beach odd

It’s been way too long since I wrote anything for Newsies. So enjoy this short beach fic to get me back into the swing of things.

“Jack Kelly, I am going to end you.” Crutchie muttered as he moved his book to the side.

 “Then get in the water.”

 “No. Now stop dripping on me.” Crutchie let out a huff and finally looked up from his book, squinting against the sun as he tried to give Jack his best annoyed look.- Which only made the other boy laugh.

 “Why won’t you get in the water?” Jack asked as he lowered himself into the sand next to the chair that Crutchie was perched in.

 “Because of jellyfish.”

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Went to the beach, and Hugo dug a hole in the sand deep enough so that his legs would fit in, then sat in it and took a nap. I fully relate, tbh.

Also seen (but not purchased) at the infamous Goodwill trip of angst-buying.