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WTNV - Ep 53 - The September Monologues


2. Michelle bought 25 replicas of what famous folk singer? (2 words)

4. According to Steve Carlsberg, this is a chart that explains the entire world

5. What has the Faceless Old Woman stopped googling?

6. Steve Carlsberg is a member in good standing of what organization?

9. What kind of figurines does the person that the Faceless Old Woman talks to collect?

11. The Faceless Old Woman knows the names of these creatures in the apartment and tells them where to lay their eggs

12. In what room is the person who bought the Beach Boys album?

13. What kind of music is 50% off this weekend?

16. What does the Faceless Old Woman express through the art of papier-mâché?

17. Who is Michelle Nguyen listening to right now? (2 words)


1. Who does not have hip-hop access at Dark Owl Records?

3. Cecil brings what kind of dip to meetings?

4. It is September, and the days have gone this

5. Steve Carlsberg asks you not to tell anyone that he has read these

7. What is hidden in the bag of lettuce deep in the fridge?

8. Steve is married to this relative of Cecil’s

10. At what event did Steve first meet Cecil?

12. The person that the Faceless Old Woman talks to never eats what?

14. To whom does the Faceless Old Woman speak?

15. What does Steve bake for meetings?