Sparks by Beach House

Since 2006, Beach House, the duo of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, have been using their respective organ and guitar to create albums of masterful dream pop. Alongside the announcement of a new album titled Depression Cherry, Beach House has released their first single since 2013, Sparks.

Sparks begins with a multi-vocal chant that builds up to Scally’s electric guitar riffing, which is always supported by the underlying buzz of Legrand’s organ. The track’s instrumentals are less dreamy than expected from Beach House, but Legrand’s gentle voice harmonizes with the introspective lyrics. “Realize there’s something in your eyes, you’re back again/From the spine rising through the mind, you give it up” Legrand sings with strength.

The verses are both melodically and lyrically atmospheric, but not so subtle that the song can be ignored. By its end, the noise is elevated as Scally’s guitar riff is reintroduced to the cacophony. “Make it/ Wave it/ Alive” Legrand repeats as the track ends. This isn’t the breezy sound of the past Beach House, and I thoroughly enjoy it; the duo has smoothly transitioned to a heavier sound and are claiming a new musical identity. Depression Cherry is set to release August, and I expect we will hear more of Beach House’s latest disposition on it.  

This review was written by Isabel.

Love Letter For The Aliens {listen}

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