Since the con I’m going to is a month away I thought I’d make a post just to say I’m going! Because of school I won’t have Keith’s actual jacket done until closer to the con and my contacts shipped to my home address, not dorm, so I won’t have those until the con as well. I was too excited to try the wig when it came in so this is the best costest I could come up with after a quick style of the wig ^^;

I’ll be both casual Keith with the letterman jacket and regular Keith at Calgary Expo this April as well as my Little Sister cosplay! Sooo ya I hope I see some Voltron peeps there?? Also if there’s any Lances out there … 👀

Otayuri Week Day 2

Yuri is on Snapchat and sees Otabek has actually put stuff on his story yesterday so Yuri excitedly clicks on it only to see it’s all of him and some girl. Selfies, random video clips, a unflattering picture of Otabek with the caption “i hacked his phone LMAO”, random emojis in some captions. And Yuri feels sick. The next day he trys to bring it up in their weekly FaceTime but it comes out kinda angry (well he’s furious but he’s trying to aim for Not Jealous and Possessive Friend that’s totally Not Pinning after his only friend) and Otabek is like “oh you mean my sister? Ya she likes to take my phone and go through it for some reason” “oh” “did you think we were together?” “well yeah” “ewww gross. Besides I’m into dudes anyways” and Yuri proceeds to choke on water

Mother’s Day (Finn Balor Imagine)

Finn Balor x Reader
Warning: None. Fluff
A/N:  Decided to mix it up a little, really hope you guys enjoy it. I loved writing this! And ty anon for requesting this!
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~1200 words

Finn and his twin girls get ready for Mother’s day.

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For @skyriazeth

I remembered the First Day of knowing you …

One fine day. Red opened her DA website “oh a new watcher,” le clicks new Watcher.


“????! WHAT IS THIS. A SENPAI-” realises age of Sky “-A SMOLPAI FOLLOWED ME?!”

Oh ya here’s your SwapFell babies in doll forms =w=

anonymous asked:

can u write a shinee reaction where i am one of the members sister and another member likes me? thanx


He’d be a bit more lenient than some of the other members. he’d maybe give them a little bit of a talk as to what the ground rules where, but if you too wanted to be together then he’d have no objections.


Being his sister he would probably be uncomfortable with another member liking you. When ever you were around with the guys he’d keep a very close eye on that particular member. 


He’d never leave your side the entire time you were around them. he’d practically be clung to you like “GET AWAY FROM HER YOU SAVAGE”. He’d go into completely defencive older brother mode. “Can you date my sister? Ya no.”


He’d probably be fairly oaky about it, asking him multiple questions as to why he was interested in you. If you two did get together he might ask you questions now and then to see how thing were going, but would leave you two alone for the most part.


Just the concept to him would be the weirdest thing. The members were practically like brothers to him. “So if you too got together, then got married, that would technically make you my actual brother?” At first he would object to it, tell the member that it wasn’t a good idea especially if you two broke up. but after some consulting he’d just go with it.

- Admin X

  • Me: Me? Liking Voltron? PLEASE! It's a stupid show f-- *tons of pictures spill out of pockets, mainly of gay cuddles and smooches, along with robot lions*
  • Me: It-it's not what it looks like, I swear! These are for my uh, my younger sister! Ya see-- *more photos scatter over the floor as I scramble to get all of them*
  • Me: Oh God, no! Please you have to understand, I don't like these amazing and lovely dorks at all!


He waved it off. “Just thought it would look nice on ya. My sister always finds the prettiest flowers.” And Demyx tended to have trouble keeping them all in one room. Granted she wasn’t his sister by blood but it didn’t matter. The reaction almost made him smile.

“How about that? It really does look nice. Glad you like it.”

gendry replied to your post “my brother was playing the last of us and i just sat there like…….”

no.  arya is like ellie but sandor doesn’t care for arya like joel cares for ellie. i actually tweeted 3 days ago “poor arya deserved a joel to her ellie but instead she got flop ass sandor clegane”

akosiroxy replied to your post “my brother was playing the last of us and i just sat there like…….”

Post apocalyptic au. It does seem like arya and the hound. Ive watched my sister play this game

ya i have no reference bc idk what joel and ellie are like.  


ya lit meme: [1/10] series: gallagher girls

“what is a gallagher girl?” liz asked one final time. “she’s a genius, a scientist, a heroine, a spy. and now we are at the end of our time at school, and the one thing i know for certain is this: a gallagher girl is whatever the hell she wants to be.” thunderous, raucous applause filled the student section. liz smiled and wiped her eyes. she leaned close to the microphone. “and, most of all, she is my sister.”