beach ball comics

Ah yeah!  You guys ready for a great signing heading your way?
Well, you better be!!
Next Thursday (April 11) we’re pleased to launch Lumberjanes, a new series from Boom Studios’ Boom!Box imprint!!
It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls and features five buttkicking, rad teenager girls wailing on monsters and solving a mystery with the whole world at stake.
Come meet co-writer NOELLE STEVENSON and co-creator SHANNON WATTERS, at Beach Ball Comics at 5pm!
It’s sure to be super groovy!!!

  • so at the beach ball comics signing yesterday a lot of people were taking pictures of gerard's car and posting pictures of his license plate.
  • at the VIP party afterwards:
  • me: hey gerard you should probably change your license plate or just your car in general
  • gerard: why? what happened?
  • me: a lot of people took pictures of your car and license
  • gerard: well what can they do with that? like what will happen?
  • me: just they know it now and they're posting it all over tumblr..
  • gerard: its okay i mean The Russians know where I live anyway.

Gerard Way/ Becky Cloonan signing at Beach Ball Comics.  It was a nutty 6 hrs.  Man, I can’t even remember half of what happened.  I ended up working at 15 hr day
There was lots of shaking and crying and fangirling.  We were Beach Balling all day so lots of people have terrible selfies of me on their camera.   Someone brought a snake… someone brought a duck… a lot of people brought comics and got their arms signed and said they were getting said signatures turned into tattoos.  We were photo bombing. It was lot of nuttiness and fatigue making for a super fun night.  It was definitely one of our biggest events ever!
All these pics are mine (except the last one.  Took if from Alex cause it’s the only one I showed up in all night.  Also he asked me to photobomb :P


My local shop beachballcomics had “Blind Date with a Book,” a sale that set aside wrapped comics with descriptions about them. As a sucker for blind box toys, I couldn’t resist a mystery comic book. If they had wrapped those gigantic Artist Editions like this, I wouldn’t resist those either and buy one to just see what was inside (Don’t get any ideas, Sally).

Turns out I bought Air, which is a comic I’ve wanted to read for a long time. With the recent release of G. Willow Wilson’s Ms. Marvel, it was perfect timing! I really dug the first trade and will have to pick up the rest.

Pretty fun promotion!

Still jazzed over seeing Captain America The Winter Soldier last night/today? Stoked to see it this weekend or for a second time?
Beach Ball Comics & Cornerstore Comics got you covered!  Come check out some great cap merch at both stores from comics to trades to statues to toy to these little dudes pictured above!


It’s that time of year again and look at all the awesome books we’re just giving away!  Come get yours tomorrow at Beach Ball Comics starting at 10am
DON’T FORGET: At 11am we have Chris Roberson signing for the book the Strangers & at 4pm we have Max Bemis signing copies of Polarity!

It’s gonna be an awesome day full of comics and nerdiness and “Thrift Store Star Wars” (you’ll understand this if you come to the store) and general frivolity.
Don’t miss out!!!

People come in our store a lot and ask where Sheldon and the gang are (no, like for serious).  Well, now we can tell them with confidence that they’re here, just in mini form. 
Come get your Big Bang Theory Pop Figures.  Now available at BBC & CSC!!