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Take a Chance (Part 2)

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pairings: Reader x Steve Rogers
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
word count: 1,860
warnings: vomit, cussing, pregnancy talks
a/n: i swear i know what i’m doing. also, i love shrimp, really loooove shrimp. but i have a feeling if i were pregnant, i’d start hating it (along with coconut water) so i did the opposite for reader (also, shrimp quesadillas are not that great.)
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could possibly change your life and views on life for the better or worse.

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The moment you open your eyes, bile begins to worm its way up to your mouth. You quickly scramble off the bed and head into your connected bathroom, slumping down to the floor and against the wall, and throwing an arm around the toilet. You gag and heave as the liquid gushes out of your mouth, coughing when it becomes too much.

“Again?” you hear your older sister ask you as she crouches down and rubs your back. “You’ve been sick for days! I’m telling you, you need to see a doctor.”

“I’m fine,” you whine just as you’re about to let out another gag.

She sighs, “Vicky is worried about you.” You groan. Of course, she’d use the niece card. Why wouldn’t she? It’s the easiest way to manipulate you. “If you won’t go for yourself, go for her.”

“Fine, but go with me? I don’t wanna go alone. You know how I feel about doctors.”

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Yuuri “I’ll only have one drink this time, I swear” Katsuki and Victor “my fiancé just won the grand prix so let’s party” Nikiforov both get drunk off their asses this year, resulting in a party that most of the guests agree was even better than last year, sans one Yuri Plisetsky, who, despite engaging in a spectacular repeat-performance dance-off of the previous year, spends half the night grumbling about how he wants to kick both their asses.

Considering Yuuri’s tendency to go totally off the rails and Victor’s tendency to remove every article of clothing he owns, the night quickly becomes less and less PG, even if Victor is not nearly as talented a drunk dancer as Yuuri happens to be.  They do have a rather sweet moment where they slow dance and just sway there, looking at each other so fondly that everyone else almost wants to avert their eyes, because it just seems too private.

Phichit enjoys documenting the entire thing by taking as many pictures as possible, though even he agrees to the sacred, ‘What happens at the banquet stays at the banquet’ rule, which Chris describes to him as a pact they all made after the legendary night a year earlier.  Later, Phichit and Yuuri pull out some of their old moves from college, which Victor seems particularly impressed by, though by that point he’s kinda reduced to clinging onto people and giggling from the sidelines.

It all cumulates into Yuuri princess-carrying his very sleepy and mostly naked fiancé as Victor clings to his neck and nuzzles against him (a feat which many banquet-goers question how Yuuri manages to pull off, considering the amount of alcohol he’s ingested).  Victor is smiling so sappily like “I can’t believe we’re getting married, I love you so much.” And Yuuri’s eyes just light up because- holy crap- they’re getting married.

So he suddenly gets this really determined look on his face and somehow manages to climb on top of a table, all without dropping Victor (like five people run forward to catch them, but Yuuri’s fine, really his coordination while drunk is quite remarkable). 

And then, with a wild grin and an almost manic giggle, he loudly shouts “Everyone-!  We’re getting MARRIED!  And you’re all invited!!!!” before sweeping Victor into a sloppy kiss, to the sound of raucous applause.  This isn’t exactly news, considering both Victor and Yuuri (and Phichit too, let’s be honest) have been excitedly announcing this to literally anyone in their line of sight all night, but now everyone there is going crazy.

After they nearly tumble off the table a few moments later, Chris and Mila have to carefully help them down and somehow manage to corral them back to their room, all while the rest of the party reflects on how great the wedding reception is going to be after this.

Meanwhile, Yuuri wakes up the next morning to Victor clinging to his chest and a pretty bad headache- not quite as bad as last year, though.  In fact, he can more or less remember what happened; which is great for all of five seconds until he realizes he just invited the entirety of the figure skating community to their planned ‘small and private’ wedding ceremony in his hometown.  His poor parents.

And that’s how Victor and Yuuri accidentally rope themselves into hosting the wedding blowout no one in the figure skating community would ever forget.

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Jimin's Wedding

Before I start, I just wanted to say thank you all so so much for 1,400 followers!! It’s honestly mindblowing but I sincerely thank all of you but now onto an actual angel, one half of the Busan line, Park Jimin aka chim aka I am all for the park tummy being a thing I’m all for him being happy and healthy regardless of what he looks like but can I just talk about how adorable the tummy is bc god damn

  • Proposal here
  • Husband!Jimin here
  • Honeymoon here
  • Okay so I have this head canon that I’m like 99.9 percent sure is canon
  • But the head canon is that when Jimin falls in love he falls d e e p
  • So honestly when you say yes to marrying him you’ve just made like his entire life
  • He tends to randomly just kinda look over at you and smile really goofily and it’s kinda ?? can I help you I’m trying to eat a muffin here
  • He’s just like ily thank you for saying yes I’ll be the best husband ever I promise
  • It’s honestly really endearing bc you’ll literally just be sitting there doing nothing and the next thing you know he’s confessing his love for you
  • He helps out as much as he possibly can
  • If you’ll let him help plan it, he’s helping
  • He absolutely loves being able to help bc he gets to watch his wedding slowly be pieced together
  • Jimin makes me think of spring
  • I think for the same reasons as Jin, winter being too cold, summer being too hot and autumn being filled with holidays and events, he would choose a spring wedding
  • It would most likely be in May
  • His best man would obviously be Tae
  • These two are such close friends that when they propose to their loves, it’s really not even a question
  • Tbh Tae isn’t even asked to be the best man
  • Jimin tells him about the proposal and he’s just like sweet what do I do first should I help you find your suit
  • Despite being energetic and basically being a giant 5 year old, Tae would take his job seriously
  • He’s grown up with Jimin, he’s watched him fall in love with you and he’s watched you fall in with him
  • He wants nothing more than to make this a page out of a fairytale book
  • So instead of goofing off like some may think he would, he genuinely dedicates his time to planning whatever Jimin needs help with
  • He helps keep Jimin stress free and excited
  • Jimin can sometimes have a short temper and he’s a pretty emotional person
  • There would be a few times where something went wrong, like they had misheard him when he ordered his suit and sent him a bright blue one
  • It was only a week before the wedding and Jimin was v v close to losing it but Tae just came in and immediately ordered another, this time in black like chim wanted
  • He helps chim calm down bc along with you, he’s the only person who knows how
  • The wedding would be amazing
  • Jimin’s made a few logs on the beach and he always seems so happy to be there back in his hometown on the beaches he probably grew up with so I think he would love to include a beach somehow
  • Reception or ceremony wouldn’t matter but he does point out it’d be difficult for people to dance properly on the sand
  • It would be a lot of red based colors, in a mix of shades
  • Red of course, orange, pink
  • It actually matched the sunset which happened not too shortly after you two exchanged vows and rings
  • You were about to watch the beautiful sunset with your new husband but he was honestly too busy looking at you to pay attention
  • He would like to keep up the tradition of not seeing each other before the wedding but it doesn’t stop him from trying to sneak a few peeks
  • He goes over to the room to give you a water bottle and a lil plate of snacks bc like I said he loves you v v much and wouldn’t mind taking care of you for the rest of his life if you let him
  • When he knocks on the door, he can hear the tears in your voice, hearing that yet another thing had gone wrong and it had been too much for you
  • Traditions were the last thing on his mind in that moment so he kinda just runs in and is just immediately wrapping you up in his arms
  • None of your friends make him leave or whine about you two not seeing each other bc this was more important
  • They leave to give you a bit of privacy since everyone knows Jimin knows you like the back of his hand and can easily calm you down
  • Tbh even just being in his arms calms your heartbeat bc his arms are so strong and tightly wrapped around you and you know that nothing in that moment could hurt you bc Jimin’s there
  • He gives you a second to catch your breath and then his soft lil voice is mumbling sweet nothings to get you back to being happy
  • He doesn’t leave until he’s absolutely 100 percent sure you’re okay that you still want this
  • Amidst his worrying over making your tears stop, he doesn’t even notice what you’re wearing so when he does see you the next time it’s like the first
  • He definitely cries during the vows
  • But to be fair his vows are really sweet and meaningful
  • It’s filled with things only you would understand, comments and jokes that were just between you two
  • The first kiss is honestly one of the sweetest kisses he’s ever given you
  • His kisses are already sweet to begin with but you’re both crying just a lil bit (happy tears of course) and he’s so so gentle and it’s just like wow man
  • Jimin’s wedding would just be emotional for everyone bc they all got to watch you two grow up together, become best friends and then eventually lovers
  • Side note, Jimin’s father does get his dinner, much to Yoongi’s amusement