Here’s a quick rundown of everything Namjoon is doing in these English language interviews:

  1. Translating the questions for the whole band 
  2. Translating the members answers back 
  3. Making sure that questions are sufficiently answered (often going above and beyond by replying with complex concepts)
  4. Monitoring if a question should be answered by the whole group, directed to a certain member, or answered by himself 
  5. Making sure to get as many members as possible speak up throughout the interview
  6. Pushing members to speak in English if he knows they can do it
  7. Doing all of this live so it is in real time, no hesitation
  8. Doing all this alone

So please don’t forget that not only the band but the fandom owes a lot of gratitude for the attention and dedication he has given to international fans for years :)

Your ambition every time you make an episode is for it to be the best episode you’ve ever made but the reality of the situation is we’re writing the script every ten days. We began to realize every episode is not gonna be a home run and we started looking at the seasons as a whole as opposed to an episode by episode analysis. At the end of the day, the legacy of the show is going to be - there are six seasons up on a shelf and you can watch them one after the other so the bad episodes are going to come out in the wash and the good episodes are also gonna come out in the wash. All that’s gonna matter is what are the peaks and valleys of the storytelling as a whole.
—  Damon Lindelof, Lost Co-Showrunner
There’s a very small portion of the audience that thinks they know how the soup is made and gives you advice on how much salt to put in. And I think they should be ignored. Not that they’re stupid or anything. (whispers) …some of them are stupid. Some of them are very, very smart. But they should be ignored, because they’re not your audience.
—  Hart Hanson, Bones showrunner