#294 Kindergarten teachers (Dan only)

(Honestly I don’t like this one. My heart just wasn’t in it, but I still did my best! Hope you enjoy!)

You adored your job at your local elementary/middle school. You loved teaching the kindergarteners and you had made some close friends with the staff. One staff member, however, stuck out to you more than the rest.

It was your fellow kindergarten teacher, Dan Howell. He was the one that was nice to you on your first day, the one that helped you with everything.

You thought you were doing a good job at hiding your feelings for him. Key word being thought.

“Miss y/n?” One of your students, Katie, asked during play time.

You squatted down to her level. “Yeah sweetie?”

“Why do you keep looking through the door to mister dan’s class?” She asked innocently.

Your eyes shot straight past the child as a blush crept onto your face. “I-I’m not staring at mister Dan, silly!”

“Yes-huh!” Katie retorted. “He’s icky, he has cooties.” Her face twisted up.

When it was time for lunch, you stood behind all the kids as they filed out to the school yard. You didn’t notice Katie slip away to mr. Dan’s class line. (Something, in all honesty, you should’ve gotten in a lot of trouble for.)

You sat down outside at the teacher’s table. Dan sat next to you, a very evident smirk on his face.

“What’s got you so happy?” You asked as you started eating your sandwich.

“A certain little Katie told me that you’ve been staring at my class through the glass doors?” He said, just loud enough that only you could hear.

You tried to pretend you weren’t blushing again. “Kids say the funniest things.”

His voice was barely a whisper. “I like you too. Wanna go to dinner this weekend?”

Many lunch tables away, two eight graders were watching you and dan’s interaction. “What do you think he’s whispering in her ear?” One said.

“Hey baby, come over to my place after school. We can get some work done, if you know what I’m sayin’,” the other joked.

Queen of Hearts

Chapter: 17

Rated: PG-13

Theme: Fantasy/Romance

Pairing: BTSxYou

Summary: I have a secret, and nobody knows about it except my parents and a priest. If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. After an incident that happened in middle school, I hate boys, more like distrust them. But what’s up with these seven boys? Why are they unaffected? Or have they been under the spell all along? Again, if I tell you my secret you wouldn’t believe me. Even I still can’t believe it. Don’t look into my eyes, or you’ll regret it.

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Part three of frat boy Harry.... I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

with a broken heart…that’s still beating…..*flashbacks to middle school*

i miss lifehouse.

but i miss harry more :(

In all seriousness I’m glad it hit you some type of way love!!  Hang on to these recent pics of dunkirk harry in the meantime AND THE ONE OF HIS RINGS WHERE HE LOOKS LIKE BADASS BIKER. 

Or perhaps don’t because they are seriously clouding my mind at all hours…