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Toriel, is it better for a ruler to be feared or loved?

Toriel: “Being completely loved can make you a king that’s too confident, irresponsible and lazy just because you think that, no matter what you do, you will still be loved and accepted, even if you don’t do what’s best for your country. But being completely feared is also bad; fear leads to mistrust, hate and disobedience, and that cannot end well. What I personally think it’s better is… respect. You earn respect, and your people can love you and fear you at the same time. If your people respect you, that means you are doing a good job, despite other feelings they might have for you.”

Toriel: “And that’s why my Gorey is the best!”

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Do you have any blog recs for more dark side positive metas?


@firstorderforceuser is my favorite for musings on various Sith and SW villain things

@freysdottir explores the pagan themes of Sithdom and the Dark Side

@and-then-bam-cassiopeia, @seankayos, and @leicsfox all do REALLY in-depth discussion of in-world politics from what I would call pragmatically balanced vantage points.

I’ve also read good DSP by @ashesforfoxes  @starwars-hell @oldadastra and @emperorpalpantene

@tarkinducken writes a bit of kyluxy meta sometimes.  @bestkylorenposts is a good kylo blog.

If anyone else runs / knows good blogs featuring in-depth SW meta with notes of…let’s say, whimsical, subversive, or relativistic impartiality…please add to this list!!! 

Cassiopeia, Lux, Zyra and Brand
  • Cassiopeia, Lux, Zyra and Brand
  • The Week League Stood Still

“ Please.. wake us up inside…We can’t wake up… Save us… from our sheer boredom and everything. Lux is scary… and rocking back and forth… AND OH MY GOD @ask-zyra-thecuriousflower STOP TRYING TO KILL BRAND! SAVE IT FOR THE MAGE UPDATE! SAVE IT FOR THE UPDATE!”

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Do you ever think about how one day Adam will irl be that handsome man leaning against a german car in a wool coat looking at that old creased photo he cut out in high school? Because I do

this honestly just brought me to tears……..swear to god as long as i live i will never be as proud of another fictional character as i am of adam parrish

“I’m a fashion associate. I come from a family of doctors and lawyers, so I do feel frivolous at times. Fashion is a luxury. I know that everyone gets dressed in the morning, so clothing is a necessity, but a dress like this is not even for the one percent—it’s for the .001 percent. But there’s something magical about that. When I was a little girl, I put pictures of these dresses on my bedroom wall. It’s what I aspired to. And this dress was somebody’s dream and vision. Fifty artisans spent thousands of hours making this. That doesn’t seem frivolous to me. That seems like servitude and artistry. It’s people doing what they love.”

Photographed by Brandon Stanton at the 2016 Met Gala

Idk if someone already answered this for you, @doyouevenbts​ but I’m going to introduce them to you the best way I know how:

Okays from oldest to youngest:

This is gummy bear leader Yongguk.

He seems shy and sweet but is not afraid to turn into this

Then there’s forever fabulous Himchan.

Seriously no camera can capture this man’s entire beautiful self.

Then there’s this adorable cutie Daehyun

He’s sweetheart with the voice of an angel… . a sexy angel lol

Next up is the beautiful and sassy Youngjae.

He is turned up 70% of the time and a savage the other 30%.

Then there’s the 4D Moon angel Jongup

He’s made up of Nesquick, Shake Shack, hamburgers and is a total BEAST.  

Also his moves are sick!

And last but not least is the giant baby Zelo (Junhong).

One minute he’s a pure and sweet child 

And then he goes into sexy water noodle mode

Cr. gifs and pics to original owners.

So basically they’re a group of adorable dorks who you grow to love with all your heart. Lol, sorry to make this such a long response!! But I felt like you should get the full force of them in the intro… . it’s still not enough tho lol. right @baematoki and @mustlovechu

you know what’s hilarious in the few hours or so after that jeongcheol pic was posted on seventeen’s twitter? kcarats including jihan/hongyoon fansite masternims suddenly flooded jihan pics on twitter and @-ed pledis_17 😂😂 

it was like in that moment an earthquake shook twitter and a mutual understanding between kcarat jihan stans and pledis severely broke… 😂

Putting fatphobic trash in my inbox:

The Fastest Way To Get Me To Block You: A novel by me

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my abuser's name is super common and tho seeing it makes me feel kinda sick i fucking deal with it because it's no one's problem but my own. i even watch 3 youtubers who share his name and still love their stuff, because people are more than the names attached to them. eventually i'll probably just lose the negativity associated altogether by just not acknowledging it as something negative. actively reminding yourself of the negative context just makes the trauma worse, why do it in a byf???

Exactly! I hope you are able to replace that name to better memories in the future :>