me texting my gf after dr3 hope MY BABIES

my gf I literally have not seen this thing

me but louder MY BABIES ARE ALIVE

my gf It is 1 in the morning and we have a 9am class together. Why.


So, I have excellent friends.

Because life has been nuts and life has been overwhelming and life has been stressful lately, and I woke up this morning to this picture and a text from @ultramidge - she’d commissioned @bloomingcnidarians to draw Krem and Kylie for me.

I may have screamed. And I may have left fifteen minutes late because I was too busy staring at their faces to realize I should be getting out of bed and ready for work. (hint: I definitely did both those things, and I am not ashamed or upset about either)

Everything about this is perfect: their faces, the feathers, how freaking short Kylie is, all of it. I’m done with work for the day and am just gonna sit here and stare at this some more with an even goofier grin than before.

This was immensely kind of you, Midge, thank you; and Blooming, I love this to bits. ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve forgotten more then I can remember. I do remember working as a kid in a factory in Brooklyn where I was paid to stamp the smallest of holes into candelabras by kicking a foot pedal, bringing down this heavy metal dye. Holding the piece with both my hands, I’d have to slowly, carefully, spin it; eyeballing the increments. All made of silver, that, by the end of a day, I’d have a small bowl filled with scraps. The factory was always so dark and damp, but those scraps, they would glisten.

Help a poor student get by

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I am happy to draw you a little doodle or sketch in exchange as long as you don’t mind them being done with traditional media. (As a courtesy I would please ask for proof of your donation in the form of a screen shot of your donation receipt. Also, if you desire a complex sketch of an OC, references would be great~) 

Finally, any and all signal boosts are gratefully appreciated!!! 

Thanks for your time, 

- Cam


After driving around for a few hours I slowly made my way home.  I should have gone anywhere but here, I should have chased down Em and demanded she spend the night with me. But this is my bed, I made it and I’m gonna have to continue to lay in it. 

It was obvious Soleil was crying, her eyes were red and her make up was smudged. Her tears were so different from Em’s. When Em cried every tear was like knife swiping at my heart, they cut. Soleil’s tears always feel like manipulation. 

“Where have you been.” She screams as  I walk through the door. 

“Over dramatic much.” I mutter, mostly to myself.  I want to walk up the stairs and go to bed but I sit beside her on the couch.

“Are you kidding me Bentley,” she points her finger hoping to get her point across,”I want to know where the hell you were.” 

“Stop fucking yelling.” I raise my voice so she’ll know to stop pushing my buttons,she covers hear face continuing to shed her crocodile tears. 

”I had too much to drink so I had to sleep in my truck.” The lie rolls of my tongue easy enough but she’s not buying it. 

“You’re lying.” She snaps before getting up and storming away.  

hey im still having trouble getting a “proper” job, and while i’m planning on doing some paid work for my mom’s boyfriend, i still need more money to pay for things i need (like a new computer so i can sell art, a car, clothes, food, etc.)

anyways, if anyone happens to be in the denver, colorado area and needs a petsitter, dogwalker, anything of that sort, please feel free to send me a message and ask for my email. i have a lot of experience with animals, including elderly and disabled animals. i have a fairly flexible schedule, and i’m available most afternoons and evenings. if you need someone to stay overnight, i can do that too.

Here’s episode 12 my loves! Thank you for being so patient and wonderful with @xemopeachx and I while we’re both kinda in our own little funk. We love you guys so much! Check with @xemopeachx in the afternoon for episode 13!


When you reached the restaurant, Omar pulled up behind you and Nevada moved the kickstand down. You both went inside, him pulling you by the hand as he deposited his helmet, and you yours, in his office before going into the back room.

“Oye, qué hacen ustedes?” he asked.

“Reworking the footage,” Sawyer says with a frown. “Although I’d like to remind you, I do not work for you. Dama employs me.” She smiled warmly at you. You smiled back.

“Give it a few years, I’ll have my own crew that’ll kick your crews ass,” you tease him softly.

“Oye, déjate de esa mierda, los dos. Y tu, si no vas a trabajar aquí, entonces dale pal center.” He looked over at you waiting a moment before he added, “Bueno y que?! Necesita algo?! Quieres un cortadito?!” he asked sarcastically. Nevada seemed to forget English when he was especially angry or frustrated. It didn’t always happen, but when it did it seemed his impatience and sarcasm was ten fold his usual.

“Calmate papi,” you coo softly and kiss his face, rubbing his back soothingly. “Mi amor, calmate.”

“Sawyer can you locate Reina?”

“With ease,” she smiles and it only takes her about two minutes before she’s found it.

“At your old school Dama, probably recruiting kids. Do you want me to hack into the cameras there?”

“No,” you say softly. “No I’m going to visit her myself.”

“A visitarla? Y que? Van hablar, de que? A ella no le importa lo que tu le quieres decir,” Nevada added. “She doesn’t give two fucks what you have to say, Mami.”

Oh good, at least he’s clammed down a little, you thought to yourself.

“You let me worry about that, okay?” You whisper and kiss his nose. “You just go back to work. I’m gonna take Omar. Then I’ll head home when I’m done and make dinner?”

He blinked at you, brows furrowed. Oye ahora si que se siente que your roles have reversed. Ella vas to take care of business, y tu aqui haciendo el bobo.

“I’ll go with you,” he said, shaking head.

“You don’t have to babe, I can take care of this.” You smile at him, fingers tangling in his hair as you kiss his jaw.

Y asi mismo, ahora tu eres la mujer.

He almost said something else, opening his mouth, but stopped himself when he saw Sawyer smirking.

“Oye, Sawyer, I wasn’t kidding. If you’re not gonna be here to work, go to the center. Chibby, my office por favor,” he said, not waiting for an answer as he walked out, and went into his office.

“Ignore him, he’s an idiot,” you smile at Sawyer. “Take the day off and get some rest. Let him calm down from his hissy fit.”

Sawyer nods and heads out. You follow into the office, curious what he had to say. Chibby looked back as you closed the door behind you, and turned his gaze back to Nevada, who was sitting behind his desk. He arched a brow at you. Oye, no fucking way. Dile que se menea para aya!

“Don’t you have una puta to talk to, Mami?” he asked.

“Meow. Retract your claws,” you smirk and look him over. What was his issue? “I thought we were going together. I was gonna wait. I figure I’m gonna stop by her house later and talk to her brother at the same time.”

He tilted his head in slight amusement. “Bueno, we’re doing business in here,” he replied softly, pointing to himself and Chibby.

“And your wife wouldn’t be privy to that information?” You quirk an eyebrow and take a seat, making it clear you have no intention of leaving. He needed to stop babying you.

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