bunny smile!!!

You were lounging in the passenger seat of Joy’s car, your sock covered feet kicked up on the dashboard and the brim of your hat pushed down low over your eyes. Joy’s playlist of classic rock and oldies played softly from the well used speakers and the sound of the tires on pavement  filled the small gaps of silence as the songs changed. You were dressed in a pair of black soccer pants and one of Calum’s huge tshirts, no makeup on and your hair not brushed. It wasn’t like you were lazy but it was 4 in the morning and you had already been driving for half an hour. 

“Why’d their flight have to come in at 4:30 in the freaking morning?” You grumbled, crossing your arms and nestling more into your seat. Joy chuckled and reached over, rubbing your arm. “I’m not a fan of it either.” She told you, quickly looking down at you and smirking. “You keep getting lower and lower into that seat, any lower and you’ll literally absorb into it.” You giggled and shook your head, rolling your eyes dramatically. 

Leaning your head against the cold glass of the window you looked up at the sky. It was still dark out, the sun just beginning to rise but some of the stars still visible. It was the time of day when Calum would get up to workout in the home gym he made in the garage or when he’d roll out of bed for a run. It was also normally the time when you’d roll over and snuggle his pillow until the sun came up and it was normal to be awake. 

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