Hey wow I just realized that this blog is 1 year old now!!! (1 year + some days bc I can’t remember the exact date)

I appreciate u all so much regardless of whether you started following me when I posted my first comic last year or you just found my blog two hours ago. Ily 💘

(you are all so cute and sweet and funny. My absolute favorite thing still is to read all the tags, I mean ALL the tags you write on my stuff. Yes I have seen it all)

I really wanna do a special anniversary thing of some sort? but i don’t know what to do yet

Sup, so, I’m moving

And by Moving I mean, moving out for the first time and driving all the way across the country hoo buddy! It’s happening on Friday. Finally.

I wanted to get a bunch of buffer pages for BACKLASH done as well as my current commission queue before the trip to my new place, but it looks like neither of those things will be happening <:Tc I feel super bad about it!!! This post is mostly to let my commissioners know that I am very sorry for the delay with your pieces!! I promise I have not forgotten them and that they will get done as soon as I possibly can!! ;~; thank you for being patient with me, I’m really sorry!

Same for any kind of communication with me, I’ll try and promptly answer emails as I can, but if you don’t hear back from me for a few days I’m probably without internet or afk or something ;o;

I don’t know how much art I’ll be able to get done in general during the move and while we’re settling into our place. I’m spending this week with friends and family, as well as just getting ready for the drive itself (friggin… 30 hours… rip…) So if I’m not very active here, that’s why! I’m more talkative on my Twitter if you wanna hear my nonsense. 

Again, sorry for not being able to get everything done more quickly, I don’t want to rush anything and give you guys bad art just for the sake of having it done. I want you to get your money’s worth!! ;~;


Pre-Winter Soldier/ 1940′s Bucky x Reader

PROMPT: He pulled against the ropes with all his might, but they wouldn’t give. “Don’t bother,” a voice said. He looked up to discover a thin girl bound with the same rope. Although it was dark, he could see her bruised eyes and bloody wrists. “I already tried”

WARNINGS: cursing, mention of injuries, Cursing in German


Part 2 of my 1940′s BuckyxReader drabble series is here! Thanks for being patient, let me know if you want to be tagged!

It had been roughly 5 days that she had been stuck in that cell. She could tell by how many times guards had come in to give her a meager meal of bread and brown water. Staring at nothing but the crack of light coming from under the door and the harsh voices of the guards outside. Nothing had changed, except for the occasional sting in her wrists as wounds reopened when she tried to release herself from her restraints. Nothing worked. Nobody listened to her cries and screams, nor did they care. She was trapped and knew she would never see the light of day again.  That was until the glint of a smirk and the sound of someone else breathing woke her from her trance. The sound of struggling and soft curses under a man’s breath that she knew she wasn’t dreaming. Her voice was harsh, her first words sounding like gravel going through a grinder, and the look on his face when he realized there was another person in the cell with him.

              “How long have you been here?”

               “Five, maybe 6 days? I’m not sure anymore.” You coughed. He sat silently as he processed your words. “There’s not much to think about when it comes to the time I’ve spent in this shit hole, soldier.” You scoff, causing you to wince at the pain in your ribs.

               “How do you know I’m a soldier?” He asks, his shoulders somehow becoming stiffer. I try to laugh, but all that comes out is another cough, this time leaving a taste of iron in my mouth.

               “All of us are. I know there’s other men out there, my men and yours alike that are most likely in worst shape than we are. We’re in charge, so they want us alive for information. Our men on the other hand, they’re Hydra’s play things.”

               “What the hell is Hydra? How do you have men? You’re a woman for God’s sake!” He yells, his frustration obvious as he tries to break free from his ropes once more.

               “Knock it off!” I snap, my eyes darting to the door to make sure it wasn’t about to open. It stayed closed as the man took a deep breath and stopped struggling. “Hydra is the mastermind behind all of Nazi Germany, more specifically the science division. Top secret facilities all over Europe, only top officers on both Ally and Axis sides know about it. Now, keep your sexist comments to yourself unless you want our dear friends to come back in and beat us both. We’ll figure something out as long as-“The door clanks loudly against the wall as its thrown open, the Brute walking in, his machete at his side.

               “Guten Tag Arschloch.” I grumble, earning a kick from said asshole, causing my teeth to grind to hold back the yelp of pain

               “Butch! Long time no see! Are you going to fill me in on what she said? I’d love a good German lesson to fill in the time.” The man cracks a smile at the Brute, or as he called him ‘Butch’, causing him to growl and grab him by the collar of his shirt.

               “You lucky I’m not here for you, you Muschi.” He spits in the soldier’s face before turning back towards me and pulling out a key.

               “A gift, for me? You shouldn’t have, Arschloch!”

I yelp as he yanks me up, my body screaming in pain at the new position. As I’m shoved out into the hallway I catch a final glimpse at the mysterious man before the door is slammed shut behind us. 

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JEes: Jessss - s’been really loving getting to know you so far <3


2. But like your face is sculpted by the gods i swear


4. Super geniunely lovely PATIENT( I SWEAR IMA TRY TO DO THE THING TONIGHT) warm person 

5. One of those people you just feel good talking to. Maybe cuz we’re name twins, maybe cuz we’re both the ‘mom’ friend but just i dunno, we in sync.

@a0iue @somehowgreat @mrssfit & to all anons! i now have the printables for september! & monday versions of the october calendar


im sorry for the delay i am truly truly sorry
  • @//a0iue: thank you for checking #mycal tag! it is up now please check the link above!
  • for anon #1: november + december calendars will be released together by october & for october printable post there will be a blank calendar printable if you want to plan ahead
  • thank you so so much for being patient with me youre all blessings!
A word on update delays & my busy schedule...

After receiving several comments and messages about the same topic, I will address this one more time.

PLEASE BE PATIENT when waiting on fic updates from me. I realize that when I was writing ADS, I updated biweekly. However, as I’ve repeated, publicly said, that just isn’t a realistic timeframe for me anymore. I have a life outside of my writing. I’m writing for Patreon now as well, I have a family and a child, my health is chronically poor and I have things I have to do every day that don’t involve writing.

I’ve tried to be honest and upfront about these things with everyone, and I’ve started posting my writing plans and schedule so you guys know what to expect from me. There’s really nothing else I can do to keep people in the loop. I have a very full plate right now, with multiple ongoing projects, so don’t expect updates to ongoing fics more often than once a month at most. Im sorry for that long time frame, but it’s just what I’ve found I’m able to actually commit to, and even that has been a hard task for me.

Please just be patient with me. Writing fan fiction can be a thankless task sometimes, but thankfully I have some really amazing readers and supporters. I am doing my best when it comes to catering to everyone and making sure I’ve got new stuff for you guys to read in a regularly and timely manner. Just understand that things happen sometimes, and it can be really discouraging and hurtful to be repeatedly asked why updates are taking so long when I am literally spending all of my free time working on them.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and understanding. I love you guys a lot.

Now that I finally have a free moment just want to thank say thank you to everyone in this lovely fam that voted for me I truly do appreciate it happy we can do things like this to get everyone involved and spread a little joy. Special thanks to @valdayaawards ( @sabxxrina ) for being patient with me and allowing me to take part, but enough of my rambling thank you lovelies again and never change , love y'all 😘😘❤️

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Also the way u draw Canada so buff & tuff honestly gives me a will to live ur a tru hero


I’m all good for the cute, shy lil babyfaced boi, but… honestly…. in my mind, I’ve basically just combined Canada with Sam Winchester and… now……. he is so precious to me i,,, TALL. LEAN MUSCLE. PATIENT AND KIND BUT WILL SASS UR ASS OUTTA TOWN. THE BEST AROUND. 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀

Dear Celtic,

I really
These times with you were
I just wanted to say

I am not very good with words… and I still need to learn a lot about the world outside the woods. You laugh a lot when I do or say something and are always so patient with explaining. That makes me very happy… I like being with you, here, a lot. I like

At first I thought you were a little bit strange. Everyone outside of the woods is a little bit strange! But you are… good strange. You are teaching me a lot and I am very thankful for everything you did for me and for all your help. I like how you laugh… and how you always see the good in everyone. Even in me. The time here with you was very very nice.

I am sorry for not saying goodbye to you properly. But I think if I had to see you while saying it, I could never leave. Navi says it’s because I’m sentee send sentimental. But I am really very grateful for all your help, for your care and for your kindness. It will be strange not having you with me when I wake up tomorrow. But I am also glad that you will not be here. It is dangerous… and I don’t want you to be in danger. That is why I had to leave.

But I will come back! I promise you. I will end Ganondorf’s rule and then come back to you. Because I like you. I like like you. That is why I will save you and everyone else in Hyrule. And when I come back, I will make up for leaving suddenly. And I will tell you properly that I like that I love you.

I will definitely come back. So please wait for me. And don’t be sad… it will all end well.


Hi Everyone…I`m working on part five but it will be a few more days.  Sorry, I`m new to fan fiction so it takes me a lot longer to write.  This will only be my third story.  Plus, I`m a Mom with a full time job working on a project right now so my writing time is very limited.

Please be patient with me……but I will say, part five starts with the conversation between Tom and Taylor and he explains to her why he picked each type of flower in that arrangement because every flower has it`s own meaning, and there is one more surprise in that arrangement for Taylor……

A groan of tedium escapes me,
Startling the fearful.
Is this a test? It has to be,
Otherwise I can’t go on.
Draining patience, drain vitality.
This paranoid, paralyzed vampire act’s a little old.
But what I want to do most with these photos is gift them to some one...

But what I want to do most with these photos is gift them to some one…

Or rather… Dedicate them to someone.  Vi’s girlfriend K.  She has been an incredibly pleasant force to be around.  Patient and kind.  And has let me borrow her girl a lot lately.  😏 Of course the feminist in me knows that Vi has options and belongs to no woman,  But it’s also nice to know that your partner is both open minded and understanding…supportive.  My own husband has become quite a bit of…

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Thank You

If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. Out of all the hundreds, if not thousands, of Steve Rogers RPers, thank you for adding me and my version of Steeb to your dash.

Thank you to those of you I’ve RPed with so far. Thank you for wanting to get involved with Steve and see what kind of shenanigans our muses will get up to. Thank you for encouraging me to explore new relationships and situations for Steve.

Thank you to those of you who message me OOC. Thank you for your words, even if those words are something like ‘hey how are you?’. Thank you for being patient with me when I don’t reply straight away and thank you for our chats.

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