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Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M)

Picture mine

{ pt.02 }

Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut with a plot?

Word Count: 12,047

~ A long plot and long smut. Possible part two in the future!

I stretched my hand out the window, letting it glide and ride along the wind. The summer sun was beating heavily over the opened sky, with not a single cloud in sight. Though the breeze was just right to keep us from melting over the heat. I adjusted my new pair of sunglasses as my friend Coco, who was driving, nudged me to turn up the radio. I leaned in to crank the small knob and hoped something good would come on. ‘Work’ by Rihanna started playing and the other three girls in the back seats completely lost it. Singing every word passionately in my ear, I cover my face with the palm of my hand, embarrassed that theses were my friends. I looked at the driver’s seat finding Coco mumbling over Drake’s lines. Her father had given her permission to take us to stay at their beach house for the summer as a congratulation for graduating. She had just bought herself a brand new BMW convertible in her favorite shade of cherry red, that she had been dying to take out on a trip. She caught me staring at her and laughed embarrassed at her lack of self-control. I turned to look at the crazy one of us, who we called Bisty because of her lack of height. She stood on her seat with her hands waving in the air, moving her hips to the rhythm of the music.

   “If your ass falls out of the car, we aren’t stopping to help you.” I laughed. She only tried to shake her ass in front of my face as a response and I rolled my eyes before turning back to face the main road.

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Part of Your World, Part iii

I am so sorry it has taken me this long!  I finally got the chance to finish writing the chapter and I’m so happy with it! I hope you all like it!

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Cloud nine was another time, even as the sentiment remains in ever bigger highway signs, but you can still collect the scenes just after everything changed — for better or worse. 

It’s always so hard to tell.

Each time things started to happen again, the highway grew. A little hope at the rise of the Interstate, then the realization that the business moved away. What went wrong? 

Sometimes you might even get sad at all this change.

How to fit in when the people have left the back roads behind? Who wants to look for new places when the twisting tarmac has shunned you? It’s not for lack of brains. It just does no good to try. 

Secondary roads are a desert now. But some things you never leave behind.

There are tens of thousands of photos like these. Put a frame on a few and you fashion something resembling memory — dreams of travel and the possibility to indulge one’s shy mind. Always out on the road.

Little gestures that blink like a bulb on a soon-to-die sign.

What’s it all about?

I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.  

Motel motto.

Aedion whenever Aelin and Rowan came back from the beach

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The tropical town of Minnow - 7F00 0068 A004 - by @redbeanjean

Exploring: Indoor Resort and “Beach”

 Places to go: 

Snack and travel shop
Beach and volleyball court
Spa room
Guest bedroom

Overall rating: 9/10, mosquito bit Petal 2 seconds into dreaming but still had a great time

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Roman Reigns Blurb  - The Cruise

This ship was enormous. Like, I’m going to get lost in it constantly, enormous. Holy shit. I walked down the never ending hallway and finally came to a stop at room number 2482. I popped the key card into the door and stepped in. I tossed my bag on the bed as I looked around. It was pretty standard - bed, desk, television on the dresser, decent bathroom. It would do. I never slept that well when I wasn’t in my own bed, anyway, so my expectations weren’t that high.

This cruise hadn’t been my idea but when Melanie had started talking about getting the high school crew back together again, this is what we had collectively come up with. It would be fun, I admitted to myself.  It had been years since we had all been in the same place at the same time so we were going to make the most of it. Besides, I could certainly do with some much needed girl time. Matt and I had finally called our marriage quits six months ago after trying for years to make things work. It was overwhelming trying to step back into normalcy. And the dating world? Forget about it. I was too old for this shit. Not that forty was old but Matt and I had been together since we were teenagers, so I didn’t even know how to begin navigating the sketchy waters of dating in your forties. So far, I was failing pretty spectacularly.

“What are you doing? Get changed so we can head out to the pool!” Melanie said as she and Jen walked in. “It’s time to get our drink on.”

I laughed as I dug out my suit from my bag. “Alright, alright.”

“Damn, girl,” Jen said as I stepped out of the bathroom. “Age is treating you well.”

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anonymous asked:

Can I get a married relationship head cannons for a 153 girl who's really AKWARD and shy but is also a geek/nerd (please include tsukki) thanks

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
Hello , I am the marriage headcannon anon …I’d like you to include tsukishima , Hinata , and kenma …. thanks !

I love awkward and shy nerdy/geeks! Probably because I am one, plus they are seriously the most adorable beings on this planet!

I hope you enjoy, Anon!

Tsukishima Kei

  • Okay, while I think these two would’ve taken for freaking EVER to finally seal the deal, it would be the most incredible and intimate ceremony in this entire world. Like, doesn’t matter how you imagine it - a big or small wedding, on the beach or in the court house - it literally has everyone watching it with so many tears!
    • Like, part of reason probably is that they don’t even notice the people watching when they make their vows. Their voices are quiet, words not proclaiming out to those around, but directly purely to the one in front of them. AH, BEAUTIFUL.
  • And they would be like the ideal little couple, they would be at home making dinner and then just start talking about little bits of information they had gotten either from the internet or a book they were reading and it snowballs into the longest conversation that anyone could ever have.
    • Tsuki learned about a new fossil that could effect the authenticity of the Jurassic Park films and they theorize about it. She finds an article about ancient art relating to aliens and they spend hours talking about how accurate it could be.
    • And these conversations totally get geeky, like, maybe she was watching some Marvel movie and then they just start talking about all the fan theories that have shown up and what they’ll probably make next and all that kind of stuff. Seriously, these two could have a prolonged conversation about anything and he’s totally the only one that could bring it out of her.

Hinata Shouyou

  • Oh, this boy surely had to work at this relationship. But it was definitely a magical moment when this adorable shy girl started opening up to him in a way she never had with anyone else. And the best is that he gives her his complete undivided attention with everything; I like to think that this only amplifies after they get married.
  • He’s a husband that loves to hear about every little detail of his wife’s day. So when they come home from work - or any other time they end up spending the whole day apart - they have a scheduled amount of time where they just sit in the living room and talk about their days.
    • Literally ever little detail. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it may seem, they’ll tell each other about it. What they had for lunch, the details about their work - even the mundane stuff - and how their commute was.
  • And he absolutely adores when she talks about anything she loves. It’s something he lives for, actually, and when she starts going, he never lets his attention wonder anywhere else except her. As she goes on, he just gets this incredibly smitten face that only makes hers grow wider as she rambles on.
    • Seriously, he lives for it. The way her eyes brighten and that usually tentative voice picks up in volume to proudly tell of her interest in whatever the subject may be. Like, if he could spend the rest of his life just watching her how she is in those moments, he would.

Kozume Kenma

  • Similar to Tsuki, it took way too long for these two to finally tie the knot. Like, it probably took too long for them to move forward into every part of their relationship (if drove Kuroo up a freaking wall). But definitely the day that Kenma proposed to this girl was the happiest day of his life because, well hell, he was marrying his best friend.
  • I’m sure they spend most of their married life together huddled on the couch either binge watching Netflix documentaries or playing video games. Like, seriously, you know those couples that don’t go out with others because they’re just content to sit at home with each other? Yeah, that’s these two.
    • When they do go out I can see them just huddled together in a corner or something. Kenma’s probably on his phone while she’s probably silently people watching. And they definitely make small comments to each other that go completely unnoticed to the people around them.
    • It’s more often than not Kuroo that manages to get them out of the house, right, and he’d eventually come to terms with their definition of ‘going out’ so they usually end up going to the movies, or maybe even a live theater when they get the chance.
  • Don’t think that they’re always glued to screens, they’re of course intimate with each other. They’ll have days where they’re focused on nothing but each other, they talk to each other in hushed tones - even in the walls of their own home - of how much they love each other and all those beautiful sweet nothings while their limbs are all mingled together. CUTE.

some miscellaneous facts about my tour:

1. someone named john yang walked by, our guide says he’s famous

2. there’s a whiteboard in their hq somewhere where someone wrote “The true enemy of humanity is disorder…. and cats” with a doodle of a cat face next to it

3. someone in there really likes legos

4. their breakroom looks really clean, well-lit and the variety in those vending machines dude i want to live there

5. they had a classroom full of computers and chairs, each chair costs $1300. that lumbar support tho A+

6. there’s a little beach volleyball court on the campus

7. they have a lot of fanart and fan creations and fan letters on the walls, i even saw a real handmade sword someone sent to blizzard years ago

and a secret that i’m not allowed to tell, i really want to but i signed a nondisclosure agreement sooooo you guys will just have to see soon™