beach sayings

Shiro: I’m Japanese.

Lance: I’m Cuban.

Hunk: I’m Samoan.

Keith: I’m half-Galra. Dunno what my Dad was, but it doesn’t matter.

Pidge: Whoa, that’s so cool! I’m not entirely sure on all the details, but I’m probably, like, 25% Italian? Maybe less than that? Definitely have some British and Irish roots somewhere, maybe a little Dutch and German? A smidge of French?

The other Paladins:

I know TAZ has some completely epic lines that resonate with people like the “I saw seven birds” speech and “Our capacity for love increases” speech but what’s everyone’s favorite stupid line that for some reason lodged in your head beyond the others I’ll start 

Mine is when Taako and Barry are talking in the Beach Episode and Taako says “Barold… Barold…. I rolled an Eleven Barold, you have to tell me.”


Owl City ~Ocean Eyes album~

Lyric with the title of the song + amazing Monet art in the background

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martin garrix
lana del rey
james arthur

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i have this headcanon that hunk and lance grew up in a beach town together, so here’s them having bday slushies at the beach!!