Those brooklyn nights set us free !


Selena Gomez Versace dresses pt I
Which one di you prefer ?

The smarty look is one of my favorite so far …

Have you noticed guy’s fingers ?! 😱 They are so long 😂 !
Stay smart, stay classy !


IMMINENT DOOM ~ round 80

Welcome My Luvs to Your Imminent Doom!!

Round 80…jfc are y’all not sick of this shit yet? Hahaha! Well I do enjoy making them so I hope you enjoy them as well. Ok tonight we have the yummy Mr. BJ Britt making his debut, for those of you who don’t know him he is on Agents of Shield as Tripp, and he is so very scrumptious! AND a little bit of Black Hawk Down Ewan because well it’s Ewan…in uniform…nuff said! So I do apologize I was having trouble with my laptop last night so that’s why I couldn’t do one last night. So do take your time with these gorgeous and talented men and as always enjoy your stay =)

just-call-me-mrs-captain dearmisterhiddles beaglebitch badwolflestrade curator-at-large eve1978 sexyboysandnerdythings ladywyldfire leepacelady babe-ruthless87 abadstarfalls vampirewithbedsidemanners my-achilles—heel mtllovelygirl xxmethod-to-my-madnessxx play-it-loud-as-fuck satansinsideouslaughter so-easy-to-love-me hotmenandotherdistractions sarabeth72 pedeka lokis-love98 lenaoffassy lokiwholockfactory ladywinderp unhealthilyobssesed sleep-silent-angel darkfusionx22 puddin726 lilianahiddleston nerdysingingcatlady twoisthebegginingoftheend hightimeswithhardy virtualgirlfriendsan littlewomanly1 scifigurl720 morriggannlostinfandoms smithapple cinnamon-hiddles-buns lividmilkshake bellahaus13 emoryhemsworth silverrune97 haveahiddles michaelfassbenderisbeautiful magnetosgirl lokipenguin lokislittlediva erikcharles fassbentandhiddlesbatched phedrebelle fassyanon behindmyrestingface d-m-jonas jossmayfair bellring a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster incredifishface wine-o-clock-somewhere emmastar1133 hellothereyoubeautifulcreature ohabsofruitlynot fassinatedhiddlestoner dbbettiepdx timelady12 snugglyhiddles desert-power-6 jdmookami ohmyfassy dragonslikesmaug mighty-thundering-lord twh4304 antyc67 sillysherlokian chrisevansisbeautiful the-sunshine-in-the-dark legion567 hiddenhiddlesgirl86 sarah0687 ellie-anders12 chynna-is-not-here lovelydreamsblog endless-escapist start-the-madness sunny-is-sherlokid angreav mypreciousmind1 angelus80 munchkin80 lokiloveravengerobsesser terrysmith575 coalea jossisgod ninman82 lokis-little-warrior-queen dorito82 jrgggggg999999 ginabaker1666 tazzymania alicakeschicago calgal48 i-blame-the-bbc

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