listen: Beach House share gorgeous new single Sparks

Beach House unveil a dreamy new jam from their beautiful, long-awaited new album Depression Cherry: with its distorted, cascading washes of shoegaze guitar, “Sparks” isn’t necessarily the mostindicative of the whole record and the band’s promised “return to simplicity” — a promise on which they deliver gloriously, by the way — but it feels like the perfect choice for the album’s lead single, and a triumphant, achingly gorgeous return from one of our favorite bands. Listen below, starting around the 30:00 mark. Depression Cherry is out August 28 on Sub Pop (that red velvet sleeve is looking plush).


My latest shellcrafting project. I want my house to feel like a beach house, despite living at 7,000 feet in Flagstaff, Arizona. One improvement we’ve made this past week is to install sliding louvered doors painted the same color as the house walls in front of our bedroom sliding glass doors that open onto the a northwestern facing balcony. Too much sunlight comes into the bedroom during summer afternoons, and we do not have air conditioning. The louvered doors shade the room while still allowing air circulation.

I painted this 10 foot long piece of wood trim with the house wall paint. Then I arranged white sea shells on it. After taking these photographs, I glued the shells onto the trim. Most of the shells are whitish-purple calico scallops and other common Gulf of Mexico species I found while beachcombing on Sanibel Island in April. The rest are miscellaneous shells acquired over the years. The non-toxic craft glue dries clear and flexible in 24 hours. Dan marked five screw hole spots on the trim so I could avoid gluing shells over the spots. I’ll show you pictures of the finished louvered doors when he installs the trim.