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If you like upholstery cleaning videos with those wet extraction vacuums (or just cleaning/washing videos in general), here’s a whole 12-minute long video of someone cleaning a couch with one, with relaxing tropical music in the background!


based on sully and sumia’s support in the harvest scramble (which was so gay, just go read it) 

sully finally accepted to take part to the beauty contest but only…. if sumia was with her 8D 



Neck Deep/Life’s Not Out to Get You


Phantasy Star Online 2 Music - Coast (Calm)

On a more negative note, the one criticism the feels necessary to highlight is the writing. The writing is arguably the weakest element of Gorillaz and it’s already been apparent in the bios that just came out and the switch in writers. Throughout the series they’ve straddled the line between comedy (G-Bitez, Cribs, Murdoc tangents) and dealing with serious topics for example, the entire plot of Plastic Beach. Sometimes they pull it off, and other times it can be confusing for fans to distinguish between what is meant to be taken seriously and what’s meant to be laughed off. This phase they seem to be continuing this with Murdoc drinking more and 2D having Stockholm Syndrome, yet also keeping up the humorous side with 2D making friendship bracelets, eating a whale named “Massive Dick” etc. Usually this isn’t too big of a deal because the music is at the forefront. However, if they’re going to follow through with a full-length TV show I strongly believe it would be best for them to make a final decision about the direction they want to take and stick with it.

Additionally, if they choose the humorous route, they really ought to tie up the loose ends in 2D and Murdoc’s relationship. While I love the idea of a slice-of-life type series where they live as roommates getting into different shenanigans (or w/e they come up with) it’s going to be hard for me to fully enjoy it if they don’t address the 2D and Murdoc history on some level. Plastic Beach felt very climatic in that it portrayed a 2D that was angry enough to retaliate against Murdoc and openly express a growing dislike and disillusionment with him, and a Murdoc in the midst of a breakdown and having the the good and bad side of him represented in the form of spirits that were haunting him. Plastic Beach seemed to be setting up for some sort of change, whether it meant to or not. The fact that their relationship in phase 4 seem to have been reset, the events of the phase leaving virtually no impact is glaring enough. To completely skim over the aftermath, to explain it away with “gap years” and leaving fans to assume everything happened off-screen and that “it’s all okay now” would do (and is doing) a significant disservice to both of them. TBH I always thought they wrote themselves into a corner with Phase 3 by stumbling into themes that maybe they did not prefer to fully portray or dwell on, but I hope with this show  (if it happens) they can build off of past story arcs and give the characters, particularly 2D and Murdoc, a chance to finally grow.

This is for the lost, downtrodden, and rejects, and anybody looking for a purpose.

I’ll fall asleep with my eyes open just to see if I could focus on something more than my loneliness.

We know what it’s like to be put down so “fuck you” to the world and stand your ground.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets fucked up. This will end in tears, I could never be enough for you.

Sometimes things will bend you, but trust me you’ll be fine. I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb, and life’s not out to get you despite the things you’ve been through.

Is it too late to say that I’m sorry for the things I do? I’m missing you like shit today.

I gave her my heart, she didn’t want it. She took it anyway and put a dark spell on it.

I’ll grow up someday, but for now I’m fine. I just wish that you were near me.

I miss your face, you’re in my head. There’s so many things that I should’ve said.

There will come a time when you will face your life, don’t let it twist and tear you up inside.

I hope this comes back to haunt you. Then maybe you would know just how it felt to be like me at my lowest.

I don’t have much to offer, but had you loved me, I’d have loved you back forever.

—  Favorite lyrics off of “Life’s Not Out To Get You” by Neck Deep.

Okay I’m not here to say that the Sonic Adventure games have perfect level design, because they don’t, but here’s the thing:

In both Sonic Adventure games, most levels had distinct areas. For example, in the first level of SA1, Emerald Coast, I can remember mostly off the top of my head how I would finish the level (beach resort, coast, orca, hill, forested area, wall run to a passage, big drop, cliff path, jump pad, raised path, beach path, capsule). Same for a lot of other levels in SA1, and to an extent SA2.

With most “modern” Sonic games, I don’t really get that feeling, it’s much more of “this is a forest level, this is a factory level, next up is a water level, etc. etc.) and I don’t really have a mental image of where things in the level are, it’s just “run to the end”. The same assets are used all over the level, and to my knowledge there aren’t any landmarks. 

Modern games are actually a lot more refined than the Adventure games, but overall I feel like the aesthetics and landmarks in each stage needs work.


In the first mission of Pinna Park in Super Mario Sunshine, Shadow Mario is visible on the other side of the park’s gate at the beginning. Zooming in, we can see that Shadow Mario is standing on a block rather than on the ground. This is because Shadow Mario has gravity physics and can only stand on solid surfaces, but the area inside the park does not have collision while Mario is in the beach portion of the level. In addition, the block is slightly too small and causes Shadow Mario’s leg to slide off intermittently.