about me: that time of year again.

The latest art I’ve been sharing brought many new followers (thank you, I’m so glad you found me!) so I thought it was time for me to do the bit where I tell you what I’m about and what you’ll get by following me. So here we go:

I’m Luna. I’m 39 years old, married (no kids) and I work as a bookstore manager in Québec, Canada. This is mainly a Benedict Cumberbatch/Sherlock fan blog, so most of my posts are either reblogs from the lovely people I follow or edits of my own of everything and everyone related to Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, the Sherlock Cast, ect… I’m not kidding, look at my archive :-)

While I don’t consider myself an artist per se (i’ve got no training whatsoever it’s just me trying out stuff), I do love to create. I knit and crochet, so you’ll see the occasional yarn-related reblogs and maybe own projects as well. I draw a lot too, so you’ll see art : mine, yours and other people’s. So far, most of my drawings are of Benedict’s stupidly handsome face, but i also do other people, sometimes. I don’t do commissions at this time, but life is a changing thing, so who knows?

I tag everything.

All the time.

My life’s story is in the tags. I also read all the ones you put on the posts you reblog from me, read every comment and notes.

It means that when i reblog setlock stuff (not a spoiler free blog, im afraid), it’ll be tagged #setlock. I tag anything spoilery with #spoilers

Don’t like my art? Blacklist #my artwork.

Allergic to wool? Blacklist #yarn stuff.

I’m trying to make it really easy for you to follow me even if we’re not identical twins in our tastes in actors, tv series or hobbies :-) If you have questions about that, please feel free to ask and I’ll give you the tags I’m using. I’m not a NSFW blog, but I do like fanfiction (Johnlock) and will post links to authors and fics I like from time to time, or the random picture of artfully posed half naked people. But again, i’ll warn in advance and my tag for NSFW posts is, unsurprisingly, #nsfw.

I’m not fond of discussing BC’s private life. I feel that it’s his to live, not mine to witness or have an opinion on, so you won’t see me gossiping much and blog intrusive pap pics. Well, i try not to. I’ve been guilty of the occasional pap pic if it’s concerning his work, like set pics and such. Also, not judging anyone, just talking about me.

That being said, regarding BC and SH’s private life, please know that I’m very happy for him being married, having a family and I do think Sophie is a wonderful person. She’s part of his life so you may see pictures of her when they’re out and about together at events and such. If you’re not of the same mindset, some things I will blog about might not be to your liking. In that case, my tag is #Sophie Hunter, but honestly, if you don’t approve of her, or them together you may end up unhappy following me.

Disclaimer: I’m french canadian, so english is not my first language. Please forgive my bad syntax, grammar and vocabulary, I’m doing my best :-) It also means I may complain about snow, let out a swear word or two in french and post about Tim Horton’s coffee, so be warned.

Well, that’s about it for now! There’s a lot more to me of course (like, I have two siamese cats, I’m a huge Star Trek and X-files fan too and I fancy a cute pic of Chris Pratt now and then) but eh, in any case, following me will for sure make up for the rest i’m not telling :-)

As I said, it’s all in the tags.

Thank you for following me,



p.s.: I’m really bad at capitalising my “ i “s and stuff. It’s a french thing, sorry.