beach perfume

day6 as things that remind me of them


(I saw a few of these and wanted to do my own heh I hope you like this!!! pic creds to @lqday6)


Jae: the colour yellow, hoodies with pockets, fleece lined clothing, blowing dandelion’s, peach scented hand cream, light fog in the morning, empty journals, small hoop earrings, silver jewellery, sugar frosted doughnuts, polaroid pictures, sand between your toes on a beach, fruity sweet perfume, striped shirts, light wash denim

Youngk: crunchy autumn leaves, lace up boots, caramel hot chocolate, long evening walks, warm hands, open fireplaces, birds singing, piano music, white picture frames, spicy aftershave, old and torn books, metal book marks, gold watches, black or red ties, freshly ironed clothing, river banks, light rain on the window

Sungjin: black denim jeans, untied shoe laces, red lipstick, stormy weather, strong black coffee, loud chatter in coffee shops, grey eyeliner, adidas trainers, history books, small fluffy dogs, patent leather, red velvet, expensive wine, late mornings, messy bed covers, small meaningful tattoos, black or red nail polish

Wonpil: plush teddies, old american comedy shows, retro backpacks, converse shoes, woollen gloves, anime shows, paintings of landscapes, bright and warm sunshine, green grass, mixtapes, faux fur coats, white or cream lace, sweatshirts, expensive skin care, ink pens, green plants, spring plants, strawberry scented candles

Dowoon: late nights, black leather jackets, star gazing, toasted marshmallows, strong mint gum, modern art sculptures, long sleeved shirts, stormy weather, lightning, ice sculptures, froth on top of a coffee, sun shining through the curtains, old friendship bracelets, rap music, spicy foods, woody earthy scents


etsyfindoftheday | gift blitz 2015: bath & body stocking stuffers | 12.8.15

featured: unique beauty gifts by missvioletlace

the sun kissed glow shimmer oil has a beachy, golden shine and is made with coconut + shea butter. you can pair it with the rad element perfume gift set (complete with earth, air, fire, and water perfumes) or give each one individually. they’re both 100% vegan – i’d love ‘em both!

anonymous asked:

what products do you really recommend? like face, body, hair, etc.

I have combo/oily skin so this is what works for me

face: first aid beauty moisturizer, first aid beauty hydra serum, glossier priming rich moisturizer, everyday oil face/body oil, caudalie toner, fresh cucumber toner, mario badescu rose spray, herbivore aloe vera & rose spray, glossier suppers, rosehip seed oil, remix by giselle fire facial serum, glow tonic by pixibeauty, marcelle hydrating gel

body: I love love love aesop body cleansing slab, aesop scrubs are amazing for getting rid of body blemishes/exfoliating, bobbi brown beach body lotion, aveeno oatmeal lotion, which firming body cream, st. tropez tanning lotion ( for an extra glow sometimes)

hair: klorane dry shampoo, batiste dry shampoo, davines oil milk, the ouai wave spray, oribe wave and shine spray, davines shampoo and conditioner, oribe restore shampoo + conditioner, beauty protector protect & detangle, Moroccan oil, 

perfumes: beach walk by margiela, bobbi brown beach, chanel #5, etat libre d’orange you or someone like you, gucci flora, 

but i’ve head sunday riley and la mer also have amazing products!! 

I also just love all things kheils and fresh!! 

colourful asks

cerulean: sunrise or sunset?
saffron: books or movies or both?
amethyst: aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius or pisces?
fern: spring or autumn?
garnet: summer or winter?
topaz: cats or dogs or both?
turquoise: batman or superman?
sunset: tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
midnight: star wars or star trek?
denim: gucci or chanel?
hazelnut: chocolate, vanilla or strawberry?
sunlight: midnight or midday?
autumn: sci fi or fantasy?
peach: strawberries or blueberries?
dawn: abnegation, amity, candor or dauntless?
dusk: rooster, monkey, tiger, dragon, goat, dog, horse, snake, pig, rat, ox or rabbit?
rose-gold: ancient egypt, ancient greece or ancient rome?
lilypad: spicy or sweet?
honey: wonder woman or supergirl?
violet: playstation or xbox?
moss: rivers, lakes, the ocean or a swimming pool?
coral: snorkelling or scuba diving?
starlight: full moon or shooting stars?
opal: lgbtq+ or not?
amber: dinosaurs or robots?
sea: cersei, daenerys, arya or sansa?
cloud: europe or america?
embers: camping or hotel rooms?
pearl: dragons or unicorns?
ruby: gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw or slytherin?
apricot: fruit or vegetables?
lemon: sweet or sour?
chocolate: white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
stone: history or science?
pine: forests or deserts?
grass: taylor or katy?
rose: flowers or chocolates?
mint: baths or showers?
smoke: team iron man or team cap?
rain: thunderstorm or sunshower?
feather: hugs or kisses or both?
mosaic: introvert or extrovert or ambivert?
aquamarine: mermaids or sirens?
sand: x-men or avengers?
apple: beach or snow?
lily: perfume or body spray or nothing?
sunshine: rome or florence?
sprinkles: scarves or beanies?
tiger’s eye: betty, veronica or cheryl?
diamond: vanilla chai or spiced chai?
crimson: harry, hermione or ron?
fluorescent: lips, eyes or both?
citrine: laughter or crying?
ocean: pasta or pizza or gelato?
copper: gold, bronze or silver?
navy: past, present or the future?
bark: reading, writing or drawing?

what i think of when i hear my favorite songs. i just tried to think of some of my favorite songs and i’m going to listen to them and type what i’m thinking at the moment. ♡

electric love by børns: neon pink lights. midnight in a enchanting city. dancing until my feet hurt. little pink heels. city thunderstorms. sickly sweet. polaroid pictures. having no care in the whole entire world. 

17 by youth lagoon: a field of flowers on a cliff by the sea. a long white dress dancing in the wind. the smell of salt and sun. gold glitter. light pink sunburns on my cheeks. cold water and hot sunbeams. running as fast as i can. that dizzy feeling when you stare out at the endless ocean

skinny love by bon iver: falling snow. cold fingertips. dancing in a big room. sad love letters. roses with lots of thorns. the color of the sky on a snowy night. smiling even when you feel sad. 

cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant: young love. standing on an ocean dock. water sparkling with sunlight. long car rides into the morning. dusky deserts. taking lots of pictures on a little film camera. leaning my head against a car window, watching the world pass by. being sleepy. feeling a little lost but knowing that it’s okay. 

temporary love by the brinks: wanderlust. wandering through parisian streets. lost in love. a little dress with a big coat. wind in my hair. 11pm on the metro. little postcards. airport terminals. flowery perfume. 

beach baby by bon iver: misty mornings. bare feet. the sound of crashing waves. cute lattes. pink nail polish. bare face, no makeup. smiling and giggling. freckles. dreamy evenings. a dainty gold necklace. 

3 things that I relate to the signs

Aries: dominant, red nail polish, roses

Taurus: pastel, loud, cute foods

Gemini: strong, movie marathons, books

Cancer: sarcasm, black clothing, tattoos

Leo: fashion, big ego, purple

Virgo: shy, cheeseburgers, cute dogs

Libra: holidays, make up, tall grass

Scorpio: pop music, karate, jeans

Sagittarius: video games, sports, loving

Capricorn: funny, orange, beaches

Aquarius: sensitive, perfume, mango

Pisces: tolerant, mist, petite