“After The Rooftop”
I wasn’t sure what to do with this seeing how it’s a bit NFSW because they be nakey but idgaf *unsure af shrug*

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Idk I feel like ruca is very selfish sometimes with the whole case about her mom and dad, Val has a right to be happy too. Also do you think olly doesn't worry about veruca moving on from him even though he's with trish ? Does ruca low key feel like she can't abandon him ?

Ruca is very selfish and very possessive a big reason for this was her father being “taken” from her, she doesn’t like the feeling of things being taken from her, when her mom meets a new man she feels like her mom is being taken too she feels left behind and she relates to her dad feeling left behind by her mother too, but you are right her mom deserves to be happy too.

YESSSSS to both!!  Olly kinda has this weird comfort knowing Veruca will have a hard time moving on from him and that Trish upsets her, Even though he is very happy with Trish I feel like when Olly see’s Ruca with another guy he gets kinda mad like a weird jealousy. You know when you were little and your mom goes through your toy box to find things to give to the salvation army? and she takes out this Barbie you haven’t played with in forever and she puts it in the giveaway box and you get this angry feeling like wtf that’s mine lol even though you have a new Barbie? it’s that

The Adoption

Part Two

Emily never really did answer me.  I didn’t know if that was because she was purposely avoiding the subject or she didn’t know that I’d actually asked her a question.  My confusion was answered when I saw her face the next morning.  I had left her in bed to get Lucy to school, when I returned she was wrangling Noah from his booster seat after he’d finished breakfast.  She looked at me, let out a deep sigh and then diverted her eyes downward.

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hey there! i just finished making a thing!

it’s a palette for anything you want. i will be using it to make hair recolours (some of which are on their way ♥). you can totally use it, no need to ask, just credit me plz ;;;)

here’s the fun part: i made this palette a list of different flavours of ice creams (in french mostly tho cause i like the sound of it sometimes idk). but yeah, ice creams can be mixed together, so if you want to make your own recolours with this palette, you can come up with fun combinations with fun names, like menthe et chocolat (mint & chocolate) and stuff like that. you can also add your own flavours if there aren’t enough, or remove some, if there’s too many.

so yeah have fun♥


Only one can have the girl.

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loud blue boi vs. stoneface… who’s going to win?

As the new girl on the team, you were still unsure about how the team feels about you yet. You always wanted to make a great first impression with everyone and you did! The minute you first walked through those doors, Tyler and Ethan were both amazed by you. To them, you were their perfect dream girl, Tyler fell in love with your kindness and team attitude since you came in with a big smile and helped the team with anything they needed while also keeping everyone motivated during long editing session but Ethan fell in love with your silliness and energy since you were a ball of energy and have a child-like mind sometimes with you being the youngest.  The two boys have been fighting for your attention ever since you’ve started working there and honestly, you didn’t really notice. When you had a hard time grabbing things off the shelves, they would both fight to grab it for you until Kathryn or Amy gets it for you when you’re about to go grab lunch for the team, they both try to tag along but you don’t mind it.

“Tyler, I should date her because you know SHE’S CLOSER TO MY AGE!” “Ethan, I liked her before you even laid eyes on her!” “WE SAW HER AT THE SAME TIME!” “GUYS, you do know..” “STAY OUT OF IT MARK!”  Tyler and Ethan have been at each other throat all week about who’s going to date you. “[Y/N] and I have a lot more in common than you two together!“ "Cartwheeling ISN’T A BONDING!” “What’s with all the yelling?” you laughed when you walked in. “Hey [Y/N]! Ready to start filming today’s challenge?” Mark hopped over to you, dragging you to the backyard area, “What challenge?” you stated confusingly. 

“MARK, I DON’T LIKE THIS CHALLENGE!!” you tried to hide from the arrows, “IF YOU WANT TO WORK WITH US, YOU HAVE TO TAKE SOME ARROWS.” He shot one almost hitting you. “MARK! I’M JUST AN EDITOR! I SHOULD BE EDITING!” you hid behind a tree, “SO IS ETHAN BUT HE STILL TAKE SOME HITS!” he shot one at Ethan’s chest for an example, “GOD DAMNIT, MARK!” “SEE!” “SORRY, ETHAN!” you shouted from the tree.  You climbed up the tree since you didn’t want to get hit what so ever, but Mark wasn’t going to give up that easily, “THAT’S CHEATING!” he shot an arrow, almost hitting you. “MARK! I HAVE A LOT OF EDITING TO DO!” he ignores you and continue shooting until he hit your knee causing you fall off the tree but luckily your strong friend caught you in his arms, “Thanks, Tyler.” You smiled and hopped out of his arms.  “Now, when I say stop Mark…” you walked up to him and grabbed the arrow and bow, “I mean stop. I suggest you should run.” You hissed before pulling the arrow back.

After spending another hour of attacking Mark, all when back to the house and decided to chill there for the night. You were listening to your music when you heard loud whispering from your door and it has gotten to the point that you just couldn’t take it anymore so you open the door seeing Ethan and Tyler arguing. “What’s going on!” you asked seeing the boys look at you by surprise.  "WOULD YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME!?“ They both yelled while pushing each other out their way. Your face turns red and laughs nervously, "Umm… well, you guys…” “I understand if you don’t wanna go out with a caveman, [Y/N]. I know I wouldn’t.” Ethan stopped you giving Tyler a death stare. You stopped them from bickering with a whistle, “GUYS!” you sighed with your face in your hand. “I’m not really interested… like that.” You mumbled. They gave you a confused look so you continue, “I’m into girls and I’m seeing someone sorta.” You explained. They both look at each other amazed, “I didn’t see that coming.” Ethan started laughing and Tyler joined along, “Oh my God. We were fighting all week about this and she didn’t even like us like that!” you smiled at the two boys bonding with each other, “So who are you dating?” Tyler added. “Me!” the boys turned around see Kathryn waving at them, “WHAT?” you walked over to your girlfriend and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “We’re trying to keep it on the down-low for a while so the fans wouldn’t freak out about it but yeah, we’re dating!” you explained, “But thanks for helping me today with editing and filming the challenge!” you added. The boys were silent and still processing the whole thing, “I think they need a while, let’s go to the movies so they can process this.” Kathryn whispered to you. You nodded and walked out hand and hand giggling.

“I was trying to tell you she was a lesbian!” Mark walked passed them, shaking his head, “BUT NO ONE LISTEN WANTS TO MARK!”

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PLOT TWIST! IT’S A KATHRYN X FEM!READER! I actually had this idea in my head for quite a while and the original concept was going to be a new neighbor instead of a new team member but I had writer block with the neighbor one so here’s this one. I’m sorry it was shorter than usual and it’s probably not my best work but I wanted to try something new just like the Father Figure Tyler one that actually received a lot of positive reviews and I’m glad everyone like it! Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed and I’ll see y’all later!

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I have ADHD, is RSD reason I'm so emotional? An example is: I tried really hard to get into this honor choir. The thing is, when the list came back, I wasn't on it. I started bawling and cried for a good half hour at school. The other kids that tried out and didn't get in were completely fine or just a little upset. So is it RSD?

ADHD often means that we don’t have a lot of control over our emotional responses. That’s not really due to RSD; it’s more part of why we have RSD in the first place! (The other part is conditioning by people getting mad at us for things we can’t control, so we get scared of even trying just in case.)

And I’m sorry you didn’t get into that choir. That sucks, and it sounds like you tried really hard. Sometimes hard work pays off big, sometimes it doesn’t get us where we want to be. I hope you keep trying for what you want anyway!


Got7 MTL getting turned on easily

Note: this is just my own opinion and it may vary from yours.




BamBam, Jackson and Jaebum: It’s so easy to turn them on. You can just snip with your finger or tell them you want some sexy time and they’re ready to go.

Yugyeom and Mark: They’ll have a boner quite often. But I feel like sometimes they’re a little too nervous when you touch them. You have put a little more effort in these two.

Jinyoung and Youngjae: I’m not saying, that they never have a boner. But Jinyoung seems to be too serious and he will be in charge. He wants to have a boner when he wants, not when you want him to. And Youngjae seems to be too giggly and nervous. Give this man some time.

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Hi! I'm a closeted nonbinary (for safety reasons) and I just had a few questions. Do you have any tips of deal with being misgendered every day? I know I'm not out to a lot of people and the few people who know tend to get it right, but I always feel dejected when I'm misgendered all day. Also, any tips on how to cope with being in the closet? My girlfriend has a drawer for me at her how where I keep my male and fluid clothes but I need all the help I can get. Thank you so much<3

Alright, so. 

Tips for being misgendered:

remind yourself of your pronouns and your name. 

do not let anyone sway you from who you are. 

stay in there, friend.

Tips for being in the closet:

If someone tries to expose you, do not deny or confirm. (the rumor will fade)

If someone asks you why you dress like a boy/girl/etc sometimes, just say you dress how you feel.

Coming out isn’t required, but if you ever want to do it, ask the person you’re coming out to how they feel about LGBT beforehand.

Hope this helps. -Admin

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boii im loving the alpha kark designs?? theyre so nice,,whats the dif between the signless and the survivor? :0

basically kk stays hemoanonymous (usin makeup and stuff, i have hcs abt this) and managed to make it into the threshecutioners but like., sometimes in intergalactic wars u get Knifed so he got outed as a mutant and like this 👌 close to being killed on the spot or put into permanent ‘care’ but got scooped up by alpha dave last second n joined the troll side of the rebellion on earth ;0c

How to get through your first year of College/Uni

1. Take your time: Once you start your higher education, I feel like sometimes you forget that you’re also still just a teenager, and you’re not going to get things right sometimes. Whether it be not doing well on an exam or not turning in certain paperwork to offices on time; always make sure to take one task at a time in order to not stress yourself out. 

2. Do something at least once: If you want to get the most out of your college/uni experience, I recommend to try everything at least once. If you have a slight interest in joining a sorority/Frat, go rush and see how that goes for you. If you want to join a club, go to one meeting and see if that club is something you want to join. 

3. Make Friends: Both for comfort at being in a new school, and for networking purposes. You’ll never know who will become your life long friend until you try. (p.s.: keep those phone numbers of those people you worked in groups in class, they can come in handy!)

4. Stay in touch with family: If your overseas or 5 minutes away from your closest family members be sure to call home every now and again. Sometimes you need people from home to remind you and encourage you to stay in school.

5. Not everything is a big deal: College is the big lead in education! Classes are more difficult and you have to adjust to new learning styles,and teachers, and even the campus. All these statements are vague, but true. REMEMBER: just like you learn to walk or learn to ride a bike, it takes time to adjust to your new surroundings and new environments. don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get things right the first time, or in the first week/ month of school. 

This is helpful to think about throughout all your years in school, I hope this is helpful!

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Hi! Do you know if Wonwoo's glasses are prescription or are they just for looks?

wonwoo’s glasses are prescriptioned. he often puts them on before and after their stages at award shows and the like. although, he sometimes does wear lense-less ones for looks~

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Get this, dated this boy for three months his name was dallas, then he broke up with me and I started dating this new guy, this New guy took everything from me, I gave it all up, I was with him for two years, just a few days ago I found out he was cheating on me. He lied to all our friends and told them we weren't together and brought them up to meet her. I confronted him about it and he tried to say it was just some girl. Fed the fuck up I swung on him and he pushed me into a table #peoplesuck

YIKES honestly men are so disgusting sometimes like ?????? why would you date a girl just to cheat on her because you cant control your fucking penis like why should we be sad about this???? honestly babe, don’t think any of it its your fault because he is the scum of the world for cheating on you

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Have you ever considered the idea of crossover (outside the Marvel'multiverse) and if so, in which one would you like to put Tony and/or the Avengers?

My first choice would be Harry Potter. I like the world and the characters, plus I could see either people from the HP world coming to the MCU or the other way around or the HP world with the MCU characters…whatever way I think it’d be fun.

I also sometimes like to play with a college aged brilliant as always Tony Stark stumbling into James Bond’s way, just because I think it would be hilarious

Tough day at the office today. I had one of the other girls to help gallop today and she hasn’t ridden Kevin yet so I was like “oh well you can try him if you want!” (For those of you who haven’t seen other posts about him, Kevin is one of my faves but he is a shit) and told her he’s been good lately and that he like to play and will sometimes see the boogie man and slam on the brakes but hasn’t in a while. So, off we go and in on another horse. Kevin looks so good and is being so good and then all the sudden when we only have one lap left I see her walking on foot, no horse and Kevin running with his martingale broken and fallen off and the reins with the bib over his head flapping around his legs. He literally runs off the track at the higher side so falls down, gets up, runs over the harrow, runs into the in field with 4’ high grass, turns and starts making a beeline to me on Snoopy with the reins wrapped around one of his legs, so I get off so I can try to grab him. Can’t catch him, people come down from the barn and get him. He was so lucky to only have gotten minor scrapes and is otherwise okay, though. Needless to say, I think I’m the one getting stuck on the loveable shit head now.

Next up- we have 3 new fillies that came from Florida about 5 days ago. I take the first one out alone and she is perfect. Next two we do in a set, I’m on a Storm Cat descendent (so basically I knew shit would prob go down) and she’s really hot and nervous for the trot lap but starts to settle. Canter lap we just start and I notice she’s thrown a shoe and it’s laying on the track. She, unfortunately, doesn’t notice until she’s on top of it and proceeds to slam on the brakes and wheel and sends me over her shoulder. I land on my feet but am not quick enough to grab her.

Despite only living on the farm for 5 days compared to Kevin’s year long life there, she’s smart enough to run back to the barn and grab herself some grass.

Afterwards, she did finish her work but yikes what a day 😂