Your OTP is in high school, and person A is a large, scary, rock and roll, straight-C student who ends up in detention a lot of the time. Person B, however, is a socially awkward, dorky, stereotypical nerd, but despite this, person A ends up developing a crush on B. A isn’t very good at expressing their feelings however, and doesn’t want people to see them as soft, so person B ends up seeing their advances as bullying. It isn’t until person B is getting beat up after school and person A saves them that B realizes that A has a crush on them.

“no but i mean, for us, it definitely took awhile.”

“i was actually surprised that you said it first.”

“what are you talking about? you told me first!”

yoongi: “but anyway, as we were saying, relationships are built on trust so i think as long as you’re not keeping secrets from each other, it’s good.”

hoseok: “that’s right.”

“like when we first started dating, we had agreed to always tell each other everything. we’ve shared everything we really need to know, right jungkook-ah?”

hoseok:everything huh… so jungkook, that means you ended up telling him about that dream you had of marrying him?”


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The Math Teacher (Part 11)

A/N: Okay so I got carried away with this and ended up writing 5,2k words to this, so I hope you guys like it as much as I enjoyed writing it x

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: All for now

Request: Yes

Summary:  Part one HERE // Part Two HERE // Part Three HERE // Part Four HERE // Part Five HERE // Part Six HERE // Part Seven HERE // Part Eight HERE // Part Nine HERE // Part Ten HERE

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“Here we are.” Luke announced when he stopped the car, and he removed the gear so it was in neutral position and ripped up the handle to stop the car from moving. Your eyes glanced towards the white building that was in front of you and your mouth formed a small ”o”. Luke removed his hand from your lap to open the car door and he kneeled down to prevent his head from hittings the roof before he walked out.

”Fancy.” You commented while opening your own door and Luke stuck his tongue out at you and opened the baggage door. ”I know it’s not as fancy as some other houses here in town. But I’m still on education and it’s not like I receive a fortune for working at the school.” He leaned his body inside the car to grab the grocery bags you had bought minutes ago and you laughed at him when he tried to avoid hitting his head again.  

”It looks cozy.” You commented and waited for him, watching as he locked the car and placed the keys in his pocket before he walked towards you. ”It is, actually. Much better than living at home.” He said and sighed, and you followed him towards the apartment where he lived.

Even if Luke pointed out that he didn’t have much money, this still looked pretty rad. The apartments had two floors along with a small garden and a balcony. Of course you had no idea what it looked inside but from your point of view it looked nice.

Luke stopped in track when you got closer and he looked over his shoulder in confuse.

”What?” You asked and looked back as well, almost fearing that somebody was following you and Luke had noticed.

”Nothing, it’s just… My roommate wasn’t supposed to be home tonight. There was some football match in the tele so I told me he would watch it with a couple of friends from his work. His car isn’t here either but the lights are still on in our apartment.” Luke explained and pointed towards the apartment furthest away, only linked to one apartment to its right and having a small playground on the other side.

”Maybe he forgot to turn off the lights.” You suggested and he looked down at you with a confused expression. ”Well, he never does. He’s always the one to point it out where I usually forget it. Oh well.” He mumbled the last part and shrugged his shoulders before you guys headed towards his front door and you waited for him as he fished his keys out of his pocket again.

Luke put the key into the keyhole and unlocked the door, pressed it open and grabbed the groceries he had placed on the ground to get better access. You both walked inside and the instant smell of teenage boy hit your nose along with fresh laundry from the washing machine next to you.

”Cal?” Luke yelled out loud and his echoed in the house but no answer. ”Calum?” He asked once again while taking off his shoes and he walked into the kitchen and placed the groceries on the counter. You on the other hand were still struggling with your converse and you took a seat down to tie up your shoes.

”I don’t think he’s home.” Luke mumbled with a hint of confusion in his voice and he opened the fridge ready to put groceries in the fridge so it wouldn’t start to grow mold and nasty.

”Who are you talking to?”

A jolt ran through Luke’s body by the sudden sound of a woman’s voice and he smacked his back against the door to the fridge to see who it was.

”Mom!” He exclaimed, both in shock and confusion and he furrowed his eyebrows odd to her sudden presence. ”What are you doing here?” He asked and stood up from leaning against the fridge, and she laughed carefully at him and crossed her arms.

”You asked me to help you do your laundry, and you said you were ready at 4pm so I was here a little bit before that. But I’ve been waiting for almost 30 minutes so now I did it myself. You need to learn it someday, you know that right?” She said and crossed her arms, and you leaned your head against the doorframe to the kitchen carefully and Luke caught your eyes instantly. He started to widen his eyes and motion his head for you to hide but his mom noticed and she turned around confused.

”Who’s this?” She asked carefully and looked back at Luke with expectation. ”I knew you weren’t just talking with yourself, you haven’t done that since you were eight.” She had to hide her smile that was creeping on her lips because of her teasing and you had to hold in grin as well.

”Mom..” He whined and dragged his body towards you, and you removed yourself from the doorframe to show yourself fully and his mom walked closer to you. ”This is… My friend Y/N.” Luke introduced almost awkwardly and you looked up at him with blushy cheeks before his mom reached her hand towards you.

”Pleasure to meet you. I’m Liz. Luke’s mother.” She introduced with a smile and you shyly reached your hand forward as well and shook hers politely. ”Pleasure to meet you.” You said with a small smile and she thanked you in return.

”Luke where is the bathroom? I really need to pee.” You asked and looked up at him, and he pointed his head towards the entrance where you came from. ”If you look to your right, it’s right next to the washing machine.” He directed and you nodded your head understanding before turning around to hurry away. This was too awkward for you to handle.

”Friend, Luke?”

You stopped in track when you heard Liz’s words and you grabbed the handle on the door carefully. You didn’t want to eardrop but you couldn’t control your actions at this point. You were curious to hear what Luke had to say.

”Yes mom, a friend.” Luke responded and she laughed at him. ”Last time you presented one of your friends to me, she ended up being your secret girlfriend for weeks.”

”She’s not my girlfriend if that’s what you think.” He responded in a more sad tone and you opened the door to the bathroom to walk inside. ”But she’s on the way to become that?” Liz asked and you stopped in track once again.

”I guess you can say that.” Luke responded and it was like your whole stomach erupted with butterflies and your cheeks rose up in a red color.

”I’m happy to hear, but Luke she looks so young. How old is she?” Your eyes widened by her questions and at this point, you couldn’t eardrop any longer. Hurrying into the bathroom you locked the door and took a seat on top of the toilet. At this point you were craving to text Matty and tell him about this awkward encounter but you couldn’t.

After promising him to not see Luke that often any longer when you admitted everything to him after he caught you guys in the act, you had agreed with yourself that you wouldn’t. But after meeting up with Luke after school he had asked you if you would want to come home to his apartment Friday night so you guys could get to know each other better and if you wanted you could stay for the night. When he asked he looked both so sweet and nervous you couldn’t get yourself to say no and here you were now. As long as Matty didn’t know, nothing bad would happen and he wouldn’t get mad at you.

You rose up from the toilet seat to take a look in the mirror and you ran your fingers through your hair lightly and gave it a bit of volume. When you heard the door to the front entrance of the house open and close you knew it was your queue to head out again and you tiptoed out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to see Luke stand with his back facing you.

”So your mom still does your laundry?” You commented when you approached him and he jumped slightly by your voice and looked over his shoulder with an embarrassed look. ”Don’t even comment on it okay, I’m still getting used to not live at home any longer.” He said with a smile and took some stuff from the fridge.

”It’s okay. My mom does mine too but that’s obvious compared to the fact that I still live at home.” You said and jumped onto the counter next to him and he smiled softly at you and bumped your nose with his finger. ”You’re really funny, huh? Just smack it into my face.”

”You’re just really funny to tease.” You said and crossed your legs and he rolled his eyes at your with a warm smile before he mocked your voice.

”Do you know how embarrassing that was? My mom doesn’t have a line for what to say and what not to say in front of my friends and such. It’s so embarrassing I could just push her out of the house to prevent her from say more.”

”What did you talk about when I left?” Luke looked up at you from cutting a cucumber and he bit his lip and looked down at the cooking again. ”Well, she just asked me a several questions about you. Nothing to worry about. She isn’t’ suspicious at all. And neither does she know you’re my student.”

”Good.” You said with wide eyes and watched him as he kept on cutting different kinds of vegetables for the salad he was making. Silence fell over the two of you while you watched him cook, the only thing aloud was the radio playing radio hits behind you. Luke started to smile all of the sudden and he stopped cutting but didn’t look up at you.

”Like what you see?” He asked and flicked his eyes towards yours, and you smiled all over your face and rolled your eyes at him. ”What if I don’t?” Your tone was teasing and Luke placed the knife onto the table and walked towards you. ”Then I would say, what a shame.” His face was centimeters from yours and voice got raspier and quieter as he spoke.

He reached his arms behind you and you flicked your eyes between his lips and his eyes boring into yours. When you closed your eyes and leaned forward you hit air because Luke moved away and grabbed a package of bread that happened to be behind you. He smiled teasingly by your reaction to his action and he laughed goofily to himself.

”You’re not funny.” You commented and crossed your arms fake insulted and he pouted his lips towards you. ”You don’t wanna kiss me?” You asked and he wiggled his eyebrows towards you and smirked. ”Not really, honestly.” He mumbled and opened the package in his hands.

”Luke!” You exclaimed by his words and he laughed again by your exclaim and walked towards you before pulling you in for a kiss.

”I’ll always kiss you because I never know if it’s gonna be our last.” He said in a more quiet tone and flicked his eyes between your lips and your eyes.

”That’s so sweet.” You matched his tone and he smiled softly at you. He moved his lips up to kiss your nose lightly before he loosened himself from you to finish the rest of the dinner. But now you couldn’t sit still on the counter any longer so you jumped down and stood by beside him. ”Can I help you with anything?”

Luke looked around at the kitchen table thinking and his mouth opened lightly with a small noise coming out before he reached out for it. ”Do you know how to peel potatoes?” He asked and you looked up at him with eyes that told he shouldn’t have asked this question.

”What? My roommate doesn’t know how to do it.” He informed and you looked at him with wide eyes. Grabbing the peeler Luke had in his hand you smiled up at him before you turned around and opened package with potatoes, filing up the whole sink with them.

”Tell me about your roommate.” You requested while letting the cold water run and started to peel the first potato. Luke looked over his shoulder with a smile before he smeared butter all over the pan on the stove and grabbed two steaks from the plate next to him.

”His name is Calum. He’s been my best friends for over 10 years now and I feel like I’ve known him all my life. He’s a sucker for football as I kind of mentioned earlier and he works at the Sydney football team as coach. Otherwise than that, he works as a bartender. Uhm, I don’t really know what else to say.” He said with a laugh and bit his lip while thinking.

”What does he look like?” You asked and glanced around the kitchen, trying to find a picture of him or some sort but there wasn’t anything.

”He’s tall like me. Dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. We pretty much have the same style of clothing. He’s got tattoos too, and many of them.” Luke placed the steak on top of the pan and smoke started to appear from above it, covering the whole kitchen and you reached forward in instinct and opened the window.

”Thanks.” He said with a cough and waved the smoke away with his towel, and you laughed at him and placed the last peeler potato on top of the baking sheet he had placed next to the sink. ”He sounds like a really nice guy.” You said and crossed your arms while leaning against the counter.

”He really is. The best one of the kind.” Luke said and smiled to himself, and you walked up to stand beside him and he wrapped his arm around you. You watched as he turned around the steaks to let them roast on either side and he opened the cupboard over the stove. ”Can you place these at the table?”

”Sure.” You grinned and accepted the plates Luke took down and you walked towards the small dinner table that was, decking up for the two of you. ”What about you and Matty?” He almost yelled over the loud sound of the steaks being roasted, and you walked back into the kitchen and opened one of the drawers to find cutlery.

”We met when we started high school. We take the exact same classes so we see each other every day, and every hour in school. We met at the first day where it was raining and he gave me his jacket even though it was cold. From that moment I knew he would become my best friend.” You explained and smiled to yourself by the old memory.

”That’s really cute.” Luke commented while he took a look into the oven to see how the potatoes were progressing and you hummed in respond and placed your hair to the right side of your shoulder. ”He’s always there for me no matter what. He’s like that girl best friend all girls have but as a boy. He’s like the most caring and smartest person I’ve ever met. He takes more care of me than my parents do.”

”You know, he needs to share now.” Luke said and turned off the oven, walked over to grab two oven mitts and you furrowed your eyebrows confused. ”What do you mean by that?”  You asked and he stopped in track and headed towards you instead.

”I mean, now you have two boys watching over you. Matty sounds like a tight competent but I already care so much about you it’s so crazy.” A bobbly feeling appeared in your stomach by Luke’s words and you watched him with a smile on his face as he grabbed your hands and started to pepper your fingers with small kisses.

”I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you.” He whispered more serious and you leaned forward to get wrapped up in his arms and he placed a kiss to your hairline. ”That means a lot.” You said into his warm shirt and he chuckled by your words and pulled down to look at you admiring.

”Ready to eat?” He whispered and you nodded your head with a grin and moved away so he could take out the potatoes from the oven.

You grabbed the plate with sticks and the bowl of salad in your other hand, waiting for Luke to put all the roasted potatoes into a bowl and he fiddled around with the drawers confused, looking for a spoon. When he found it a big smile came to his face and he turned around ready to settle down on the table. 

”What did you mean when you said Matty cared more about you than your parents?” He asked all of the sudden while cutting in the steak, and you stopped in track with chewing and looked between your plate and his curious eyes.

”It’s not like I’m having problems with my parents or anything. It’s just they work almost 16 hours a day so I barely get to see them. Not to mention that I’m a single child so they don’t really watch out for me any longer. It’s pretty logically considering I’m 18.” You explained and Luke nodded his head listening closely. 

”What kinds of professions do your parents work for since they spend so much time on it?” He asked interested and you placed some of the salad into your mouth and chewed fast to answer.

”My dad is a pilot for Qantas Airways and my mom is one of the business managers for the same company. She spends all her time at the airport while my dad spends all his time in the air. When I was younger he only did short flights so he could spend time with me too but now that I’m older he takes longer flights to New York and such places like that.”

Luke’s eyes widened impressed and he rested his fork on his lips while he thought. ”That’s sounds awesome and depressing at the same time. Don’t you miss him a lot?”

”I did at first but now it’s a habit I’ve grown into. It’s only when he’s gone for a whole week I’ll start to be sad about him being gone all the time. He also missed by birthday once which sucked big time. You get used to it though. I’m better at handling disappointments now.” You said with a shrug and took the last bite from your steak and smiled up at Luke softly. He looked like someone who had a question that was ready to spill from your lips.

”Your parents must be earning a lot of money then?” He had no idea how to ask the question but it came out pretty decent and you laughed lightly by his question. ”Don’t feel awkward to ask, I get that question a lot.” You explained and it seemed to make his nervous ease up.

”Well I guess the answer is yes, not that I want to brag about it. I’ve just been born into this airport family. There isn’t a single member in my family that doesn’t work with Airlines or at the airport. My grandfather is an old pilot, my grandmother is still working part time as a checking manager, my aunt is a stewardess and my uncle is a copilot. We’ve all grown up in the lifestyle of living in a life in the air. It’s weird, I know…”

”No, I think it’s cool.” Luke disagreed and your cheeks heated up by his words. He grabbed his glass and took a sip while looking at you interested. ”So you’re a single child? God, I would love to find out how that felt once in a while when I lived at home.”

”Trust me, you don’t. Even if you have siblings and they are the most irritating ever, it’s the most boring thing to be a single child. You’re constantly lonely, and you have nobody to be with when your parents aren’t around. It was worse when I was a kid though, I always sought attention in my friends because they were my only source of entertaining. They must have thought I was the most annoying kid ever.” You laughed by the thought of back then and stood up along with Luke when he grabbed your plate on top of his own.

”I grew up with two older brothers so it wasn’t like my life was the most enjoyable thing.” He talked while walking back to the kitchen and in politeness; you took the pan that was on the table along with the empty bowl of potatoes.

”Were they horrible towards you?” Luke cocked a smile by your question and started to run the water in the sink. ”Not horrible, just really like big brothers are. You know, those annoying ones who always root together and try to blame the fault on you. Luckily enough, my mom isn’t the one to fool and I mean it when I say nothing goes past her nose.”

”What are their names?” You placed the bowl and pan next to the sink and grabbed a wash towel to dry the plates Luke had washed up.

”Ben and Jack. They aren’t that much older than me but still enough for us to be nothing alike. Of course there are similarities in our looks but besides that, we barely have anything in common. If you judged us from our personalities you wouldn’t think we were brothers.” Luke kept on rambling and you nodded your head at him showing that you were listening to what he had to say but you couldn’t fight the yawn that was ready to come out of your mouth.

”Whoa, am I that boring?” He asked shocked and stopped the water from running and you shook your head still yawning, smiling tiredly up at him while you dried off the bowl in your hands. ”It’s just been a long day you know, when you’re actually on time for math at 8 o’clock in the morning.”

”Hey I’m not the one scheduling the classes. If you asked me I would prefer to have classes right after lunch where people aren’t tired from the morning and neither from have been in school for 6 hours.” Luke looked up at the clock hanging on his wall and he cleared the last of the table before he dried his hands with a black towel hanging on the rack next to you.

”I know. I’m usually never tired around nine but somehow it’s difficult to even let my eyes stay open at this point.” You mumbled through another yawn and Luke chuckled by your state and grabbed your hands, intertwining your fingers with his long ones.

”Well I was gonna ask you if you would head out for a walk with me, seeing the sunrise fall, but I guess all you want right now is sleep.” Your face frowned by Luke’s kind suggestion and you sighed sadly to yourself and looked down at your feet. ”Do you mind?” You asked and he shook his head with a warm smile on his lips.

”It’s alright. We’ve got plenty of time to do that another day. Wanna head for bed?” You nodded your head tiredly by Luke’s suggestion and he moved his lips down softly against your forehead before he wrapped his hands around yours and turned around.

”Come here, then.”

 The second floor in Luke’s apartment consisted of three rooms when you came up the stairs. The one to the right where his roommate Calum lived, who had the view over the free football field that was right behind the apartments. In the middle there was a rather large toilet with fancy supplements such as a huge bathtub and shower connected with the wall next to it. If you didn’t know Luke owned this, you would have thought girls lived here.

On the left side of the second floor was Luke’s room, the one you had seen from outside with the balcony attached, an overview of the parking lot shinning in from the large windows. The instant smell of cologne hit you and you grinned softly at him when he hurried to remove some of his dirty clothes and pushed it under his bed.

 ”I’m not really that great at cleaning either.” He mumbled with a shy smile and you giggled lightly by his reddened cheeks and watched him as he headed towards his drawer and fished out a t shirt. ”You’ve still got my old one, right?”

 ”Yeah, do you want it back?”

 ”No, god no… Just keep it. It looks amazing on you.” Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red by his compliment and he wiggled his eyebrows at you goofily and placed the t shirt in your hands.

“You can go to the bathroom and change if you feel comfortable with that. You know where it is.” He said but still decided to point towards where it was, thinking that his apartment tour sucked big time when he showed it to your earlier.

”I’ll clean the bed meanwhile.” He mumbled as you headed out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, and you heard him hum lightly to himself while he removed the covers and pillows from the mattress. You shut the door quietly and started to undress, your skin warm from the already blushing affect Luke had on you. When you moved his t shirt over your head and allowed it to dangle down your legs you stopped in track and took a look in the mirror.

The t shirt was long enough to make it seem like some kind of short dress, but still short enough to show a little bit of your bum and panties. You knew you had a pair of shorts in your bag that you wanted to use when you were going to sleep but somehow you felt comfortable with this. You wanted to show something of yourself but not in a rushing manor. This was a great start to it.

When you came out of the bathroom and turned the lights off, Luke was already under the covers in only his boxer and a remote in his hand. His shoulders looked much broader when he was shirtless and his eyes flicked shortly towards yours before they turned back to the TV. Though, his eyes flicked back to you and they somehow widened, but not in a shocked way.

”Hey.” He cooed quietly and leaned his head against his pillow, his hand coming up to run the fingers through his almost mat hair.

”Hey.” You copied the same tone of his voice and you walked slowly towards him and stopped when your knees touched his mattress. None of you spoke anything but Luke still looked up at you somehow in acceptance before his warm hand connected with your bare thigh. He rubbed it up and down slowly before he smiled softly up at you and you copied his smile before your eyes adverted towards the other side of the bed.

”I always sleep on the right side of the bed so…  Say hello to your new favourite spot in my king sized bed.” He removed the covers for you to join him in the other side and you grinned to yourself and kept the blush on your cheeks he had created from touching your thigh and you slowly slid down into the warm covers.

”What do you wanna watch?” He asked casually and opened the TV programs on the screen and you sighed while thinking and looked at the different channels. ”I don’t really know… You choose.” You responded with a shrug and cuddled into his chest, and you could feel him shake by your action. Even if you weren’t looking at him you could feel his smile grow on your face and you hid your own in his embrace.

Luke ran through some channels until he made a small cheer himself, stopped at one channel and you looked up at it shortly to see him stop at Cartoon Network.

”Really Luke? How old are you?” You asked in disbelief, but smiled endlessly when you saw courage the cowardly dog on the big screen.

”8 and a half, I believe.” He mumbled almost concentrated, his eyes fixed on the screen and his eyes widened when he noticed what kind of episode it was. ”I know that flower. This is the episode with that giant white head that has visited me in my nightmares throughout my whole time in kindergarten.”

”Oh god, you have been there too? My mom banned me from watching all kinds of shows on cartoon Network that involved creepiness like that because I would get so scared and hide in my closet for hours. My mom would always stand outside of it with a sword and pretend to protect me.” You explained and Luke laughed out loud by your story but his attitude changed dramatically when the face you had been talking about appeared on the screen.

”Jesus Christ, I’ve totally forgotten why I was so scared of this.” He commented instantly and ran a hand through his hair. ”You don’t say.” You mumbled into his chest and moved as close to him as possible. ”Are you scared, Y/N?”

”No, I’m just trying to avoid all those bad nightmares I’ve had. Besides, I don’t have my mom right now to protect me.” You said and ignored his teasing tone.

”Don’t worry.” He whispered into your hairline and planted a kiss. ”I’m always here to protect you no matter what.” You lifted your head up to look at him in the eyes and he grinned softly before he moved his lips down to yours, capturing them in a soft passionate goodnight kiss.

”We can’t switch channel though. Dextor’s laboratory is on within minutes.” He whispered and turned down the volume so it wasn’t much disturbing and you nodded your head in confirm but closed your eyes. It wasn’t your intension to sleep already you just needed to rest your eyes for a few seconds, taking in the long and amazing day you have had in a very long time.

You had no idea for how long you had been ’just resting your eyes’ but you knew it didn’t help at all to keep yourself awake when Luke had carefully ghosted his fingers over the skin on your back under the t shirt. It had resulted in you slumping in and out of sleep while he worked his fingers up and down the skin of your back, tracing random patterns and figures with his fingertips.

When you woke up again it was because of Luke’s moving body and you noticed how the TV was turned off, and he was reaching out to turn off the lamp that stood on his nightstand. He sighed softly when darkness appeared in his phone and he leaned back on the pillow and wrapped his arms tight around yours, kissing you one last time on the forehead and smiled all over his face.

”Goodnight my sweet Y/N.”