beach harbour island

You Didn’t See That Coming?

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Imagine: You are Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend, and Sebastian and you are the goofiest couple ever. Always throwing pick up lines at each other, pranking each other, etc.

A/n: Can’t stay off tumblr, because I love it yet hate it so goddamn much, so I’m probably gonna get an onslaught of imagines and oneshots out to help y’all calm down. Hope this gets your mind off the you-know-what

Genre: Romance, Humor, Friendship

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, cheesy pick-up lines, just fluff all around. You get a fluff, and you get a fluff! You all get a fluff!

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines, Captain

Sebastian Stan was the most adorable and sweetest man you had ever met in your whole life. One of the funniest, might you add. He was always so happy, always had a smile on his face, and was always cracking jokes with everyone to lighten up their day. His eyes always reminded you of that night you and him spent on the beach in Harbour Island in the Bahamas. 

In short, Sebastian Stan was the one man you adored and loved unconditionally. However, you two weren’t a normal couple. You were the most goofiest couple anybody would ever see. As Chris Evans, a good friend of Sebastian and your partner-in-crime, had said. 

“You two are one of those couples that you just gotta always ask ‘how the fuck did this happen?’”

It’s true that you and Sebastian were an unexpected match, but everyone had to agree that they should have seen it coming. You and Sebastian had met during the filming of The Bronze, as you had gotten a minor role of playing a competitor in the Olympics that Coach Tucker was training. You two had hit it off almost immediately. 

Sebastian always says when an interviewer asks about you that he was drawn to your quirky demeanor, the witty comments you would jab at him, and the way that you smiled at his corny jokes. You always say that you were drawn to his ‘Gloriously awesome muscles and those Thighs of Betrayal’. In the end, you two were like magnets and metal.

You never really thought about dating, but with Sebastian? It was on your mind 24/7. He was just so sweet and kind and funny and never seemed to leave your mind. You really didn’t want to let him slip between your fingers like sand, and Sebastian, thankfully, felt the same way. 

So, you had asked him out to dinner, quite boldly and bravely. You still chuckle at the memory of Sebastian’s shocked face, the thermos in his hand dropping and coffee spilling everywhere.

“Let’s make that a coffee date instead,” you remember saying. Sebastian couldn’t agree more with you. At least, you thought he couldn’t. If he didn’t, you two wouldn’t be dating, right?

Currently, you and Sebastian were sitting at a picnic table, side by side, in a park that resided in his hometown of Constanța, Romania. Families walked around, children played, and dogs ran about the park, creating a lovely scene for most. 

You were sipping on some tea as Sebastian sipped water, both as you two kept elbowing each other. Sebastian then pinched your side, making you squeal, and you both laughed.


“What? You were totally asking for it.”

You pouted at him, but in the end, you both still laughed. Then, a brilliant idea flew into your head. You seductively pressed your side into his, asking while batting your eyes at him, a smirk on your lips.

“Hey, sexy. Can I get your number?”

Sebastian laughed a bit and shot right back, making sure to push his left side into yours.

“Depends, doamnă drăguță, can I get yours?”
(Pretty lady)

Being the quick minded and witty person you were, you fired right back at him, the smirk growing on your lips as his eyes widened just slightly.

“Depends, what are you gonna do to get it?”

You face went red as Sebastian said, catching you completely off guard, a sly smirk adorning his lips.

“I can do you, if you want.”

It was a quiet moment as you both stared at each other, him looking at you with a sultry look, and you with wide eyes and a red face.  Then, you both bust out laughing, your head falling onto the table. Sebastian snickered a bit and said.

“I bet you weren’t expecting that, you dork.”

“I admit, I didn’t see it coming, you jackass.”

You both chuckled a bit before going back to sipping your drinks, your knees and feet kicking and bumping each other, enjoying the sunny day as glances continued to be exchange. You had to admit it: you and Sebastian were pretty goofy, but in the end of it all, you wouldn’t have him any other way.