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Best available friends

I’m in love with this game but yet haven’t even got the chance to play it gAAAAAHHH! Gregg and Angus coming soon! (maybe) I was trying to make Bea look Hispanic or Pilipino, and Mae looking half- asian (?), I failed anyways hahaah. 

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Cant sleep| M.E.M.E |Night in the woods by WindBird



Really enjoyed the mashup reprise of Happily Ever After and Wind in my Hair.

Ok, but Gregg is actually a squirrel, not a fox

*this is based around the idea that the “hole at the center of everything” and the “god” are representations of Mae’s dissociation and depression  / products of the hallucinogen, and that the cult is either derived from the tooth cult or branched off earlier during the mine conflicts as a separate entity*

 Evidence: So we learn when Mae goes to the library with Bea that the dreams she’s having are (most likely) caused by gas being released from the sink holes near her house (or her house is one of the old miner houses mentioned in the paper)

We now know the “dream world” is a figment of her subconscious, occupied by her stray thoughts about the events going on in her life (ex. the first dream where she has the bat she used to beat Andy Cullen with, along with the word “killer”- the nickname she was given after the event)

She’s currently unsure/ scared of being back in town and how her old friends will accept her, hence she dreams of each of them




Andy Cullen ( who she “broke” with her bat in the first dream) or the statue pointing at her in college :

Herself(more likely) or Casey:

That leaves us with only Gregg left, who, by process of elimination has to be the end figure in the astral coal dream. A figure the player can easily make out as a squirrel


Being a squirrel matches both his personality and behavior possibly even better than being a fox would

After all Fox= sly, CRIMES, 

while squirrel = hyper, excited easily, moves/ expresses themselves through movement, CRIMES

What do you guys think? 

Selmer’s Poems (Day 6)

“Wanna hear a poem?” “Sure!”

I love flannel shirts
So warm and soft it hurts.
I snuggle up so warm
I feel safe from any storm

The air is cold again
The spring has yet to mend
My lips are feeling parched
Winter’s back- in March.

I’m feeling very sleepy
Someone’s staring at me creepy
I’m oh so very tired
My neurons just won’t fire