Remember the time when Dojo doubted his ability to breathe fire?

Do you also remember the time when he bravely blasted fire at Chase Young to protect his kids?
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some very specific tips for public speaking

ok so!! obviously as a group, we, proud tumblr bloggers, arent exactly a+ with public speeches. its ok though, bc mostly its just a matter of time, dedication, and practice.

however, these tips are gonna be very specific because i had exactly one exact specific problem since i started to read texts aloud in public, so i guess for about 7 years?? college and uni stuff, ok, we had to read. i did my qualification presentation by reading my speech out. im ok with crowds, and its ok when i improvise, but oh my god, reading texts. just shoot me. anyway, it all sucked and i found a solution like a couple of months ago, and i really really want to share it as soon as i can. 

the thing is, i read really fast. like, really Really fast, and im constantly getting ahead of myself right as i speak, like, i see next sentence and i process it right as i read the previous one, and i already kinda wanna start saying the next, and it all crumbles in one, and its a mess, and it can only be visualized as a train running into a giant stone wall full speed. fear not, theres a cure for that.

so, what u do is:

a) get ur speech and make it into 2 columns
b) make each line short, like, about 10 syllables max

this is what my qualification speech looked like, for example

u see? u visually divide ur sentences into shorter parts and it gets harder to run ahead of urself. nice.

c) print it out, etc
d) get a piece of paper and cover ur text except for the line that ur curently reading. its really hard to crumble a short line, and u cant see the next yet, so its like 100000% easier already
e) as u near the end of ur line, shift the paper lower to reveal the next one, and so on. real simple. u can do ut
f) go ahead and practice on that speech for like 40 times a day

u can do it ok its not as hard as it looks i beliebe in u i hope it helped ok

dishamerkle asked:

Can you describe Pi's character?

Pi is a mellow, deadpan and laid-back kind of demon, even lazy if given the opportunity.

hmmm I just spent a while trying to describe Pi in a neat sentence (I’m not well at writing, that didn’t work out too well)

so i’m just going to drabble about what so far I’ve thought up for Pi under ‘read more’

read if you’re curious

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