The following poem is a response to the very first writing prompt from Be About It Press! More fabulous responses to come until the next writing prompt on February 18th, 2016!

Luis Neer [b. 1998] is the author of This is a Room Where You Wait for New Language (Ghost City Press, 2015) and BECOME DEATH or Atomic Rain on the Shoulders of Atlas (Maudlin House, 2016). He lives in West Virginia. Find him on tumblr and twitter.

50 Shades of Bullshit

I am so incredibly tired of seeing people post about how important it is to boycott the movie 50 Shades of Grey! There have been a number of movies released this year that have touched upon sensitive and inappropriate situations and those same movies have either been glorified or ignored! JLo just stared in the movie The Boy Next Door- a movie about statutory rape! But it was okay because it was a younger hot male messing around with his older hot teacher? That doesn’t make sense to me - how no one seemed to think that glorifying rape was bad? Or how about other media outlets that glorify murder, prostitution, and rape! I don’t see people lining up to ban Grand Theft Auto - a game dedicated to crimes against women! I am not trying to say to stop seeing these movies or playing these games but talk about it! Watch the movies and play the games and when you’re done question yourself and others about why these things are bad and how you can avoid/stop them from happening to you! Yes I’m going to see 50 Shades of Grey and then I’m going to talk to my boyfriend about boundaries! S&M is okay but emotional and physical abuse that is unwanted is not.

This is dope. This goes out to my friends that push themselves. Get out of that comfort zone! Belief > Excitement > Action > Results. #BeAboutIt (at Los Angeles Convention Center)

Pulling my #happy I’ve been dreaming all night. Tossing and turning. My dreams SPOKE HUGE VOLUMES!!!! 180 …..#Beaboutit #mylifematters #justtoy #toyhigh #celebritynews #changeisgood #mpent #selfies #smiling #motivation #encourage #god #blessed #favor #thankful #trust #life #lifecoach #faith #belief watch how God will reveal & weeerrrrk! #transformation #instantfollowers #instagram #instafab #instacool

Beach Sloth’s Poem for the Holidaze Poem Swap


The time is 5:59 and at 6:05 the train will arrive 

Lots of people talked to me and my words went right through them 

I often wonder if people have jobs so they have an excuse not to be alone

At work today I did not eat a single piece of candy from a big box which arrived on Monday with gel packs from Amazon  

For a brief moment I realized that everything I knew about gel packs all that knowledge would never serve any useful purpose

I wonder how much of my life experience is of value and how much I’ve wasted though I try not to think about it too much