Wynonna Earp is so hurt, and damaged, and self-hating. But she is also resilient, and brave, and compassionate.
She is gonna take care of this baby just like she takes care of everyone in her life; guns blazing, full of fire and love, and ready to face down the devil himself if he messes with her family.  
Wynonna is a strong heroine because she is allowed to be a flawed heroine. Wynonna Earp is amazing, and I am so thankful that we have her, because she IS a goddamn superhero.

I get that Keith, Lance, Shiro and Allura are important but what about the other 3:

 Hunk, Pidge and Coran.

It’s not a matter of how they feel about Shiro disappearing or how they’re dealing with it. It’s a matter of what their opinion on the paladin replacement. Are they going to feel as though it’s a waste of time? If they’re useless? (especially Coran). Is Pidge gonna find her family? Is Hunk gonna have a development arc? Is Coran gonna have one? Is there going to be anything about them this season at all? Do we have to wait another season? Is Coran’s past going to revealed as well?

What’s going to happen to them? I need answers.

can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mrs.Lucitor headcanons?

• she’s literally the nicest sweetest demon ever like mom of the year right here
• she loves Tom so much, he’s her pride and joy and she adores him
• listen…Tom’s dad adores her, he’s also like “that’s my wife!! Isn’t she beautiful 💖”
• she lifts Tom and his dad up and they smooch her and tell her they love her so much and she’s just so glad she has such a nice family
• when Tom and Star breakup his mom just holds him in her hand is like “Tommy, it’s ok, mamas here don’t cry”
• umm if she knew what a shit life coach Brian is she’d kick his ass
• she’s so fucking strong man….like she’s a fucking powerhouse man and Tom thinks his mom is the coolest
• tom is totally that “ughhh mom you’re embarrassing me!!!” but absolutely adores her
• when Tom is born she’s so afraid because he’s so little and small and fragile but she cradled him in her big hands and just sobs because he’s absolutely perfect
• she’s the one who taught Tom how to play ping pong
• fucking hates Love Sentence but she loves Tom too much to tell him the truth
• very very calm, like nothing really rattles her?? she’s easily able to calm down Tom and his dad
• when she meets Marco she just….Knows™

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