beach baby bon iver

Beach Baby
Bon Iver
Beach Baby

When you’re out,
Tell your lucky one to know that you’ll leave.
But you don’t lock when you’re fleeing
I’d like not hear keys

Only hold till your coffee warms,
But don’t hurry and speed.

One a time put a tongue in your ear on the beach
And you clutched
Kicking heels

what i think of when i hear my favorite songs. i just tried to think of some of my favorite songs and i’m going to listen to them and type what i’m thinking at the moment. ♡

electric love by børns: neon pink lights. midnight in a enchanting city. dancing until my feet hurt. little pink heels. city thunderstorms. sickly sweet. polaroid pictures. having no care in the whole entire world. 

17 by youth lagoon: a field of flowers on a cliff by the sea. a long white dress dancing in the wind. the smell of salt and sun. gold glitter. light pink sunburns on my cheeks. cold water and hot sunbeams. running as fast as i can. that dizzy feeling when you stare out at the endless ocean

skinny love by bon iver: falling snow. cold fingertips. dancing in a big room. sad love letters. roses with lots of thorns. the color of the sky on a snowy night. smiling even when you feel sad. 

cigarette daydreams by cage the elephant: young love. standing on an ocean dock. water sparkling with sunlight. long car rides into the morning. dusky deserts. taking lots of pictures on a little film camera. leaning my head against a car window, watching the world pass by. being sleepy. feeling a little lost but knowing that it’s okay. 

temporary love by the brinks: wanderlust. wandering through parisian streets. lost in love. a little dress with a big coat. wind in my hair. 11pm on the metro. little postcards. airport terminals. flowery perfume. 

beach baby by bon iver: misty mornings. bare feet. the sound of crashing waves. cute lattes. pink nail polish. bare face, no makeup. smiling and giggling. freckles. dreamy evenings. a dainty gold necklace. 

anonymous asked:

Rainy Sunday playlist

hey ok so this was fun

next to you - dannika

sea of love - cat power

smother - daughter

sleepwalk - santo & johnny

lavender blood - fox academy

anyone else but you - michael cera, ellen page

intertwined - dodie

the sea - many rooms

while you were asleep - OK go

saccharine - atta boy

beach baby - bon iver

this is a lot i couldnt find anything i wanted to take out but i made this playlist on spotify if u wanna listen here

send me the name of a playlist and i’ll make it

philliester  asked:

rebekka 👽

R: Like Real People Do - Hozier ( okk i know it doesnt ACTUALLY start w/ r but its still a rlly nice song o k ay ) 

E: English House - Fleet Foxes 

B: Beach Baby - Bon Iver 

E: Everyone Is Gay - A Great Big World 

K: King and Lionheart- Of Monsters and Men 

K: Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran 

A: Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy 

ThERE u are bek my love hope u enjoy the soft trash !! <33 ! 


here’s a playlist of some music i’ve been listening to lately !!

1. my body is a cage - arcade fire
2. honeybee - seahaven
3. moaning lisa smile - wolf alice
4. heart in a cage - the strokes
5. beach baby - bon iver
6. werewolf - fiona apple
7. T.M. - jack kilmer (palo alto soundtrack)
8. two headed boy, pt. 2 - neutral milk hotel
9. head on - the jesus and mary chain
10. you’re not good enough - blood orange

i hope this makes your day better !!

anonymous asked:

summer day playlist !!

what are we doing on this summer’s day exactly? are we chilling in the back yard staring at the sky in existential melancholy or are we running through fields half drunk with our favourite people? anyway, for a general summer feelin’:

The Cure - Close To Me, Just Like Heaven, Friday I’m In Love

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone, Always Like This

Lana Del Rey - Ride

Wolf Alice - Bros

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

New Order - Age Of Consent

The Drums - Book Of Revelation

Lorde - Ribs

Park Squares & Alleys -  Youth 

Cape Town - Panama Remix

Bon Iver - Beach Baby

Pretty Lights Odesza remix - Lost & Found

Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks

(again can’t keep to 10)


I was tagged by @cloverfaerie thank you sweetheart <333

A - age: 17 and a half soon haha

B - biggest fear: death

C - current time: 21:27

D - drink you last had: spaghetti

E - every day starts with: checking my phone and going to the toilet hahaha

F - favourite song: currently it’s beach baby - bon iver or this - ed sheeran

G - ghosts, are they real? yep, i think so

H - hometown: a town in Norway haha

I - in love with: film music and traveling

J - jealous of: a LOT of people

K - killed someone: uuuhhhhh, no???

L - last time you cried: a few months ago? i don’t remember

M - middle name: Emilie

N - number of siblings: 3

O - one wish: to become a famous composer and move to another country to start my own life

P - person you last called/texted: my boyfriend haha

Q - question you’re always asked: so how’s your relationship with your boyfriend?

R - reason to smile: a lot of reasons 

S - song last sang: this - ed sheeran

T - time you woke up: today - 11.00 ish, usually - 06.30

U - underwear color: blue

V - vacation destination: everywhere

W - worst habit: procrastinating

X - x-rays you’ve had: my wrist and my foot i think

Y - your favourite foods: pasta <3333

Z - zodiac sign: scorpio

i tag @blossomalida @goghs-plants @getsalongsosweetly and everybody else who wants to do this :))))

anonymous asked:

Top 10 songs?

- Skinny Love - Bon Iver

- 715 - CREEKS - Bon Iver

- Beach Baby - Bon Iver

- Friends (Feat. Bon Iver) - Francis and the Lights

- Amsterdam - Coldplay

- Our Courage, Our Cancer - While She Sleeps

- It Never Ends - Bring Me The Horizon

- Party Song - Keaton Henson

- Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us - Keaton Henson

- Make You Happy - MIKA

- Over My Shoulder - MIKA

Have 11 whoops lmao, but seriously if you, or any of you want more songs that I love please ask :D

Rainy Days Playlist
  • <p> <b></b> Gravity - John Mayer<p/><b></b> Let It Go - James Bay<p/><b></b> Meridians - Greyson Chance<p/><b></b> Beach Baby - Bon Iver<p/><b></b> Sparks - Coldplay<p/><b></b> Heal - Tom Odell<p/><b></b> Flaws - Bombay Bicycle Club<p/><b></b> Home - Gabrielle Aplin<p/><b></b> She's Always a Woman to Me - Billy Joel<p/><b></b> Last Kiss - Taylor Swift<p/><b></b> Georgia - Michael Bublè<p/><b></b> July - BOY<p/><b></b> A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Jason Mraz<p/><b></b> To Whom It May Concern - The Civil Wars<p/></p>
Songs you should check out:

Beach Baby- Bon Iver
Babys- Bon Iver
Woods-Bon Iver
Youth- Daughter
White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes
November Was White, December was Grey- Say Hi
Play it Right- Sylvan Esso
Hey Mami- Sylvan Esso
Dress- Sylvan Esso
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
Idfc- Blackbear
I Know Places- Lykke Li
I’m Good, I’m Gone- Lykke Li
Perfection- Oh Land
Hip Hop Kids- Portugal. The Man
Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) - Daughter
Pieces of What- MGMT
Iota- Angel Olsen
Blood Bank- Bon Iver
Inside Out- Spoon
Bad Girls- MIA
Double Bubble Trouble- MIA
It’s All in my Mind- Teenage Fanclub
Big Light- Houses
Your Head is on Fire- Broken Bells
The High Road- Broken Bells
Citizen- Broken Bells
Take Me Away- Wild Belle
The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance- Vampire Weekend
911- Delta Spirit
Ghosts- The Hundred in the Hands
Creep (Acoustic)- Radiohead

anonymous asked:

music please?

  • honey- swim deep
  • fallingforyou- the 1975
  • lost in my bedroom- sky ferreira
  • mind mischief- tame impala
  • shyness- thieves like us
  • when i get older- wild party
  • berlin- ry x
  • beach baby- bon iver
  • cardiac arrest- bad suns

Request ( “A mix of songs similar to "Troubles Will Be Gone” by The Tallest Man On Earth?“

Listen Here - Spotify: Troubles Will Be Gone. // 8Tracks: Troubles Will Be Gone. 


01. Troubles Will Be Gone - The Tallest Man On Earth // 02. January Wedding - The Avett Brothers // 03. Tin Foiled - Andrew Bird // 04. Talking Backwards - Real Estate // 05. Simple As This - Jake Bugg // 06. Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers // 07. The Story I Heard - Blind Pilot // 08. Beach Baby - Bon Iver

gloomy afternoons


01. Devil Town // Bright Eyes 02. Kings, Queens, Beggars and Thieves // Matt Corby 03. Dancing In The Moonlight // Alt-J (cover) 04. Unnatural Progression // Dan Mangan 05. Beach Baby // Bon Iver 06. She Changes The Weather // Swim Deep 07. I Saw You In The Wild // Great Lake Swimmers 08. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You // The 1975 09. Grew Up At Midnight // The Maccabees 10. Landfill // Daughter 11. Black Flies // Ben Howard 12. Home // Gabrielle Aplin 13. You // Keaton Henson 14. Broken // Jake Bugg 15. Best Of Friends // Tom Odell (cover) 16. Little Darling // Lewis Watson (alternate version) 17. Gracious // Ben Howard 18. Yayo // Lana Del Rey 

STARDUST IN MY EYES ; for soft bedsheets and gleaming stars, for velvet nights and loneliness

i. hurt, 2cellos // ii. landfill, daughter // iii. sweetheart, what have you done to us, keaton henson // iv. roslyn, bon iver ft. st. vincent // v. the moon songkaren o // vi. peter, daughter // vii. ooo, karen o // viii. like real people do, hozier // ix. can’t help falling in love, fleet foxes // x. cherry wine, hozier // xi. beach baby, bon iver // xii. food is still hot, karen o // xiii. photograph, arcade fire // xiv. song on the beach, arcade fire

[listen here]