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  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

wouldya look at that huh

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queen of angst do you have any angsty trimberly headcannons <3

oh god why do this to me right now but i have to answer it because I NEED the angst (as much as I love smut, angst is my REAL speciality and I crave that shit)

anyways this shit is long and i am in love with both my girls having sad backstories but plenty of character growth. so here we go! enjoy this shit show.


  • trini is adopted; her real mother was june’s sister, but she abandoned her with them, and this is why june has a disconnect with her because she never asked to take care of trini, and she can’t help but look at trini and feel anger that her sister would leave a child the way she does; she wants to get more involved in trini’s life and but she doesn’t know how to do it properly; she was “given” trini (aka found the baby on her doorstep) when she and her husband were young, so they didn’t know how to take care of her but they couldn’t bare to send her away so they took her in. june’s homophobia is out of a misguided sense of protection, because she doesn’t know how to accept trini or love her properly, and she still resents her sister for just up and leaving, and that resentment unfortunately gets pushed onto trini unintentionally.
  • trini finds out she’s adopted when she and june get into a yelling match, when trini is like, “you’re supposed to be my mother!” and june accidentally yelling back, “but i am not! i never asked to be, nor did i ever want to. it’s not my fault my own sister couldn’t take care of you.”
  • trini being shellshocked and june cupping a hand over her mouth, and that’s when trini realizes that it’s the truth, that she was lied to her entire life and it fucking breaks her so she runs; she’s shaking and numb but she doesn’t cry until she gets to the ship, and zordon is surprised to see her. she asks if she can stay there from now on, and he agrees instantly.
  • trini finally falling apart and sobbing and not being able to sleep because she’s so distraught over the fact that her entire life is a lie.
  • trini pushing everyone away, even kim (this is established trimberly).
  • trini no longer reacting to the people bullying her at school.
  • trini slipping on her grades.
  • trini skipping school.
  • trini just spending hours atop that cliff, staring into nothing.
  • trini not answer june’s phone calls.
  • when a group of leftover putties attack the town, trini almost makes the rangers lose their morphing ability. she gets hurt but doesn’t tell anyone about it but when they get back to the ship, kim sticks around and notices trini isn’t okay and goes to help but trini shoves her away.
  • zack becomes the only one trini trusts to let in, because she loves kim and is far more scared of hurting her, or getting hurt herself, to let her in.
  • zack patching her up and trini confessing what happened.
  • june calling kim for help and telling her everything; kim gets pissed af at june and gives her a piece of her mind, a really big piece tbh, and goes to trini to comfort her; trini trying to fight her off at first but kim telling that she knows and she’s not leaving, that she loves her and no matter what trini might feel about her worth, kim thinks trini is her world.
  • trini sobbing into both zack and kim’s arms as they hold her close; eventually billy and jason sense something and come to the ship and find them there in a cuddle puddle and join in to comfort trini best they can.
  • trini wanting to find her real mom, and the team being wary but supportive; they search her up, only to find out that trini’s real mom died ten years ago from cancer, and trini being numb.
  • billy suggesting they go to the place where she was buried, and at first the other rangers are worried it’s too forward for trini, but trini nods and says she would like that, but only if they all came with her.
  • the rangers meet trini’s real mom, trying to hold back tears as trini says some words (”I never knew you… why didn’t I ever know you?”) and then after they’re done, trini realizes june doesn’t even know about her sister.
  • trini returning home alone and june sobbing with relief and apologizing for everything she said because she does love trini but she just doesn’t know how to accept her and that she’s so sorry; she’d taken a vow to protect trini and love her after she was abandoned.
  • trini slowly breaking the news to june and june being in disbelief; trini apologizing and then after she says, “I could take you to see her, if you want?” and june nodding, teary-eyed and choked up.
  • trini and june visiting the tombstone and standing in silence, before june says her goodbyes and it’s sad and mournful because the last memory june had of her sister was resenting her, despite never knowing why she had left in the first place, and that failure to protect her sister hurts deep.
  • when they come home, trini asks june what her mother was like in childhood, what her name was, her favourite colour, her favourite food.
  • june telling her that trini was just as beautiful as her sister, and had the personality and kindness of her, too. she talks about the similarities between trini and her sister and it ends with them crying and bonding.
  • june apologizing for how she’s been acting about trini’s sexuality, and that she shouldn’t be judging her for how she acts when she’s made so many mistakes herself. trini says she still doesn’t know how to deal with the lie but says that she’s not ready to give up just yet.
  • trini and her family going to therapy to sort out their issues; june meeting kim and thanking her for protecting trini at school and from herself when she was being so damned stupid, and for loving trini as much as she kim does; trini silently crying as she watches june and kim interact kindly.
  • it takes several months until trini calls june “mama” again. when she does, it’s spontaneous but it makes trini and june cry because they’re finally healing after all these months of heartbreak and pain.
  • june being a proud parent when she finally sees just how amazing trini is with the twins and her friends, and how she’d been blinded by her own inner hatred and grief of losing her sister to see how good trini is.


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i don’t know about the rest of the world, but it’s starting to get fairly summer where I am (yes there is a point where it kind of stops in California).
yes I have been good and was swtor-arting
and for some reason this was like the peak of it.

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Just a little bit of advice for the transparent things (in case you want to do more) just always make sure you go around the outline at lease a few times :) when I was first doing those I would always miss a few spots. So just take your time and go around the outline a few times and yea :D I like it a lot tho :)

Thank you for the advice!!!! It is just something I wanted to try. I will do that next time 🙂👍🏽

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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

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i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22