do you ever just cry because john and sherlock can hold hands when they’re sleeping, eating breakfast, or doing work because john is left handed and sherlock is right 😩😩😩👬👬👬💖💖💖💖💖🌈🌈🌈🌈

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Since Rosie started walking, John and Sherlock have barely been able to keep track of her. Her first unaided steps were taken on a Thursday evening. Up until now they had tested her little legs out on the soft grass in Reagents Park, where she squealed to get after the ducks, and babbled at every stranger, winning their hearts over with a big smile. Her balance was already remarkable, wobbling only the slightest bit when he held her by her hips or little hands on the rug between their chairs (1)

They had just wrapped up a case that afternoon - a six, but it kept them occupied - so both John and Sherlock lavished their little girl with attention to make up for being gone. What better way than some time on the floor, encouraging her to walk in between peekaboo and tickle time and sorting blocks. 

John had just come from popping his phone on to charge in their room, and Sherlock sat by the sofa with Rosie between his legs. ‘Can you walk to Daddy?’ he asked, carefully letting go of her hips. Rosie squeaked 'Dada!’ and without preamble, toddled right over to him. Both were absolutely in awe, and John scooped her up just as she wobbled too much to the left, showering her with kisses and so much praise. Sherlock’s arms were around them before they knew it and he stroked her soft blonde curls. 'Absolutely astounding, young Watson,’ he praised, kissing her forehead before sharing an elated little kiss with John. Of course, a video of her stomping right into Sherlock’s waiting arms was circulated to friends and family, and extra measures to ensure her safety in the flat were implemented. 

She would appear by John’s side as he made tea in the kitchen, hugging his leg; pop up by Sherlock’s head as he lay thinking on the sofa to be lifted up to join him. And of course, she was well able to chase after butterflies, bees and those ducks in the park, Sherlock, John, and the stroller close behind in pursuit. Yes, she definitely loved her new found freedom, but would always return to both of her father’s embraces for a cuddle, kiss, and whispers of love.

have i told you lately that i love you???