When it rains
  • Friend: No...
  • Friend: Please Stop...
  • Friend: Stop...
  • Friend: Come on, I'm begging you...
  • Friend: I swear to God, you better stop or...
  • Me: Okay, I'm done.
  • Friend: ----

Sasha, I cannot even fathom where to start.  I never imagined I would get to own my own dog before I moved out, but it happened.  On a Wednesday, I saw you on Petfinder.  By Tuesday, less than a week later, you were on your way home with us.

I have watched you grow from a timid little pup to a daring, personable dog.  You have changed my life for the better this past year.  I have a reason to get up in the morning, I have structure, I have love.  You are the most forgiving pup.  You are so smart (when you want to be).  You are almost fearless.  I watch you fly each and every day when you conquer new things.  

You have changed so much since we brought you home.  Your fur grew back nice and thick.  You know so many new tricks.  You like to try new things.  You have an opinion (finally).  But some things never change.  You still bury your bones in the couch.  You still love car rides.  You still sleep under our chairs.  You still love to play fetch.  You still love belly rubs (But they MUST be with feet! No hands!)

Sasha, happy first Gotcha Day, and may we have many, many more to come.  I didn’t get the dog I wanted, but I got the dog I needed.

songs i want to listen to if i’m ever in love

i’m cheesy af okay whatever

- sweet // cigarettes after sex
- ILYSB (stripped) // LANY
- she will be loved // maroon 5
- can’t help falling in love // haley reinhart
- is there somewhere // halsey
- tokyo narita // halsey
- ocean eyes // billie eilish
- perfect // ed sheeran
- robbers // the 1975
- if i’m lucky // state champs
- ours // taylor swift
- fearless // taylor swift
- sparks fly // taylor swift
- like i’m gonna lose you // meghan trainor & john legend
-  MSK // yellowcard
- lemonade (ukulele version)  // jeremy passion
- sex (acoustic version) // the 1975
- bright // echosmith
- apocalypse // cigarettes after sex

Batmom Origin Part 2: The Ally

Prompt: Batmom Origin Part 2 requested by two anons and @tgwltw

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A/N: Okay, finally finished it. Please enjoy. But before we start I have to ask: Who here present wants to punch Zucco?

Part 1

    Ellen laughed next to you and you couldn’t hold it back anymore, joining right in. The clown in front of you smiled and took a bow. Leaving you he ran off to join the other performers, the show would start soon. “If the whole show is like that I’ll defiantly come here again a few times before they leave town again.” your friend turned to you with a grin after catching herself.
    You could only agree. It had been a surprise when Ellen had invited you to go together to the Haly’s Circus, but you were glad you had said yes. The two of you had met through work and had become fast friends, in fact she was your best. And this circus was amazing. Around you was a crowd of smiling faces. Excited children laughed with their parents. Clowns passed out balloons. When you stretched your head you could see the elephants that were on the other side of the tent. This was the best time you had in a while.
    Grinning you pointed at a small stand selling candy and drinks. “Should we get something before we go inside and sit down?” you asked, which Ellen agreed with happily. Quickly you made your way over there. Ellen got a bag of popcorn with her drink, while you voted to get cotton candy with yours. Turning around you were about to walk towards the tent entrance when you nearly ran into someone.
    Bruce chuckled, stopping you at arm length to prevent an accident. “Y/n.” he smiled. “What are you doing here?”
    “Girls-Day-Out.” you said, positively surprised to see him. “And I could ask you the same.” Remembering your friend you quickly introduced her. “Bruce, this is my friend Ellen Yin. Ellen, this is Bruce Wayne.”
    The woman gave him a nod, looking curiously between him and you. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Wayne.” she said politely. Living in Gotham she of course knew who Bruce Wayne was, everyone did. A playboy -even if he was now said to try moving away from that image- that helped a lot of charities, the owner of WayneCorp and therefore the provider of more than half of the jobs in this city. She wondered how you got to knew him. Sure Gordon and a other officer named Benett were friend with him, but she couldn’t help but wonder how you got to know this man. Then again, despite you being her partner at the force from her first day she hadn’t know that you worked with the bat till her option on him changed and she decided to side with him.
    “Pleasure’s all mine.” Bruce returned the gesture. “You’re Y/n’s new partner, aren’t you? I heard a lot.” He turned to you and gave you a half-grin. “If I would have known you were to come I would have invited you to come together.”
    “Perhaps next time.” you offered.You wouldn’t mind in any way. 
    “I will take you up to that.” he promised, his eyes lighting up a bit. It was nice to see him like this, you wanted to see that look on his face more often. He turned to the boot for a moment, ordering some popcorn and a coke, before returning his attention to you. “So you’re the cotton candy type.” he teased looking at your snack.
    “What do you mean, ‘cotton candy type’?” You raised an eyebrow. “If you go to the circus, you have to get the whole experience. Seriously, you and your popcorn.” Making sure she understood you were only making fun, you threw Ellen a quick look. She rolled her eyes at you good-humored. Bruce laughed at you.
    “Whatever you say.” he shook his head, not able to wipe that grin off his face. When you pouted, he laughed. “Really I don’t see what the big deal is.”
    “It’s less of a big deal.” you defended yourself. “But how often do we have a circus in Gotham in the first place. So if we get the chance we should use that and get the whole thing, right?” He was only grinning, picking up his popcorn. Getting an idea you pulled a piece off your cotton candy. “Okay, here.” you said, offering it to him. Bruce hesitated surprised at first, but then accepted, eating it. You smiled triumphantly.
    “We gotta go inside.” Ellen spoke up. To say the truth she felt a bit uncomfortable, the display between the two of you making her feel like a third wheel. You nodded in agreement and say goodbye to Bruce, leaving with Ellen to get a good seat. “What is going on between you and Wayne?” she asked as soon as you were out of earshot.
    “What do you mean?” you asked back. “We’re friends, that’s all.”
    Skeptical, Ellen studied you. You really seemed to have no idea. She sighed. “Just promise me you be careful.” she said, earning a strange look from you. “Wayne is known as a playboy, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Still, thinking back to what she had just seen she wondered if he would hurt you. Then again, she once overheard Mrs. Gordon claim the man was a pig. Either way, you were her best friend and she didn’t want you to end up with a broken heart over some guy. Besides she had really thought that there was something going on between her and Batman, so she didn’t know how to act when seeing you with another man.
    But you waved her worries off. “I know. Really, there is nothing going on between us.”
    Managing to catch a good seat in the first row you waited for the ringmaster to open the show. It was amazing. Jugglers, clowns, and a knife thrower. Next was a girl doing an act with a elephant and an animal tamer with his tigers. Till finally…
    “Ladies and Gentlemens, boys and girls, children of all ages -I present to you the fearless Flying Grayson!” The crowd cheered as the light landed at the two acrobats, a man and a woman, high above them. These were the big stars of the Haly’s Circus and everyone knew they were in for a treat. “As always performing their daring feats without the safety of a net!” They started doing their act on the trapeze. Before long the lights also focused on a young boy that was up there with them. “And now the youngest member of this amazing family.” the ring master introduced him.
    Then it happened. Before he could get into the act and jump out to catch his mother’s hands, the boy froze suddenly and looked at something above him. Not a second later the supports came undone. Both his parents fell, nothing breaking their landing. The crowd screamed.
    Instinctive you jumped over the ring railing to get to the fallen couple, Ellen following you. You knew they were dead before you checked the pulse. Closing your eyes in defeat, you were vaguely aware of Ellen talking to the shocked circus people. She explained that you were both from the GCPD and called Gordon on her phone. Your eyes opened and looked up to were the boy was kneeling on the small podium, starring down shocked. “Y/n, were are you going?” Ellen called after you when she noticed that you were getting up.
    “I’m going to help that boy down.” you explained not stopping. “He’s in shock. Even a experienced acrobat would have problems coming down in that state.” No boy should have to watch his parents die. Climbing the latter up to the podium, you tried to lose as little time as you could. When you reached the top, you found the boy sobbing bitterly. It made your heart clench. Gentle you laid an hand on his shoulder, kneeling next to him.
    Young Grayson looked up at you, his vision blocked by his tears. Hiccuping he tried to hold them back, but they wouldn’t stop. Wordlessly you pulled him in your arms. No sound left his lips as he screamed for his parents, pushing his face into your chest and clenching on to you. Your arms tightened around him. You let him cry, focusing just at being there for him. Whatever words were the right ones at that moment, they failed you then and there.
    So for a long while you said nothing. Your eyes met Bruce’s  down in the audience, but you looked away. Softly you rubbed the boys back to calm him down. The crowd left at the same time your colleagues from the police arrived and started asking questions to the witnesses. Nobody rushed you to come down, but you knew you had to eventually. You waited till the forensics covered his parents’ bodies before you decided it was time. At least he would be spared to see their dead bodies up close.
    “Can you tell me your name?” you asked carefully to get his attention. You didn’t pushed him to answer you, waiting till he was ready to do so.
    His shoulder shook a little, before he laid limply in your arms. “Dick… Grayson…” he said, so softly you barely heard him. Slowly he looked up to you. “Mom and dad… they’re- …aren’t they?”
    The look in his eyes was breaking your hard. You hated doing this, but you nodded. Dick already knew, but this made it real. He hid his face in your shoulders again, looking for comfort. Any kind of comfort, even if it was from a total stranger. Holding him close you shed a tear.

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“Don’t look so terrified, Jim. It’ll be fine. You know he likes you.”

These words did not seem to ease your boyfriend’s fears much as he sat waiting in your quarters for the connection to be established on the video call you’d be .doing with your father. It wasn’t often the Enterprise was in range to make such calls, so you took advantage of the times you did have.

This call would be a little different, though as you were going to break the news to your dad of your new romantic relationship with one James T. Kirk.

Jim knew your dad very well, but was very unsure how he’d react to the news, given that he was fond of playing “big scary Admiral” to anyone who looked twice at you, a tendency which annoyed you a lot less when you were out in space.

As pilot, You saw Jim a lot when you relieved Sulu and frequently, he’d stay on the bridge longer than he was supposed to. Eventually, he got up the courage to come talk to you and admit he wanted to be friends. You’d heard plenty about the crazy rule-breaking genius from your dad, whom he’d given many grey hairs during his time at the academy.

Jim, however, had obviously grown since then and you found you had a lot of things in common, including the love of fast starships and a nose for danger. (You’d famously attempted to break the academy speed record in the training shuttle and nearly been kicked out.)

Jim was currently standing in the furthest corner of your room, waiting for you to give him the cue to join you in front of the screen.

You’d practiced this little speech over and over and hoped it would placate your very protective father.

“Hi, dad!” You greeted brightly, when your father’s face appeared on screen.

“Hi, honey,” he returned, with a relaxed smile that said he was in a good mood. “How’s space? Meet any new species lately?”

“A couple, but they didn’t really like us, so we didn’t stick around. How’s the admiralty these days?”

He sighed. “Tolerable. Komack’s off planet, so there’s been peace in the ranks lately. How’s the Enterprise handling? She giving you any trouble?”

“None at all. She’s as steady as ever,” you said affectionately. “There is something I do need to inform you of, though.”

He leaned forward and squinted at you as if he was trying to read your mind. (He was infuriatingly good at that.)

“And what would that be?” He said, with a gleam in his eye.

“I…. uh….have a boyfriend.” You admitted.

“Mm-hmm.” He sounded completely unperturbed, but that didn’t mean anything. Your dad’s poker face was unmatchable.

“Who’s the lucky soul that I should put the fear of God in?”

You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face in embarrassment.

“You can talk to him, but only if you promise not to kill him. He already has a healthy respect for you, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Put him on then,” he said and you beckoned Jim forward. The captain slowly crept forward and sat beside you, looking like he was afraid to even breathe. There was a moment of silence as your dad’s jaw hung open and he processed this revelation.

“Is this some sort of joke, Jim?” He asked at last, squinting again.

“No, sir,” Jim said. “Y/N and I are dating.”

“Since when?”

“Two weeks ago.”

“I see.” He pondered this information for awhile and put on the Concerned Dad Look.

“Is this just a bit of fun, or are you somewhat serious?”

You and Jim looked at each other.

“Serious!” You answered in unison.

“Jinx!” You whispered and winked at him. Jim was too intimidated to smile back, because the Concerned Dad Look had transitioned into the Scary Dadmiral Look, a look you knew all too well.
(Christopher Pike did not play around when it came to his family.)

“Jim, being that you are a mature officer, I trust you understand what the consequences will be should this result in conduct unbecoming or Y/N being hurt.”

Jim gulped.

“Dad….” you groaned, but he quelled you with his Dad Eye.(Another Look he was a master at)

“I understand sir. I have no intention of hurting Y/N. If I do, I’ll deserve to be thrown out on my ass, if not shot out the airlock. She’s very special to me and I will not do anything to break her trust or yours.”

Jim was very serious as he said this and you knew it came from his heart. Your dad had been the one to get him to quit wasting his life and join Starfleet and Jim was very loyal to him. Holding your breath, you watched the stern Dadmiral face relax finally.

“I believe you son. Now tell me, what was it that attracted you two to each other? I’m guessing it had something to do with fast starships?”

“That, and his pretty face,” you admitted, grinning at Jim.

The Captain blushed. He was adorably awkward with compliments and usually turned red or quickly deflected. He was supposedly an egomaniac, but you had discovered that wasn’t the case, at all.

“She has this fearlessness about her and can fly a ship like no one’s business,” Jim said. “Then there’s the fact she’s got a brain that reads mine uncannily well and well, very good genetics.”

He was trying to butter up your dad, but it kind of was true. You definitely inherited your take-space-by-storm traits from him.

On the screen, your dad chuckled.

“You two are going to be trouble together, I see it already, but I won’t try to discourage you. Your mother is going to be very anxious to hear about this, you know.”

“Yes,” you sighed. That would be a much longer conversation, but the worst was now over, and Jim was still alive, so you figured you had the admiral’s stamp of approval.


Questions: Salqueen ღ

Most irrelevant post ever, but I’m kinda bored.
& for some reason people don’t do these for my two babies WHY LORD WHY?

1. Who wakes up from a nightmare and who comforts them?
Lightning would wake up from a nightmare. I assume that after the crash, he would have some rough nights but don’t worry, he has his girl comfort him<3

2. Who is older, and who makes the ‘older’ jokes?
Sally is older than him. She is a 2002 Porsche & Lightning is a 2006 Custom Build Car. Do I have to say more? Their real age well, idk…  But, I have some headcanons when it comes to that, but that’s not the point here lol. She makes the older jokes<3

3. Who would do the dangerous thing while the other person car watches and panics?
I feel like they would both get that adrenaline rush from time to time, but Lightning would definitely be the one doing the dangerous things more often. THAT BOY LOOKED SO FEARLESS FLYING THROUGH THE AIR!! (Get it? get it? Shout out to Cruz)

4. Who would spontaneously plan a romantic dinner?
LIGHTNING WOULD OMFG. He is the romantic one in this relationship & I guarantee you that he planned that Wheel Well Date with Sally in Cars 2. 

5. Do they have similar tastes in music?
Yes, and no. They would listen to some of the same music, but I figure that Lightning would have this one band or singer he likes that he only plays when Sal isn’t around because she would tease him about it. I also assume she’s caught him on that before and just imagine the look she gives him… JUST IMAGINE. 

6. If they had a kid, what would the kid inherent from both parents?
Ahhh this… Dad’s determination & his pure heart. From Sal? How caring she is, how she knows all the right words to say, and Sal’s humor. Imagine Sally and their kid messing with Dad Lightning, and he just looking at them like are you kidding me right now? 

7. Who cries during sad movies?
Lightning does, he tries to hide it but fails (He only fails with Sal btw). Sally doesn’t say anything though and just snuggles him. 

8. Who keeps the other up asking odd questions all night long?
Mostly Lightning, but I’d say it’s assuming he is leaving for a while for racing, and he kinda hates leaving her behind. Now, if we are talking about Cars 3, I would asume he would do it more often to talk about his insecurities when it comes to racing. (Know what I mean?) I mean, while they were talking in Doc’s office or garage she mentions she is getting used to the stench which means she was with him a lot of the time during those 4 months.

9. Who can’t help but make puns wherever they go?
Sally. SHE JUST HAS A SPECIAL SENSE OF HUMOR…. It’s strange but I mean, I can assure you she likes to mess with Lightning everytime she has the chance, so I picture her throwing puns around. Mostly to him though. 

Dear heart of mine,

Foolish and Gullible. Words neon-signed at my heart. The cracks of your once beautiful form, now breaking like a fracture. Like a dam, carrying all that wondrous weight until you can’t carry all those storm-riddled water. It’s funny, we are both 25. But how come, a heart is both young and old at the same time? How can a small spaced vestibule, pumped out the very breath of my identity, and then carry all my hindrances and shame?

I am no longer, bold enough to repeat mistakes. I am no longer the same naive girl, fearless of flying to reach the splinters of the stars. Now, I carry the weight of the moon in my feet. It anchors me to be more humble and to chastise my faulty mouth. I have counted every hands and lips that swayed my way, and with it, I seem more unconvinced who I really am. Why is it, we love those who are harder to love? Like burning your skin, with the same iron rod, etched with some else’s lie. Like reading your own story in a book, and getting so lost in it, that you seem to taint your identity in every minute that may pass.

I have traveled to places, that you told me to find a home to. Find a shelter in every beautiful stranger that welcomed me with their caring arms and loquacious mouth. Get myself transfixed, with their life stories and point of views. The joie de vivre that exudes from their laughter, and their temperamental blows. And sleep off the lies that they seem to slur incessantly to my face.

The years that seem to be shorter and shorter than the last one that came, and the wrinkles that seem to be like tokens from a long ride from nowhere. The necessities that we rendered off and of all those indiscretion that we went on through.

We are still young, dear heart of mine. But we are old enough to close our eyes and just let go. To whatever it is, the world, the people, the mess that we are bound to become, the very existence that we are, the liquor and indulgences we escape to—-no matter how unaware we may be to the world, just keep in mind, dear heart of mine, we are both champions.

We conquered the grounds and licked the salty ocean blood off our scars, and so we will both leave this earth with heaviness, but not of the pain, but of the heaviness of memories and life. 



Every album of yours has at least one song that my boyfriend and I can relate to. Thank you for putting love into lyrics and giving me ways to express love. Here are the songs we relate to together:

Taylor Swift:
- Our Song

- Fearless

Speak Now:
- Mine
- Sparks Fly

- Begin Again
- Everything Has Changed

- You Are In Love


- Call It What You Want (even down to the details of late November, that’s our anniversary, 2 years now!)
- New Year’s Day
- Dress

Thank you Taylor for making me feel all sorts of emotions through your songs over the years. Reputation is amazing and takes me on emotional journey. Thank you for everything.

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Dark!Leo headcanons?????

There are rumors of the way his mouth curves into a sinister smile as he decides what weapon to use

They say he can turn anything in this world into a weapon

His golden dragon casts a shadow that can bring a shiver to the spine of the most fearless man

They fly in search of those who would dare dishonor childhood; a Peter Pan of sorts

But the only ones he flies away with are those he finds guilty

And it isn’t fairy dust he douses them in

They say there’s an island that has never been found twice where a dragon keeps his treasure and the shallow graves of cowards feed the Earth