bea why

So I finally got I new computer!! and obviously the first thing I had to draw with all the new brushes I could get was the love of my heart, Neil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This is from @nekojitachan‘s Heartlines since I’ve been wanting to draw him with his wolves for a while (it describes them essentially like maned wolves which is rlly clever cus they look like a cross between foxes and wolves but are actually their own species which rlly cool)

“Do you think we’d be friends if we weren’t like, stuck together in the same town?
Like we were stuck together in girlscouts?
Like… uh… is this just… what’s the word?”



“I don’t know.
I honestly don’t.
My entire life feels like running after something that keeps moving away into the distance,
while I stay in the same place.

And I guess proximity counts for a lot right now.”


@harpearl said: I need some more mae and bea hanging out in my life
@an-awesome-blog-because-why-not said: Can u first draw Bea?
@benijar said: If you do ships, can I ask for MaeBea?
@fuzzinator23 said: Does Mae see Bea more than a friend and does Bea know or is it a secret to Mae?

mae: we’re totally dating
bea: we are definitely not dating
mae: we’re dating in my head