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Imagine the gang being really good at sharing bathroom/kitchen/shared spaces when getting ready in the mornings

Welcome to the Summer Fic-a-Thon!! It’s going to be a great 31 days of fic featuring all our Samwell and Providence players!

The beach trip was planned for a few weeks after graduation. Ransom and Holster wanted to spend some time with their Hausmates before they moved in together in the fall. It had taken almost a full month to get everyone to agree on a date, but they finally did and then the search was on for a beach house big enough (and cheap enough) to fit them all.

After they’d booked the house, Holster disappeared downstairs to the kitchen so Ransom could work his spreadsheet magic. As usual, Bitty was there, apron on, hands dusted with flour. Luckily for Holster, Bitty was also pulling something that smelled absolutely delicious from the oven.

“Smells good, Bitty. This a recipe for sharing?”

“Grab a hot pad for underneath this and it just might be.”

Setting the pad on the table, Holster pulled out a couple plates and brought them over while Bitty set the steaming pie on the table.

Holster eyed the crumble topping and the sweet scent of strawberry filled his nose as he took a big sniff. “What kind of pie did you make today?”

“There was some really good rhubarb at the market this week, so I went classic with a twist. Strawberry rhubarb pie with an almond cookie crumble topping.”

Holster started to reach out for the knife to cut but was stopped by the sting of Bitty’s spatula on the top of his hand. “Ow! What the fuck, Bitty?”

Wielding the spatula like a deadly weapon  “Have I taught you, boys, nothing? It’s got to sit for a few minutes.”

“Sorry, forgot. Rans is up there working on the spreadsheet for our beach trip.”

Nodding in understanding, Bitty pulled out some of the leftover almond cookies out and passed one to Holster. “I won’t be seeing Jack tonight, and I know we probably won’t be seeing Ransom until probably tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, want to grab dinner?”

Savoring the sweet almondy crunch of the cookie for a minute, Holster just nodded. “We should grab Nursey and Lardo too. Nursey was muttering something about missing Dex because he’s been studying like crazy, and Lardo definitely needs a break.”

Bitty already had his phone out, fingers texting furiously. “Done.” Phone back in his pocket, BItty watched Holster staring longingly at the pie. “And we can cut the pie now.”



After dinner, Bitty and Lardo convinced Nursey to come back to the Haus with promises of the rest of the strawberry rhubarb pie and ice cream.

They were all sitting and chatting about how much they were looking forward to their beach vacation when Ransom stumbled into the kitchen and leaned against the door. “It’s done.”

Holster hopped out of his chair and kissed Ransom on the cheek. “That was quick, Ransipoo.”

Ransom’s cheeks turned pink and he shrugged before turning his head to catch Holster’s lips with his. “If everyone wants to come to the living room, I can explain.”

“Should I call Dex?”

“Should we Skype Shitty and Jack?”

“I’ll email the spreadsheet to them and Dex, Chowder, and Tango are already waiting for us.”

They all followed Ransom into the living room where he had everything set up. Everyone took a seat, giggling a little as Nursey sprawled over Dex.

Everyone got settled and Bitty motioned for Ransom to begin.

“Alright, we have a pretty big beach house, but there are a few….quirks. There are four actual bedrooms, plus a finished basement and pretty big living room. There are also only three and a half baths. I’ve made a schedule for the bathrooms. It’s pretty similar to what we already do here in the Haus, so I don’t think it should be too difficult to follow.”

Everyone continued to nod along until Ransom moved on to the last columns of his spreadsheet. “I’ve also made a kitchen schedule since the house does not have central air conditioning. There are actual ac units in the bedrooms and the basement, but not the kitchen or living room. ”

Bitty winced. “Looks like I’ll be pulling out all my recipes for ice box cakes and no bake pies.”

Ransom’s shoulders relaxed as he looked at their resident chef. “Thanks for understanding, Bitty.”

“No problem. We can grill too. I remember you saying there was one, right?’

Ransom beamed. “Yes!”

“Great! My mom has some recipes we can grill. And Jack’s pretty handy there.”

“Shitty too, actually.”

“Perfect! Since we have that all figured out, you can all go back to panicking about finals and graduation. Just keep the vision of us in our ‘swawesome beach house in the back of your minds.”

Closing his laptop, Ransom let Holster pull him into his lap as the noises of everyone talking about their upcoming vacation surrounded them.

“It’s going to be a great trip, Rans.”

“It’s going to be ‘swawesome.”

Looking for snail mail witches!
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Name: Erin

Age: 27

Location: Victoria, Australia. 

Craft: Pretty broad. Kitchen witch, crystals, tarot and oracle cards, solitary witch, to name a few. 

Likes: Rivers, lakes, the beach, trees, dogs, history, winter, cold weather. Harry Potter, horror movies. Cooking, baking, tea. Wombats and dingoes.

Dislikes: Summer and hot weather.

Fun facts: I work part time at three jobs: one at a wildlife park where I get to hang out with kangaroos all day, one as a ghost tour guide at an abandoned convict prison and one at a clothing store. 

What I’m looking for: I’m interested mostly in snail mail, but email is fine until we know if we’re compatible. I’d love someone who walks a different path to my own to learn from, and to offer a different perspective. Someone who might like to swap things, and who writes long letters, or doesn’t mind reading my super-long letters. No age preference, just adults please. Otherwise, any location, any gender!

You can contact me at @mooninarieswitch or at