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I will be doing my best to do a quick and correct translation of tonight’s clip, but please be patient with me, okay? Since it’s going to be a long clip, it will take a long time to translate and find the right phrases and words, but I’ll try to get it done as quickly as possible.


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Doctors. (in a work context)

Me: “Doctor, the patient’s been exhibiting Symptom for hours every day.  Can we look into that?”

Doctor: “I went into the patient’s room for twelve entire milliseconds and I didn’t see any Symptom.  You must be imagining things.”

Doctor: “I need you to tell me the patient’s date of birth, allergies, current medications, full medical history, WebMD search history, favorite ice cream flavor, preferred Hogwarts house, and results on a Buzzfeed ‘Which Cupcake Represents Your Sex Life’ quiz.”

Me: “Okay, just give me a few seconds to look these things up for you.”

Doctor: “Ughhhhh, sigh, I don’t have all dayyyyyyy.”

Doctor: “I need you to give the patient [mumble] milligrams of [mmrrrph]”

Doctor’s written prescription: “zzo mmcg zzse3ssz po daily”

Doctor, when asked to clarify order: “ “Ughhhhh, sigh, why can’t you follow simple instructions?

  • them: how could mental hospitals possibly keep things confidential for their patients without taking away their phones as though they're children?
  • me: ... idk if you know this but theres this cool thing you can do where ... you give your adult patients... papers to sign that say ... theyre going to keep things confidential... and not take photos of other patients.... because they're adults... and u can ask them things like that.

just mentioning it in it’s own post so i can tag it but, thanks to interactions with zenyatta ana has really grown to be fond of omnics.

like, at the start of my blog’s creation you can probably dig up instances where she really, really mistrusted them. Bastion as well. She was still civil with them, but she was no means best friends.

Yet after months of small interactions, ask memes, short threads etc, Ana has grown from mistrust, to tolerance, to friendship and i think that’s the greatest thing

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This is the pharmacist who has contemplated vaulting their counter to save time grabbing OTC items for people. Most patients at my pharmacy love me because I'm very efficient, plus friendly and great at giving clear + concise med info. But then there's That Person who decides to scream at me because a refill request made to a doctor didn't get a reply within 24 hours or the answer was no. Maybe check if there are fills left, & if not ask earlier? Or you can call / email the doctor yourself, too?

You will all have to forgive me for making myself scarce this past week, things are going just a bit mad with the holidays, me potentially being out of work, etc. My mood’s been quite frankly in the toilet because of many many things. 

HOWEVER, and I say this with a vigorously tentative note, I’m feeling very inspired to write today and want to throw that power behind James, since he always makes me feel better.

I might not respond to messages right away, so please be patient with me.

Just a note

I have had three events start within the last 24 hours and I am just a single person who runs this website. You all are going to have to be patient with me while I get everything in order before I start updating things.

I also have main stories I am playing and have to update as well. Oh god, I forgot to play Ritsu last night…. OTL

What I’m saying is, i’m just slightly stressed at the moment.

Looks like another 2am otome work day for me…

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Hi Karley! Are you doing ok? I hope things are ok.

I’m struggling to maintain my sanity as I go into my finals next week and have been doing nothing for the last eight days but preparing for them. 
I had an insane week of last exams / major presentations / quizzes, and by some miracle, I managed to do well on EVERYTHING, which is a huge relief. 
Still, I have all my finals next week and I’m stressed beyond belief. but come Friday of next week, I’ll be free from school for a whole month, and you guys will see a lot more prompt responses and activity from me on here. 

Thanks for all being so patient! 
- Your favorite constantly overwhelmingly stressed MOD, Karley. =]

I was drawing blood from my patient the other day, and I was subconsciously humming to Lost by BTS.

Patient: What are you singing?
Me: Oh, it’s called Lost. It’s by a Korean band.
Patient: It has a nice tune and you sing well.
Me: (laughs) Thank you. (Pauses) So what kind of music do you like?
Patient: I listen to all kinds of music.
Me: R&B too?
Patient: R&B, jazz, pop, hip hop, rap (my ears perk up). I listen to some foreign songs, too. Latin, African, and such.
Me: (This is it. This patient is one of those open-minded people.) So, you like rap too?
Patient: I love rap.
Me: Oh. (Tries hard to contain excitement). Well, you should listen to this Korean hip hop band called BTS. They actually sing a variety of genres. They’re pretty good.
Patient: Huh. You said BTS, right? I’ll check them out in YouTube later on my phone.
Me: Oh, well I can grab your phone (on the chair) for you and I can look them up for you (because I need to know you will really listen to them).
Patient: Oh, sure yeah go ahead.
Me: (shows him Cypher pt 4)
Patient: Oh wow, they’re good.
Me: (Hell yeah) Aren’t they? Here, listen to Fire next. I’ll be back and ask you again, so listen to them well.

And I sure as hell came back to find him still listening to BTS. One of the best days of my nursing career. Ever.

BTS conversion begins now.