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Aedion whenever Aelin and Rowan came back from the beach

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Cloud nine was another time, even as the sentiment remains in ever bigger highway signs, but you can still collect the scenes just after everything changed — for better or worse. 

It’s always so hard to tell.

Each time things started to happen again, the highway grew. A little hope at the rise of the Interstate, then the realization that the business moved away. What went wrong? 

Sometimes you might even get sad at all this change.

How to fit in when the people have left the back roads behind? Who wants to look for new places when the twisting tarmac has shunned you? It’s not for lack of brains. It just does no good to try. 

Secondary roads are a desert now. But some things you never leave behind.

There are tens of thousands of photos like these. Put a frame on a few and you fashion something resembling memory — dreams of travel and the possibility to indulge one’s shy mind. Always out on the road.

Little gestures that blink like a bulb on a soon-to-die sign.

What’s it all about?

I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.  

Motel motto.


Around The World In 80 Days: Grenada

Photo Credit: (Andy Johnson)
Floating On Blue-Green Sea
Photo Credit: (Davon Baker)
Court Of The Myrtles
Photo Credit: (Thomas Zumbiehl)

The photographers deserve credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

All you need to know for volleyball tryouts!

Hello everybody!

I know that many of you are looking forward to joining a school team or a club team this Fall, because you either missed the sport or you want to learn more, by playing on a team. So today, I decided to make this post and give you all advice on how to do well on tryouts. I hope this will help some of you since September is just around the corner!

Preparing before tryouts:

Preparation is one of the most important things in order to succeed in anything and so it’s here. Usually tryouts are in September or October for the majority of the countries, so to make sure you are well-prepared, make some time to practice a few hours per week, before the tryouts if you can. Public volleyball courts or beach volleyball courts, can be a good idea when there are nearby and when you have someone to help you practice, or you can practice by yourself.

As for organizing your practice, you can do it in any way you want, but if you don’t have any ideas, what you can do for example is warm-up for 10 minutes, then stretch and after that practice on specific things you want to improve on, or play a volleyball game with your friends. Whether you play volleyball on the court or you do volleyball drills, they both help you keep up your skills.

Also, something that has immensely helped some players, is watching volleyball games. It can be helpful for you if you don’t remember some rules or if you just want to know some details you might not have seen before. However, that’s not mandatory.

Before tryouts:

Before you leave for tryouts, make sure you have what you need with you such as: hair ties, water bottle, kneepads etc and be there 10 minutes earlier.

What to do if you feel anxious before tryouts:

I think that’s the worst for almost everyone. All the negative thoughts come to your mind like “What if I don’t make the team?”. The only way to make stress go away is to be ok with yourself, in case you don’t make it. Take deep breaths and if you make a mistake it’s ok. The coaches will not cut you off from tryouts, because of a mistake! Everyone made mistakes before they finally learned how to do something well. The key is to stay focused during tryouts and stop thinking it as if you are tested. All in all, stress is something that begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.

During tryouts:

During the tryouts, know that coaches are going to look out not only for good players, but also for players who are running for the ball even if it looks meaningless or for the players who are trying. But as a matter of fact, apart from the above that have been mentioned, coaches are curious to get to know about your personality too, and if you have the proper attitude to join the team. They definitely want to have a team which’s teammates have characteristics like:

  • a common purpose and clear objectives
  • the necessary skills
  • the ability to work through the conflict
  • the willingness to be responsible etc.

After tryouts:

If you made the team, then enjoy it, because it can be a great experience for you and your teammates!

As for those who did not make it, don’t let that get you down! It’s not the end of the world! There are so many alternatives. You can either tryout next year or tryout for another club team in your town if you want!

I hope this helped some of you!


KenHina week day 5: Swimsuit/Distraction

Tfw there’s a beach volleyball court and shouyou wants to play but you have to fight the final boss of the game you’re playing….

(In the end Kenma went playing with Hinata bc he can’t resist to those puppy eyes ahahah)

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