I just posted these over on my Etsy, I found the Enchanted Picnic gals last Friday and I just had to have these two, they looked too cute to pass up! After unboxing them and looking at their outfits, I got inspired to make these looks for them! Cerise’s outfit features a removable, hooded belt and Blondie’s features a remvoable, feathered skirt! I must say that Cerise looks amazing in metallic red! I can’t wait to make more bodysuits now that I finally took the time to make a pattern!!

I will return later. Right now, clearly I am needed elsewhere. Well, if you must know, Facebook people are attaching me to everything and I must do what I do best. Scare people with majestic indignation until I get what I want and reclaim my space. My work is never done with the foolish. But I am quite happy that my elven kin are doing well. Perhaps we shall bring our conversations here more often. Facebook, I will admit do stay up for my conversations with Elrond and Gandalf. As you were.


OKAYYYY I was tagged by thick-leglove AND schizophrantic to do that six selfie thing (does that mean I have to post twelve?!) 1. Right now, it’s 106° and I’m exercising outside. Go figure haha 2. My niece and I. She thinks I’m cool and that’s really all that matters 3. I put a ton of pomade in my hair and tired to comb it back. The results weren’t terrible! 4. The other way I do my hair. Well. This is technically the way. The other way is the other way. 5. I wanted to look as fat as possible. I think I achieved that in that picture, and I also look like Bowser a little bit, so. Success! 6. This was the beginning of the year before I started lifting again. I lost a lot of mass but I still think I look like a model in this pic :) btw NOT A SELFIE. 7. I thought I looked like a doucher, which was perfect cuz I’m pretty sure I went to a club that night, and if I’m going I might as well look the part right? Whew that was intense. Sorry I don’t have any recent selfies, I’ve not been too excited about my face. It just happens haha. I tag justsitbackandholdontight fierce-goddess sugoi–bootycall bullseye-sally missykitkat bree-meza bullseye-sally cheskacalvo thelionkingkong FIGHT ME WITH YOUR SELFIES