beach front home

quiet sunday

Now there was an interesting sight. He had been out for a walk, trying to get a feel for the space of the island. There were a few interesting homes that seemed promising to check out, the type that seemed as thought they would have art and artifact collections. He pushed away from one elegant beach front home and continued to walk. They he saw her. He had almost forgotten her. The blue eyed girl with the magnificent breasts. It appeared today would in fact be a good day. What was her name again? Oh yes, “Hello Esjay.”


Closed RP witcrook

Leontus was laying out on the back porch of his beach front home soaking up the sun enjoying the warmth he looked over at the vacant house he noticed a moving van and wondered what was going on “hmm i guess someone is finally moving in. Honestly its about time place has been empty for too long.,” he said spying over trying to get a glimpse of the person moving in “maybe i made a welcome to the neighborhood gift.,” he mumbled