Tadokoro: Makishima was mumbling in his sleep at training camp.
Makishima: “T–The bear…”
Tadokoro: “Huh? Bear? You mean me?”
Makishima: “Be–Beaaaar… (as if in pain)”
Tadokoro: “Huh, bear?!”
It was confusing and woke me up, so I went to the bathroom and when I came back
Makishima: “I lost… (in a small voice)”
I burst out laughing next to him, but Makishima continued to sleep as if he were in pain…

Baby Adult || Finn & Thomas

“Tommy beaaaar!” Finn yelled as before collapsing on the couch. He wasn’t really tired because all he did was nothing—which were sleep or read or draw, but he felt tired doing nothing. And he missed his giant fiancee. Finn wanted those arms close. Always. He was being a big baby right now but he won’t care. He didn’t really know how to be a kid anyway, how safe it could be. “Tommyyyy.”

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baby phan idea: pooh bear plushie drabble!!!

yo if you missed the first one, read it here…but they can stand alone :)

also based off this drawing (mostly the bottom one)


“Come on Dan, say it. Bear. Bear. Say bear,” Phil instructed holding Dan’s teddy above his head just out of reach.

“Bah!” Dan squealed reaching up for it.

“No. Beaaaar. B. E. A. R,” Phil repeated.

It was Mrs. Lester’s turn to watch the kids this weekend and Phil was more than determined to get Dan to speak. He knew a few words like ‘mum’ and 'no’ but other than that, he wasn’t much to talk to. Since Phil’s name had proven to be too hard for the one year old, Phil decided to use Dan’s favorite toy as motivation–not to be mean or steal his things, just to get him to learn a new word.

“Bah,” Dan repeated, reaching his pudgy hands up towards Phil.

“Dan listen to me,” Phil groaned sitting down. “It’s bear. Bear. Say bear.”

Dan stared at Phil, his brown eyes wide and glistening. He blew spit bubbles that only turned to drool and fell on his onesie pajamas. Dan leaned forward and crawled up into Phil’s lap tugging on his hair as leverage to stand up making Phil scream.

“Ouch! Dan no! That hurts!” Phil yelled hopping up on his feet making Dan fall over backwards.

Dan lay on his back holding onto his feet as tears collected in his eyes. The sudden movement mixed with shouting scared him and it didn’t help that his best friend basically pushed him down. Dan started wailing, face red while tears rushed out of his eyes.

“No, shh, don’t cry!” Phil begged making Dan’s screams even louder. “Come here.”

Phil picked Dan up and climbed into his dad’s rocker, then started to rock with Dan in his arms.

“Everything alright in here, sweetie?” Mrs. Lester asked Phil after hearing Dan’s screaming.

“Yeah, Dan pulled my hair so I accidentally scared him. I got it though,” Phil replied. “Can you grab his bear over there?”

Dan’s cries turned into whimpers at the mere mention of his teddy and looked up at Phil, eyes still wide and eyelashes soaked with tears.

“Yeah. Bear? Your bear? Do you want your bear, Dan?” Phil asked in a high pitched voice meant to get Dan excited.

Mrs. Lester handed Phil the toy and walked back into the kitchen to finish up cleaning. Phil made the bear fly around a bit, forcing Dan to train his eyes on the toy, his cries long forgotten. Every once and a while, Phil would bring the bear down for a 'kiss’ making Dan smile his wide, one tooth smile.

“Bear! Say bear,” Phil begged still in his high pitched voice.

“Bah! Bah! Bah!” Dan squealed clapping his hands with each syllable. 

“Bear. It’s bear. Come on, Dan. You love this thing! At least say his name right,” Phil moaned handing over the bear.

“Fe!” Dan cooed hugging his bear tightly with one hand, the other clenched tightly around Phil’s first finger.

“You’re lucky you’re so cute,” Phil smiled kissing the top of Dan’s head.