All Golden Girls Episodes Ranked: 66 to 61!

Stay Golden has decided to rank all of The Golden Girls episodes from worst to best over the next 8 weeks.  Hope you’ll join us as we count down!

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The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons with a total of 180 episodes.  Like any show, some episodes are better than others.  Some moments are funnier.  While this ranking is not scientific by any means, it comes from life-long fandom and Golden expertise.

These rankings are based on several factors*:

  • enjoy-ability of the episode
  • how many men Blanche slept with that episode
  • the effectiveness of the jokes
  • number of cheesecakes eaten
  • the topics of the episode
  • Dorothy’s sarcasm
  • how ridiculous was the St. Olaf story

*some of these are not real factors


66.  A Visit from Little Sven (3.09)

Blanche is such a man-magnet that Rose’s engaged cousin Sven has fallen in love with her and willing to leave it all behind to be with Blanche.  Granted, she probably shouldn’t have used him to play that trick on her real boyfriend, causing Sven to fall in love, she should know her womanly powers by now, right?

Dorothy (looking at the cake Rose baked): WHOA OH!

Blanche:  Why Rose Nylund, Why that cake is in the shape of…

Dorothy:  Blanche, we know what it is.

Rose:  I thought it was in the shape of Florida.

65.  Before and After (2.15)

Rose says she died after having a throat spasm. She starts acting different after she in fact, lives.  This will not be the first time Rose has a near-death experience, as she will in season seven.

Blanche:  I am abhorred!

Sophia:  We know what you are, Blanche.  I am glad to hear you finally admitting it.

Blanche:  Sophia, I said abhorred!

64.  To Catch a Neighbor (2.24)

Two cops are using the girl’s house for a stakeout of some jewel thieves.  The women don’t normally have long-term male guests, let along strapping, hand-cuff carrying men.  Rose trying to follow the neighbor around the grocery store to track her every room. Dorothy falling in love with a cop, of course.

Special Guest alert ladies!: George Clooney!

63.  Adult Education (1.20)

Blanche has a major choice here:  fail her adult education class OR sleep with the teacher and pass.  She tries to go to the Dean of the school about it, but he doesn’t offer much help. Instead he asks her, why are you doing this to me!  Which, given the reality of sexual harassment issues, seems like a potentially spot-on, realistic answer someone would give.  Overall a fun episode and also amusing, that classroom she takes her class in seems to pretty much be every classroom setting ever for the rest of the series.

Fun fact!  This is the first episode where Rose mentions her hometown, St. Olaf!

62.  Three on a Couch (3.11)

Somewhere over the two and a quarter seasons the girls’ relationship started to disintegrate.  Which is a little difficult to believe considering how friendly and supportive and fine they seem every other episode – so clearly we are not seeing what is REALLY happening on that lanai.  The episode provides some flashbacks about times they did get along but the shrink believes at the end they should not live together?  No.

61.  Comedy of Errors (5.09)

This is a strange episode topic.  The death of a former classmate makes Dorothy decide to pursue her life-long dream of stand-up comedy.  Granted, Dorothy is funny (but she is also a written character), but not like, her dream.  Also amusing in this episode is Blanche being audited because she never declared income from the girls playing rent.  GOOD FOR HER, I say.  Sticking it to the man in a different kind of way.