beach bound

“We’re All in this Together. All of Us ”

Endless Summer Scrapbook pt ii. Put together by Michelle, Quinn, and Grace    ⎜ part i  

Lila, Estela, MC, and Zahra venturing through the forest -taken by Quinn 

MC and Jake sharing a sandy kiss - taken by Diego 

MC and Quinn splashing in the ocean -taken by Grace 

Zahra and Estela grabbing their helpings - taken by Craig 

Sean pulling MC into a tight hug -taken by Diego 

Michelle beach day candid -taken by Sean 

Quinn finding comfort in MC - taken by Estela 

Sunset conversation between Diego and MC -taken by Raj

Quinn playing with Furball - taken by MC

Raj and Diego taking in the view -taken by MC

A carefree Grace -taken by Aleister 

A napping Sean and MC -taken by Grace 

Beach bound Craig -taken by Zahra 

MC and Diego playing with sparklers -taken by Raj

A happy Furball being scratched by Craig and Michelle -taken by Quinn 

Sean and Craig in a tight race -taken by Michelle 

A reseting Estela and MC -taken by Grace

Craig pulling Zahra close -taken by Sean 

Mountain side camp fire -taken by unknown 

A daydreaming MC -taken by Jake 

MC and Estela holding each other close by the water -taken by Quinn 

MC, Zahra, Jake, and Craig battling in chicken -taken by Diego 

Michelle, Mc, and Estela gazing at their adventure ahead -taken by Quinn 

Grace and Aleister posing for a picture 

MC and Jake enjoying the calm before the storm -taken by Diego 

 Diego, MC, Grace, and Jake climbing among their ride - taken by Michelle 

Neighbors - Smut

Originally posted by dylanobriengirl

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,977
Request: Anon: i was wondering if you could write smut about stiles walking in on you masturbating and him finishing you off. 
Anon: could you write a fic about stiles and reader living next door to each other, their bedroom windows are across from each other and she just moved in.
AN: So I took 2 requests and smushed them together, I hope that’s alright with y’all. 

You carried the last box of your stuff into your new bedroom, setting it down on the floor in front of the window. It was the summer before your senior year of high school, and your dad’s job had transferred him to Beacon Hills, California. You were sad that you’d had to leave all your friends right before your final year, but you were excited for the opportunity to meet some new people.

You stretched your arms above your head, your t-shirt rising up, and glanced outside, letting out a yelp when you saw a pair of brown eyes watching you. Your bedroom window faced the house next door, and there was a boy who looked around your age standing in his own bedroom. He looked just as startled as you did, his cheeks dusted pink in embarrassment, probably because he’d been caught staring.

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Who wants to talk to me about Kierarktina/Black Rose Triad, because I have wedding headcanons.

  • Shadowhunter marriages just aren’t set up for three, so they get married in the faerie fashion. This is a lot easier than in sounds, faeries can’t lie so their promises have weight. Weddings are as simple as making the right vows. 
  • They do so for the first time on a picnic together, nothing but privacy and the wide sky. It’s so easy to hold hands and promise not to let go, to love each other for as long as they can, to be true and faithful. Vague, unclear words, the sort that would never pass for a proper marriage contract but which work between them. 
  • “So, are we like engaged now?” Cristina giggles. Kieran corrects her, “Promised.” “Same difference.” “Maybe to Shadowhunters.”
  • The secret wedding happens on an impulse. Actually getting married would be a big move with political ramifications, but they want the commitment, the solidity of it. They sneak out to the beach in the middle of the night. Mark Skypes Helen in, because even if Kieran insists they don’t need one, it feels right to have a witness. The faerie oaths are long and complicated, designed to cover every loophole, and it takes them a few giggling attempts to memorize them. It doesn’t matter that two of them can lie, just saying things like “beloved” and “eternity” makes it feel real. They tie their wrists together with stolen Christmas ribbon, and hold hands, and try to sit on the beach still bound in cheap red plastic. 
  • After that it’s a private little joke between them and Helen and Aline and a few other trusted (cool) family members who heard about their adventure in matrimony. Yeah, Kieran and Mark and Cristina are married, absolutely they are. Only when they’re in private do they take it seriously. They’ve had chaotic lives, a little stability is to be treasured. The idea of someone, much less two someones, promising to never willingly leave takes their breath away. 
  • When Cristina’s mother starts suggesting they actually get married they don’t know how to tell her they already are? So instead they find themselves reluctantly planning another, more formal wedding. It’s still very small, because in between the three of them and their huge families they recognize the potential for this to get out of hand way too fast. Just siblings, parents, a few of Cristina’s more distant relatives. Some very close friends. Three hundred people isn’t too bad, given that Kieran has fifty one siblings. 
  • They say their oaths again, under a tree, and this time the words don’t seem as clunky or old fashioned. Cristina recites hers in Spanish. They do exchange rings, specially made with roses and thorns winding around a crown. The Silent Brothers wouldn’t do family rings for their specific situation, so they went to a mundane jeweler. The design is a bit crowded, but very good. To their surprise, they do feel more married somehow. Just being allowed to say something out loud does wonders, and three is a magic number.