Alchemist with a charisma score of 7 and never takes off his creepy plaguedoctor-mask: *Holds out hand to party medium*

Medium: “What are you doing? What is that?”

Alchemist: “It’s a rare Jorin-flower; with it I can create several vials of poison capable of desolving a human kidney in seconds. But I am giving it to you because I thought you would find it pretty.”

The most beautiful moment of that session.

Weird Backs Month #11 – Longisquama

What is Longisquama? We just don’t know. Ask ten paleontologists and you’ll get eleven answers. Ask David Peters and– no. Never ask David Peters.

A small diapsid, maybe around 15cm long (6″), Longisquama lived between the Middle and Late Triassic (~242-228 mya) in the Kyrgyz Republic. Only the front half of the skeleton is known, poorly preserved with a badly crushed skull, and the best thing we can say about its evolutionary relationships is that it was “some sort of lizard-like reptile”.

It probably wouldn’t be a particularly notable animal if not for the row of relatively enormous plume-like structures growing from the skin of its back. These appendages were probably some sort of long ribbon-like scales, but are also frequently claimed to be “feathers” by shitty pseudoscientists.

Also the plumes might possibly be plant fronds that a Longisquama just happened to die on top of. I don’t personally agree with that idea – they don’t fully match any known plants from the same fossil beds, and aren’t preserved in the same manner – but in the absence of more unambigious fossils it’s still a valid argument.

How to Pick a Birth Date Guide

Okay this is like one of my favorite things in the world to do, picking a birth date for your character can be an insanely fun thing if you play into the astrology side of things. On one hand, you have a month and a number and a year, and that’s it. On the other, you have a fun little side tool to show your character off, play matchmaker, and laugh with your friends over a daily horoscope like nerds. Really? You’d give that up? I mean don’t take it so seriously you ignore plotlines or something, but– well here’s how to get that little part of things set up! Since I love it and all. Did I mention I’m a huge nerd? No? Well Mom, Dad, I have something to tell you…

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xenobotanist asked:

ok but MEGANE!sawamura was not part of my calculations when I sent you that and now I understand miyuki's expression perfectly. Jyuushimura is the cutest dweeb in the world look at that smile. thank you for the pretty arts

we can all agree miyuki would be so fucking weak against cute timid choromura with glasses and combed hair:

(he’s reading margarte shojo magazine)

But the REAL demon is him:



I think I do want to get a double mastectomy.


 💄Starting a brothel for the story and the first member is a Russian spy!
 I remade Dottie Overwood for ts4! She’s coming to my story as a sleeper agent! Now her name has changed to Dottie Romanova but she’s still a Soviet Spy a.k.a The Black Widow! ☭ 
{ Inspired by Dottie Underwood }

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Good morning!

I love this. No matter how many times I’ve had people shake their heads at me, I always remember these words. It’s all about your perspective anyway.

Happy Thursday!

♫ you’re too old to be so shy ♪

i really like how i asked ppl to ask me about my characters and immediately everyone wanted to know more about dear leander. despite being the most beautiful person on earth he doesn’t know how to take compliments and gets easily flustered. here.

That I can be away from home–in this case, at work–and use my cell phone to buzz delivery people (or a guest, if they somehow arrive at my place before I do*) into my building is the weirdest.