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the more i watch robin's interviews the more i love him. he's such a babe. i love this one the interviewer is like "you're amazing" and robin is like "aw you're amazing" and then she's like "you're amazing" and he's like "god we're gonna do this all day"

Robin Lord Taylor is a wonderful human being - a magical gay pixie of the highest order.

He is the very definition of beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

He is a gift to us all, and must be protected.

i feel like my friends didn’t believe me when i told them that my exact aesthetic for a wedding we were attending was “my second husbands funeral who died of tragically mysterious arsenic related circumstances”

Terrible Personality

Date:  Last Wednesday.

Time:  Twenty minutes after wife left for work.

Status:  Sick, semi-conscious, bundled up on couch.

Event:  Phone rings!

Me:  Hello?

Wife (Scared):  Someone just hit me!

Me:  What!?

Wife:  They just ran the light and ran into me!!

Me:  Are you driving my car!?

Wife (Panicking):  Yes!  Should I call the police!?

Me:  Yes!  Call the police!

Wife:  OK! *hangs up*


If you’re missing the problem, allow me to say this:

When the Light of Your Life calls you on the phone to say she’s been in a traffic accident, the first words out of your mouth should be “Are you okay!?” NOT “Did you wreck my car!?”

Oh my god I was freaking out immediately after she hung up the phone, sending her texts begging her to be all right.  Fortunately she was just fine, and, as always, she thinks it’s hilarious when I accidentally say things like that.   The funny part is that she was panicking because she thought I would be upset about the car, so she didn’t even notice that I’d said something wrong until I apologized for it.   Yeah…we’re a matched set XD

(The car is fine too, just a little ding)