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A Q train runs through Coney Island.


Roller Coaster

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Listen to Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan as you read-

AN:The GIF is not mine, but it fit in well with the imagine. I like using music to inspire my writing so this was a lot of fun, and hope you guys like it xo - Maddie

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader

Prompt: “Could you do a Chris Evans one shot along the lines of Luke Bryan’s song Roller coaster? Please and thank you (:”

Warnings: None

“Come on Y/N it will be fun.”  Y/F/N chants, pulling you into the beaches fair ground, “It’s not the rides I’m worried about, it’s the fact that you brought me on a blind date here.” You huff, as she grabs you by your arm guiding you around, in search for your date. You hadn’t been on a date in such a long time, yet alone a blind date. “He said he’d be waiting on the worn down bench by the sea.” Your friend chimes, “I’ll leave you to it, have fun.” She smiles, readjusting your hair, and straightening up your long cross necklace which laid against your cream lace skater dress. “You look great, now go get him.” She cheers, pushing you further down the pier before leaving. 

You strolled along the wooden platform, as you tried to control the butterflies brushing against your stomach. As you look into the distance you see him, as he sit on the bench with flowers in his hands, and his head looking down at his lap, before raising it as he saw you approaching, Y/F/N must of gave him a description of you as he stood up with a beaming smile on his face. He was tall and bigger build, as you see his tight white t-shirt cling to his carved muscles, his hair dark causing his blue eyes, to appear even brighter. He flashes another smile as you are only a couple feet apart, which causing the butterflies to flutter even more. “You must be Y/N, I’m Chris” He greets, offering his hand which you shake. “Nice to meet you, Chris.” You shyly, reply. “And you too, these are for you.” He says giving you the bunch of flowers, which were a pale pink colour. “Thank you.” You blush, holding them in one hand, as he holds your other. “You even more beautiful than Y/F/N had described you.” He announces causing your cheeks to go an even brighter shade of pink. “I say we go on the beach, I’m not really into rides.” He suggests, and you nod in agreement.  As you make your way down to the beach you look up him, but he had already been starring down at you. As you eyes locked, you felt you heart pound against your chest, instantly you felt something for Chris that you had never felt before. Without even exchanges words you already knew that this was a mistake, because you felt yourself open up inside, which is something you avoided doing. But the curiosity inside you made Chris a mistake you wanted to make.

You dragged your feet along the hot sand, looking over at the sun which reflected over the blue sea. “So tell me something about yourself?” He says, breaking the comfortable silence between the two of you. “I’m pretty boring, to be honest.” You admit, bluntly. “Oh come on, you’re a closed book and I’m going to do whatever it takes to open you up.” He declares, even though you had no intentions of allowing him to see that your had opened up inside. “Good luck” You challenge jokingly letting out a giggle. “So why are you single anyway?” He forwardly asks, “Guess I’m just looking for someone who’s right for me.” You tell, and he he laughs as he unlinks your fingers and points his finger against his own chest causing you to laugh laugh and swat his shoulder. “Okay, fine will Mr. Right join me on the roller coaster?” you question with a smirk. “No way!” He denies as you pull him back up the pier towards the ride. “Don’t be a wimp.” You mock, as you line up. “Nope. No way.” He repeats shaking his head, with a chuckle. You look up at him showing the lower whites of your eyes, and you stick out your bottom lip giving him the puppy dog face, as you pout. “Fine, just for you.” He huff, making you squeal and grab his hand as you run up the stairs of the ride, and onto the seats. You buckle yourselves in and look up at the blue sky as the countdown begins. “3, 2, 1″ The both of you dash up into higher ground, as you grip his hand tighter than ever. 

As you reached the peak of the roller coaster, before it fell down into the unknown you looked over at Chris, letting your lips fall against his, and that’s when you knew you were hooked. Always waiting for the next time you could feel his touch again, all you did was crave him.

Your heart, felt as if it was the roller coaster, twisting and turning with every word Chris spoke, every laugh he let out. You stomach moving back and forth as he smiled at you. The ride with Chris kept you on your feet, always waiting for what the next turn held.


That day was the first time you had met Chris, and even from then you knew he was something you wanted to figure out. As he opened you up you let him figure you out, this time with no regrets. You didn’t know where you were going, but you’re happy you kept your heart on the tracks, as you fell in love with him. 

I actually really love letting music inspire my writing, as it’s something I do normally, so I hope this turned out okay for you guys. - Maddie xo