Get To Know Me: 5/10 Favorite Divas

↳ Nikki Bella: “I’ve been on this journey for eight years, training eight hours a day- if not more. Being on the road and driving all night to the next town. And waking up, working out, going to a show, getting in the ring. I gave up my personal life for my WWE Universe[…] I think of all the eight years of hard work, traveling, and the tears, and the blood, and sweat. And all of a sudden the company has faith in you and wants you to be the champion? It just makes me so happy and I think, like, this is the reward.



makototachiboob asked:

(omg what i can request?? o': you're too sweet, my waifu -hugs 5ever-) uhmmm okay well since it's almost my b-day (this upcoming friday ayye) and you got me obsessed with matsukawa, my i have a fluffly scenario of matsukawa and his s/o on their birthday? thank you so much ahh you're both cutie patooties -dies-

anything for u my queen

Matsukawa arose abruptly to the sound of his alarm. Every other day he woke up peacefully and ready to greet the day.

Today was different. Today he fell out of his bed trying to turn off his alarm. Today he lost his toothbrush and found it inside one of his shoes. Today his bed head did not look like it was on purpose. Today he was an absolute mess.

And it was just because he wanted things to go smoothly. He finally got dressed and molded his curls into some kind of style and stared himself down in the mirror triumphantly. He would not let a little bit of bed head and toothbrush set backs destroy his day. Mattsun picked up the bouquet of sunflowers that he had bought on the way home yesterday and set off.

On the way over to his s/o’s house he bombarded their phone with messages.

u better b reddy

it birthday time

happy birthday bb

r u even up yet?



do u ever wonder y crocodiles walk like they just got they nails done

do u think sneks wish dey had arms

sneks with arms tho lol

After about 30 more messages about snakes he arrived and excitedly knocked on their door, to be greeted by their mother. She let him inside and he rushed up the stairs to their room and burst in to find them still huddled under a mountain of blankets.

“Issei it’s too early.” they groaned from under the pile.

“Babe it’s like noon.” he chuckled and opened up their blinds.

“Fight me.” the threatened and he shrugged before placing the sunflowers carefully down on their desk and swan diving on top of them. “ISSEI NO!!” they giggled from under the blankets, franticly trying to keep their pile from being destroyed.

“IT’S TIME FOR AN RKO!” he yanked away their blankets to find them smiling up at him. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE PEOPLES ELBOW!?” he shouted and laughed, flopping down beside them and pulling them on top of him.

“I WASN’T READY!!” They laughed hard and they each peppered kisses over each other’s faces.

“You’re not even ready for your own birthday babe.”

“I’m ready to stay in bed for the rest of my birthday.”

“But I had a whole day planned!!” He laughed and protested by nipping at their neck lightly.

“Yeah but it’s MYYYY birthday!! You gotta be flexible Mattsun.” they smiled warmly at him and kissed his nose.

“I can show you how flexible I can be but I’ll have to close the door to do that.” his eyebrows wiggled and his s/o rolled their eyes at him. “But to be honest I would like nothing more than to make you happy especially on your birthday.”

“I love you.” they smiled and he pulled them in for a deep kiss, the two of them smiling against each other.

“I know.”