Thank you Yuki Kaji for playing....

The most adorable creature in the world

Pacifist Vampire

A Sword

Just joking!!

A blond guy who can transform into a sword

A guy who hates Titans

A guy who has similiar hair like Goku

The most beautiful smile ever!

A clumsy gardner

A yandere who likes his teddy

Obsessive boob-pervert

A kid who is 7 years to late to be invovled in the love triangle

A banana

A Black banana

A pink banana

And two other bananas

Thank you for voicing those special characters!

Dating Matt Would Invovle

Pennyboarding in hotel halls
Couple pictures
Cute twitter fights
“You are the love of my life, aside from Bernie”
Beach walks
Funny singing
Random tickle fights
Hand holding
Stealing his beanies
Kissing his cheeks
Deep kisses
Hugs from behind
Play fights
Funny faces
Stealing his beanies
Kissing his neck
Giving him love notes
“You’re the hottest Espinosa I know
Wearing his Hoodies
Shopping for Vans with him
Matching Pennyboards
Using him as a pillow



Papyrus has no idea nope…ordoeshe.

WANTED to finish some kedgeup before my absence, I bee off to a convention with friends and I want to wish everyone a happy awesome weekend! I be mostly off/on a bit ,I still had time to finish this ha! and time to upload it since @maple-and-pie went to the dentist and I am using her wifi hurhur  next sinful comic wont be kedgeup this time tho. Sorry

it will have invovle…Yandere Tale!Papyrus  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It’s always an interesting dynamic coming in,being new.It’s that fear of the unknown,you know?I don’t know if everyone’s gonna be nice,I don’t know how easy is gonna be to work on set so…But once I got here,everyone’s just so lovely and welcoming,it really made it easy to work right from the go.(x)