Laci Green talks bikinis and beach bodies in the latest braless episode >>

this whole cover is disgusting . if you got a body you are ready for the beach. last time I checked the beach was to have fun and to enjoy yourself .

if you do wanna “get in shape” for the beach to feel more comfortable tanning and what not, thats fine. 

It is magazines like this and other sources like these with the words “worst body” that are terrible.

news flash! the beach is a place to get away from school and work and other life stressors

 why are you trying to make going to the beach a stressful thing?.

This magazine is incredible even a smaller woman is getting picked on for having what are they calling it “belly flop?” 

magazines, gossipist get real the beach is usually a hot place and is a place with a mass amount of water. wearing smaller items of clothing is going to take place because again the beach is suppose to be a comfortable and relaxing place!

screw this magazine and anyone else who says you “need” a perfect body for the beach

this summer i will go to the beach and my thighs with be jiggling and my gut will probably pop out of my tank who cares? i surely do not ..