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Summary: Surfer Luke crushes hard on land.

Relationship: Surfer!Luke/[Y/N]

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A/N: i know nothing about surfing just an fyi

“C’mon slow poke!” Your friend yelled as you trudged through the hot dense sand carrying about a million things. 

“I might be faster if you helped me!” You joking yelled back with a laugh as she stopped in her tracks waiting for you to join her. 

Once you had picked a spot in the sand, you placed the two giant towels along with a cooler and a few other beach essentials under a giant dark blue umbrella. 

“I’m so glad we got to do this.” You told her as you kicked your flip flops off, sitting yourself down on the sand. 

“Me too! We really need a break.” She laughed referring to school and work. 

You both got some time off school and work so you decided to travel down to the beaches along the Australian shore, not too far from where you both lived. You took your baggy shirt off along with your loose shorts, leaving you in your bikini. 

“Wanna swim?” You asked turning to her as she searched for her book. 

“Nah, maybe later, I wanna catch up on some reading.” She told you as you shrugged your shoulder and started your way towards the sea.


The water felt so nice and eased your stress as you enjoyed the sun and water. Your peace was disturbed as you heard shouts and various laughs come from the shore, not too far from where you were. 

A group of four boys made their way down the same path you took setting up near where you and your friend had set up. You rolled your eyes as you saw what seemed to be a very unnatural red hair fall, taking down a boy with dark hair with him. 

The relaxing beach day you were supposed to have was probably not going to happen. You continued to eye the group of boys as they placed their things on the sand and noticed two surf boards wondering who out of the four boys were the surfers. 

You took a special interest in the tallest lad of the bunch, a blonde who looks like he could surf. You decided to get out of the water before they could and that if you stayed in any longer, you would start to prune. You made your way to the shore and felt all their eyes on you as you grabbed your towel to dry yourself off. 

“Looks like blondie over there is checking you out.” Your friend smirked looking over slightly as you rolled your eyes. 

“Good for him, I sure am a catch.” You joked as you dried your hair off. Once you were adequately dry, you grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler and a magazine from your bag. You turned your attention to the guys that were a few metres away from you, the blonde kid putting a wetsuit on. You had to stop yourself from gawking because he looked incredible. 

“Looks like you’re checking blondie out too.” She joked as you shook your head regaining yourself. 

“Whatever, he’s hot. I have a right.” You laughed, “now apply some sunscreen on my back.” You told her as she groaned but obliged. 


You had spent a couple hours on dry land and decided it was time to go back in the water, asking your friend which she agreed to this time. 

“This is nice.” She commented as you two got in the water. Two out of the four boys were on land and the other two had taken their surf boards and were out in the water like you two trying to catch some waves. 

“Oh shit that was fucking cool.” You commented as blonde guy caught a wave, making your friend laugh. 

“You need to talk to him.” She said as you laughed with her. You two enjoyed your time in the water diving, swimming, and just floating. 

“Excuse me ladies.” You heard a voice from behind you making you turn around to face with less blonde guy. 

“Yes?” Your friend asked the older looking guy sitting on top of his board. “My friend, uh the one over there,” he said pointing in Luke’s direction who was out a little further in the water still trying to catch some more waves, “has been talking non stop about your friend but he doesn’t know I’m doing this so would you maybe be interested in joining us in a barbecue tonight on the beach?” He asked directing the first part at you and the second part at the both of you. 

“Yeah I guess so, why not?” You laughed and he nodded his head. 

“Oh I’m Ashton by the way.” He said extending his hand out to the both of you as you all introduced yourself. 

“See you later!” He said as he swam back to blondie. 


“So how long have you two been surfing?” You asked as you all sat around a campfire. 

“A year or two, not long. We just picked it up recently.” Ashton explained as you nodded your head. 

“Yeah we just do it in our free time.” Luke added, smiling at you. 

“Have you ever surfed?” Luke asked as you shook your head and laughed, “I’ve got the worst balance.” You elucidated making everyone chuckle slightly. 

“It’s not that hard, c’mon I’ll teach you.” He said as he stood up extending his hand towards you, you taking it following his lead as the rest of the grouped made jokes about the two of you.

 Luke (as you learned his name to be) picked up his board and made his way to the shore placing it so just the tip touched the water. 

“Well don’t be shy.” He joked taking your hand and leading you to stand on the board. 

“Now,” he said as you were on the board, “put your right foot in front of you and your left a little behind you.” He instructed as you did so. 

“Like this?” You asked completely unsure of what you were doing but nonetheless, it was still fun. 

“Almost.” He commented stepping onto the board with you, placing his hands on your hips, directing them to their proper position. 

“Now you’ve got it.” He congratulated as you laughed, “well this isn’t so hard.” You joked sarcastically. His hands never left your hips he just wrapped them around you, pulling you against him as you two stood in comfortable silence. 

“’m glad Ash talked to you.” He mumbled against your shoulder, “me too.” You happily sighed, placing your hands on top of his. 

“Maybe I could take you out on a proper date after tonight?” He asked as you nodded your head, “as long as I don’t have to surf I accept.” You laughed. 

“I’m gonna get you surfing just you wait.” He promised as you turned your body so you were now facing him. 

“That might take a while.” You smirked, “I’ll wait.” He grinned looking from your lips to your eyes. 

“Would you hate me if I kissed you?” He whispered, “not at all.” You hushed back as he dipped his head down to meet your lips, connecting them in a sweet kiss. 

As soon as you two pulled back you heard cheering and whooping coming from where your friend and his friends were all sitting. 

“I think they’re more excited than we are.” He commented making you laugh. 

“Whatever, let them have their fun.” You mumbled pulling him back in for another kiss, that he happily responded to. 

Part two?? 
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