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Hey, witchy, yo know no one is forcing you to do or say anything, but maybe talking it out may help. I know from experience bottling things in doesn't help anyone. Yo know we all love you and totaly respect your boundaries, and if you want to be mad at us for making you talk about soal, thats ok. Just know that we all care for you and only want to make you happy. Please, don't shut everyone out, at least tell one person, you will feel so much better. Love you, and hope you can feel happier soon.


Little Battleborn Things #605

In reference to this post:

Like does Reyna have a tiny plastic chair in a corner somewhere???

Imagine Orendi just with all four arms crossed just stomping and pouting over to her little orange Time Out chair. Goshhhhh.

*another hilarious submission from the spooky man-eating mermaid Battleborn moemothefoxkit. 

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I'm still not over the fact that Kaoru wasn't even mentioned. I really tought abt the possibility since Syo did a lot of phisical ativities but T-T aside from that i want more of heavens backstory too! I hope after the duets episodes +

I am still salty about that as well tbh. I thought that when they were fighting and Syo was about to give up, he’d listen to a random scream from the audience, and Kaoru would be there cheering for him. He’d have that as strength, and would explain to Yamato that he has always felt this inferiority complex, and his bro was part of it, bc even as twins Syo’s health has always been weaker and he’s shorter than his brother, even though Kaoru is younger (by seconds, but it counts for them lol). Then maybe he’d talk about how Ryuuya gave him strength when he was a kid.

Yamato then could see that he doesn’t need to fight and win over his brother, and surpass him in a certain thing. He wants to be his own person? Then be his own person! To me, it felt like he was revolving around his brother, even when he didn’t want to be recognized only as Ryuuya’s younger brother. I did like the idol motivational speech, because it really sounded like what Ryuuya said to Ren in S1 and to QN in this season’s 2nd ep. He doesn’t listen to his brother, but I feel that Syo could reach him. STILL they could’ve put Kaoru there just as fanservice or cameo idc they’ve been fooling us for YEARS.

*caham* anyways, about Yamato x Ryuuya, I really do believe that this, as well as Eiji’s feelings of being in the family he is in (what is this kid even? Probably an angel), and all of the details on HEAVENS will be revealed later on the games. These eps w/ STARISH are meant to make they seem more approachable to the audience that once hated them - and it’s mostly working. Eiji surely did a very good job, the whole fandom adopted the kid //Yamato gained some haters with that punch though;;

Haruka really shouldn’t be the focus here. She’s working with both parts of the units in the process of making the song, and to me, forcing her on HEAVENS right now would be bad - we don’t even know them. It’s better for their rivals (the ones people are so eager to protect from them) to try and get closer to them, so the viewers can slowly do it too. Even for QN, we had to wait (during S2 and Debut), so I don’t mind waiting for Heavens as well. I’d love to play some angsty routes, I want people placing bets on who’s gonna be the angsty one T.T


“So how was your first day of school?” I ask trying, while slowly inching closer to her. 

“It actually wasnt too bad, it’s a lot harder then high school.” Her face lights up as she tells me about her classes. 

It’s so simple but this is what I’ve missed most about her, she’s just so happy and easy going, no shit I could listen to her talk about something she is passionate about all day long.

I end up sliding close enough I get a whiff of her scent, she still smells like something citrusy, I used to love how after we’d hang out II’d go home and still smell like that. 

“Whoa.” her hands come up and push me away,”You’re a little close there.”  

I bit my lip to stop the smile from breaking out on my lips, she’s just so cute. 

“Can I ask you something.” 


“Does your girlfriend know you’re here.” 

My eyes fall to my lap, of course she’d bring up Soleil. Instead of speaking I shake my head no. 

“She’d lose her shit you know?” 

“Yeah I know.” 

“Then why bother Bentley. You had a choice, you chose her.” 

“What if I chose wrong.” I ask finally raising my eyes to meet her’s.”What if I made the biggest mistake letting you go.” 

She exhales, her breath fans across my face, sweet and warm just like her. Her eyes well up with unshed tears and I fucking hate myself for making her cry. 

“Em I’m sorry.” I try to reach for her hand but she pulls it away before I can get a grip on it. 

Then she’s standing up, her arms cross her chest again, closed off and defensive,”I think you should go know.” 


I don’t know how to fix this, I wish I did because I would do whatever it takes, I want to demand for her to tell me, I want to beg for her to give me another chance. but I Don’t, I silently follow her to the front of her house. 

Here’s some Omar and Amber mixed in with all the chaos! Check with @xemopeachx in the evening for Episode 10!


“Omar! Can you hand me a towel!” Amber shouts from the shower. No answer. “Great,” she mumbles to herself, “the idiot probably went out.” After about two weeks of doing nothing but sleeping at his house she was getting antsy. But things were complicated and she could accept that.

She stepped out of the shower, hurrying out into the hallway naked to grab a towel from the closet. Right. No towels because she hadn’t bothered with laundry and Omar had been too busy with Heeley stuff. She groaned, moving towards the guest room unabashedly naked.

“Oye Amber, not to make it out like you’re my mother or anything, pero do I have a clean shirt some…where…” He’d come out of his bedroom intent on finding a fresh t shirt, and instead he found a naked Amber. “Cono, I’m glad you’re not my mother,” he mused with a grin as he gave her a once over.

“I know, I know, I didn’t do laundry.” She sighs. “I forgot and so now I’m naked. I’ll get a load done this afternoon,” she rolled her eyes moving past him and into his bedroom. “I’m borrowing something from you, all my clothing is dirty.”

“Good luck finding something clean,” he said, leaning up against his door frame and crossing his arms in front of his bare chest. “We could just do a…load right now. I’ll help,” he added, raising his brows at her.

She looked at the clock and made a face, “yeah we got time,” moving to grab his dirty laundry.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, watching her as she bent down and smirking a little, tilting his head to get a better angle. “Not bad,” he mused.

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