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Consider Clay pestering Apollo about what its like to kiss THE Klavier Gavin and Apollos like 'dude idk its fine I guess w/e' but Clay won't accept that and finally Apollos like 'why don't you find out yourself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯' and getting a text saying

‘My best friend wants to make out w/you or something idk’ isn’t even the weirdest text Klavier’s gotten

honestly i’m 100% convinced this is how the ot3 happened i am willing to fight people about this

and i seriously have nothing to add to this because it’s perfect but please imagine clay finding out about the text and being mortified but it’s okay because klavier comes over to apollo’s apartment and there’s one more person to play lego batman with and if they all end up making out by the end of the night that’s just a plus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Look at where we are now
Standing here face to face
As I take your hand and lead you
To where my heart begins beating
Bearing the weight of yours
Without a second thought
Because I will not unlearn you

Roses on the aisle placed
In each step and I cannot help it
If I keep staring at you
Vowing my love for you tonight
There’s no place like your heart

It is my keepsake and treasure
My home and my fortress
Your eyes are my stars
Constellations that make the night
Brightly lit as darkness is erased

Your smile lines scratches the moon
It reaches Heaven as it takes me there
I can only go further to where you lead
This ring is a promise for more tomorrows

On this night we shall stay
Your hand will never be without mine
And as we began the journey
With a kiss that started it all
let me give one more kiss
To send us off to forever

—  To my future wife, thirty-seven // Pablo Verzosa

h-nhan asked:

Hey , do u know any good shinee/taemin blogs ? Thanks love ♡

yup!! ik of aquablur, baby-taem, bumblekey, cinnaminroll, jinkisste, jinkilling, goomiho, herewegobebe, leetaes, lovermin, mintytaemin, mintyramen, m-nhoe, flamingpuppy, shineeislove, shineesque, shineebabo, shawollet, oddleetae, onewgoon, leenamja, jong-bum, jinkmin, lovbelt, kibum-shi, kibnm, k-poppy, taeminmyass, taebabys, taesace, tokkipup kimkibottom, keyvictim, key-is-my-wife-k, and omg ik im forgetting so many ugh ;-; but you should take a look at my blogroll too beb!! ^^ i hope i helped ~