestal. Or why is her mother always commenting on how she never dated and that’s why she’s so stiff sometimes. If he was her son then these views of her person would make no sense.

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