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Taylor Swift and Lorde's Biggest Friendship Moments

Taylor Swift and Lorde’s Best Friendship Photos

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Taylor Swift and Lorde

Lorde was never too far from Swift in Instagram photos from the 1989 hitmaker’s 24th birthday celebration in December 2013. “My 24th birthday was a Melbourne garden party,” Swift wrote in the caption. “Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

On a picture-perfect day in Malibu, California, the friends hit the beach in similar ensembles in February 2014. “Bare feet in the sand on a Saturday,” wrote Swift of the Instagram-worthy moment.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

The duo put their culinary skills to the test in August 2014. Lorde wrote on Instagram, “took a wonderful cooking class in rhode island alongside the already-super-good-cook, ms. @taylorswift.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly


Lorde was really channeling her inner ‘80s goddess in October 2014. She posted this photo, saying, “an awesome guy took this tonight after the show. feeling very 1989! @taylorswift”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Always one to celebrate, Swiftposted this snap in honor of the New Zealander’s 18th birthday in November 2014. “It’s Ella’s 18th birthday technically but we all know she’s really 300 and knows all the secrets of the universe. #ELLAflickerbeat,” she wrote.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sarah Hyland also had a birthday in November 2014, and both Swift and Lorde (bottom shot) showed up for a fun time.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

It was all about that California sun in January 2015. “Wandering around Catalina with my favorite people to wander around with,” wrote Swift, who was joined by Lorde, Gracie Gold, the HAIM sisters, and Jaime King.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In April 2015, Lorde was excited to be “reunited with the number 1s.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Lorde made a special trip to perform at one of Swift’s shows in July 2015, captioning this shot, “looking over at my girl like 'can u believe this is the kind of fun stuff we get to do for a living’ THANKS TAY AND D.C. GETTING TO SING FOR U TONIGHT RULED,” completing the caption with heart emojis. Swift posted a similar shot, giving Lorde a shoutout for flying “across the world.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Bobs, poolside hangs, and Jack Antonoff sum up their Coachella experience in 2016.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In November 2016, Swift threw her friend’s 20th birthday party. Lorde described it as “the best birthday party i’ve ever had.” She also recognized her and Swift’s “3 magic years of best friendship.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

This photo of the birthday card Swift gave Lorde in 2016 was captioned, “Thank you for the music you make, the advice you give, the thoughts you provoke, and the way you’ve made my life more beautiful since the first day we met up in New York and ate burgers on a park bench and got attacked by squirrels. I. Love. You. So. Much. Ella. @Lordemusic.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In March of this year, Swift came “Out of the Woods” to praise Lorde, writing, “g2g brb just gonna make up an interpretive dance to this magnificent bop for the ages ELLA I LOVE YOU.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ensemble Stars - Ryuseitai members

Ok, I finished translating the Ryuseitai members’ profiles! (Translation may not be 100% correct since neither Japanese nor English are my native languages, I’m sorry! If you spot a mistake please do tell me! I especially had problems with Morisawa “OTL Thanks!! Also, if anyone can edit the text into the profile pictures, that would be great~)

Since he likes to be relied on, he undertakes anything. He has a big heart. He is a passionate and energetic good senpai. He is also passionate about physical close relationships. He yearns to be a hero of special effects. As a leader he is very energetic and always facing forward, teamwork is important for him. His reflexes are good but since he gets injured a lot he is often indebted to the school doctor Sagami Jin. He is Ryusei-Red from the unit Ryuseitai. He forces the members to use lines to introduce themselves.

Unit: Ryuseitai
Club: Basketball club (club president)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: September 18
Likes: signed balls from famous players
Dislikes: eggplants
Family: parents
Hobby: appreciating special effects
Speciality: stunts 

He’s the tallest among the first years. Even though both his face and his physique are nice he lacks confidence and is a bit timid. He often says things wrong and grumbles. His weak point is the honorific language. The reason why he chose this school is because it’s near his home. His home is the greengrocer in the shopping mall near the school.
He actually doesn’t want to become an idol but it’s just that he messed up and accidently signed up for the "Idol Department”. He’s not good with horror or screams. He’s Ryusei-Green from the unit Ryuseitai.

Unit: Ryuseitai
Club: Basketball club
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood type: O
Birthday: August 29
Likes: mascot character goods
Dislikes: fish’s eyeballs
Family: parents, older brother
Hobby: collecting mascot characters
Speciality: handstands

He’s a serious, single-minded person who can only concentrate on one thing at a time. He works very hard but his enthusiasm is wasting effort. Because he is clumsy, he cannot do fine works. He admires the third year Kiryu Kuro who is the club president of the karate club and strives to be the “taishou” ((athlete who competes in the last match of a team competition)).
He claims that his strong point is cooking but he actually doesn’t have a sense for flavour. He is good friends with Mashiro Tomoya and Shino Hajime from the same class and often gets help from Shino Hajime with his studies. He is Ryusei-Black from the unit Ryuseitai.

Unit: Ryuseitai
Club: Karate club
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: June 15
Likes: strong people
Dislikes: carrots
Family: parents
Hobby: weight training
Specialty: Chinese cuisine that is cooked using fire 

He somewhat is a Chunibyo ((2nd year of junior high sickness: behaving in a way characteristic of teenagers going through puberty esp. by being overly self-conscious)) and adores Ninjas. He established a Ninja Club for like-minded people on his own and everyday he doesn’t do anything but to train. He is ambitious but very simple-minded and gullible. He has a shy characteristic. Because he causes a lot of noise while training, his teachers have been keeping an eye on him. He loves high places and to be on roofs. He has a strong body but for some reason doesn’t use his head often. He is Ryusei-Yellow from the unit Ryuseitai.

Unit: Ryuseitai
Club: Ninja Club
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: June 9
Likes: shuriken
Dislikes: cats
Family: parents
Hobby: to breed frogs
Speciality: make ((?? idk what ぐり is supposed to mean QuQ)) fire rings

He is a quiet, eccentric boy. He is one of the “three oddballs”. ((the other ones are Hibiki Wataru and Sakuma Rei, also third years)) He installed a huge fish tank and other mysterious machines in the club room of the marine life club, and because his eccentric behaviour stands out so much, his teachers keep an eye on him. Normally he is pretty careless and indifferent but when it comes to marine life he gets very passionate. He doesn’t seem to have any other interests than marine life. He is Ryuusei-Blue from the unit Ryuseitai.

Unit: Ryuseitai
Club: Marine Life club (Club president)
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: August 30
Likes: his turtle plush toy
Dislikes: warm water
Family: unknown
Hobby: beach strolls
Speciality: arm strength

sebigasstianstan replied to your post “Ok quick guys, I need to write something short and beach, vacation, or…”

Okay, so I’m no help, because my first thought was, “DEREK SAVES STILES FROM A SHARK ATTACK BY PUNCHING THE SHARK IN THE FACE” because I am lacking in sleep. Idk. You probably shouldn’t write that.

This was just crack-tastic enough for me to be able to throw something together for before falling asleep, so thank you!!


“I just… I can’t believe you seriously did that, dude.”

Stiles is grinning as he trails Derek into the loft, dressed in swimming trunks and neon green sandals, sopping wet but positively lit up with mirth at what is obviously the older man’s expense.

Erica sits up from her comfortable spot against Boyd’s side, gaze darting eagerly between Stiles and her scowling, equally sodden alpha. A delighted Stiles and a grumpy Derek pretty much always equal amusement, and their soaked forms added in pretty much guarantees a story she’ll be able to enjoy for days.

“Can’t believe he did what?”

“It was adorable,” Scott chimes in, entering the loft last and tugging the door shut behind him. He’s the only one of the trio that isn’t soaking from head to foot, though he – like Stiles – is dressed in swimming trunks and sandals. He kicks the latter off and moves to sink down onto the other edge of the couch, his expression like he’s fighting between looking disapproving and bursting into laughter.

“It was ridiculous,” Stiles corrects, and Derek squelches to a stop, his soaked sneakers taking away whatever threat might have been in the movement as he spins back to pin the grinning teen with a fierce look.

“How was I supposed to know what was going on?”

“Um…” Stiles says, hand flailing up to gesture from himself to Scott. “You could’ve tried asking us? Instead of diving right in with the whole ‘grr, alpha, angry kill kill’ routine?”

“What did he do?” Erica repeats, tone so pitched with preemptive glee that she finally captures the pair’s attention. When they look at her Derek’s expression is just as stormy as Stiles’ is amused. “I mean,” she adds, gaze skating appraisingly down Derek’s soaked form, “besides deciding to enjoy a day at the beach, full brooding ensemble intact?”

Stiles barks a laugh at that, and Erica might have been the littlest bit intimidated by Derek’s expression if he weren’t too busy looking like a soaked puppy.

“Derek dove to Stiles’ rescue,” Scott intones. “Literally.”

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