Dead inside, dead inside
Dead inside, dead inside
Nameless now, shameless now
Nothing now, no one now

Shit adds up, shit adds up
Shit adds up, as you see me
Naked now, fearless now
Naked now, fearless now

Shit adds… shit adds…
Shit adds… shit adds up it leaves me
Dead inside, dead inside
Dead inside, dead inside

Hatred keeps me alive
Hungriness keeps me alive
Weakness keeps me alive
Guilt keeps me alive at the bottom

i was tagged by @blackroseassasin !!! TvT)) (shadyyyyyy  ♡ ♡ ♡ !!)

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relationship status: flaming platonic relationships with all my precious friends asdfgh (also bob the minion is my husband too)
favorite colours: burgundy red!! i love all shades of red, and all colors in general but this is my fave, i am also a suck for teal
pets: none (but someday i will get myself a pug!! or a shibae)
last song I listened to: elastic heart by sia (she’s so great, i love her, this song and the music video)
first fandom: TOUHOU (all these pretty girls make my heart clench TvT))
hobbies: apparently drawing, singing, playing the ukulele and talking.. and spamming all variations of lenny faces ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)
favorite book: ufff i am not a big reader
worst thing I’ve eaten: N A T T O
favorite place: comfort zone lolol

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(I HOPE YOU DONT MIND ME TAGGING YOU, ILY and you dont need to do it if you feel uncomftable!! UvU))