alternative be more chill titles
  • jeremy's theme: bee boo boo bop boo boo bop beEP
  • more than survive: i can't keep my hands outta my pants and i love to dance with my stoner friend
  • i love play rehearsal: im not emo promise
  • the squip song: made in japan™
  • two player game: n o n o t b e c a u s e w e ' r e g a y
  • the squip enters: tHe fReAks fReakIng oUt
  • be more chill part 1: beCaUse sHe cHeaTed oN mE
  • do you wanna ride?: get in loser we're gonna make you popular
  • be more chill part 2: all obey satan
  • more than survive(reprise): cccccccmmmmmmmoooooooooonnnnn
  • a guy that i'd kinda be into: ya got filthy pranked
  • upgrade: jeremy wtf why'd you do that to my man michael not cool
  • halloween: sPoOky sCarY pArTy
  • do you wanna hang?: jeremy gets mad pussy™
  • michael in the bathroom: why are my eyes sweating so much that's not normal oh look more eye sweat
  • the smartphone hour (rich set a fire): burn baby burn disco inferno
  • the pitiful children: all my friends are dead on the inside
  • the pants song: i'd put my pants on for you if you wanted me too
  • the play: miChAel mAkes aN enTraNce anD eVerYone's oN ecstAsY
  • voices in my head: still ended up with the girl but why not michael tho
my favorite out of context things from be more chill-
  • *spooky beeping*
  • my mac daddy game couldn’t be more limp
  • ….i like gay people…
  • I have mad, gigantic feelings, red and frantic feelings, about most everything, like gun control
  • my little penis was depressed,,,, he was so lonely,,, poor guy
  • hey, yeah, a squip! *starts riffing like mad* oh, a squip *goes to riff town*  hEEEEeeEY YEAH *buys property in riff town* NO LONGER A DRIP WHEN YA GOT IN YA GRIP, A SQUIP, A SQUIP, A SQUIIIIIP *HOLD FOR JESUS*
  • “hello?” “B L O O D” “son? “CLAWS”
  • “discomfort level may increase” “*SCREAMING*”
  • but i AM a masturbator 
  • now try picking out a shirt. thats a girls shirt.
  • speak like you don’t care about your own death
  • everything about me makes me wanna die (relatable)
  • i got a condom!
  • i don’t have a machete but a loaf of bread will do
  • i might pass out but thats alright
  • LI-VER SPOTS! from halloween
  • yeah, I’ve had sex in pretty much every room in this house
  • *humming and crying at the same time*
  • “ill tell you because you’re my closest friend!” “no I’m not??” “yeah i know”
  • “did you see rich?” “no,,, i was crying”
  • *chorus joins together* ALWAYS BE AWARE OF AUTOCORRECT
  • beep bop boo beep bop boo beep bop boo beep
  • when you love somebody, you put your pants on for them!
  • wear those pants (somewhat reluctantly)
  • (rich, screaming from a distance) IIIII NEEEED MOUNTAIN DEW REEEEEEED
  • “great, drink this.” “wait-” “*SCREECHING*”

People have been asking, so here:

I like old school, new school, combine it.
Intertwine it, trigonometry, sine it.
If you don’t like what I spit, then you can bite it.
My rhymes are not for everyone and no I will not hide it.
I tried it.
The weakness is what I confide in.
My poetry is immaculate, pun filled- hyphen.
I’m likin’
the hard beats that I make hardly,
pound in the ears, fill you up, Arby’s.
Pretty nerdy, flow is wordy,
spicy currie, shots are swishin’ in a hurry.
Haters better scurry, because I got a flurry
that doesn’t stop unless I run the whole
Aneneme, Finding Dory.

Weak MCs got me snoring.
Forever going in, yo
the fam so adoring,
I didn’t want to go this hard,
not my intent.
But fuck it, let’s switch it up,
so I can repent,
Harvey Dent.
One eye,
lookin’ in the middle.
Lyrics so hot,
let it sizzle.
I only spit the rizzle,
no killin’,
that’s foshizzle.
siblings, yes we fight.
Malcom in the Middle.

Yo, yo,
playin’ my fiddle.
Call me the Riddler,
my rhymes are just a riddle.
Kind of robotic.
golden C3PO.
Beep bop beep boo,
Anakin, R2D2.
But for this I’m goin’ Vader,
Fuck all you haters,
I’ll see you later,
when I’m eatin’ and yo ass is on a pager.
I’d like to wager you’re at the bottom of
the escalator, I did not wait, I skipped the auto,
and climbed to great.
And I am feelin’ good,
wasn’t raised in the hood,
had my dad by my side,
mama left, tears cried.
That’s okay, cuz I,
stay positive in my stride.
Stay lit, never quit.
That’s the motto and you know it.

New Era G-Man,
is on the scene now.
Scene with the black,
on the emo team now.
Dream loud.
Do what you love,
don’t stop now.
Cuz when you do,
that’s really when you lost. Wow.

i dreamed up this really angsty yurio X reader fanfic but ill never write it without frying my keyboard with my tears so here's what happened.

{CAUTION: ur gona want to get ur self a nice cupa coffee or tea or water and enjoy this long little piece.}

you’re a Russian fashion designer who runs a very high end boutique bUT, you’re also a figure skater who’s in the Grand Prix and your performance is in a week and this is continually stressed throughout my drea- the story.

You’re always over working yourself and Yuri is your sole bff- since you’re always making business meetings or working or skating- and he has a key to your boutique and just marches in to get his measurements done. He knows where the measuring stuff is by now, and he gets it ready so you can jump straight from the project you’re working on, to him.

Yuri is super blushy and its like a totally over-exaggerated anime scene where like you lean in as you s l o w l y wrap the tape around his waist and stand ever so close to his lips as you measure his height. Also, this is when Yuri rants about his day to you, but you’re so focused that you don’t notice him stopping whenever you get really close.

*TRUMPETS* TIME SKIP ITS THE MALE GRAND PRIX- the female takes place in a week- probably not irl but

o h. w o w would you look at that Yuri has success fully lost his free skate outfit the nIGHT OF THE GRAND PRIX. and now it’s morning and he sTILL DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT WENT. Yakov yells his head off as Yuri asks and calls everyone he basically knows to see if they know where it is. nada. The fiery red and magenta costume is MIA.

when he calls you there’s a split-screen *shrug* and you’re laying down on your front desk facing the ceiling with your head hanging off it. v exhausted expression. worked all night. Yuri is v panic now and you’re just trying to contain your yawns. Yuri hangs up and it cuts back to you hanging up the phone and closing your eyes..

*LATER IN THE DAY* Viktor agreed to let Yuri use one of his old costumes again- but Yuri’s coaches as well as Yuri know he won’t get a perfect score with the costume change. 2 performances until his turn. He has been salty all day. Tears are about to start dripping down his face-


You grab Yuri’s hand from behind him and push him with the costume right into the men’s bathroom. He tries to tell you to get out of the men’s room- as if that’s the problem here- but he can’t see your face or get a word in edge wise with you screaming how the costume works again while sHOVING him quickly into a stall door and throwing the costume in there too.


“So, *zip* where’d you find it?”

Silence. This is the first time the camera *shrug* has gotten a steady look at you. Your eyes are completely black underneath. 3 fingers have band aids wrapped around them. Your lips are c h a p p e d. And your body is shaking.

the camera *shrug* zooms in on your c h a p p e d lips and eye-bags.

“You left it at my place.” A steady tone leaves your voice, but an unstable expression is plastered onto your exhausted face.

The moment Yurio comes out, you waste no time pushing him in front of you again, this time to the ice rink. You were almost there, right in the middle of the lobby area with the dinner like feel, almost to the door that lead to the stadium.

“-HEY my hair!”

‘shoot’ You say you’ll do his hair yourself- not like it was the first time you’ve done his hair anyways. You keep Yuri facing foreword as you flat iron his strands as fast as you can. Yuri starts babbling about his routine, as you feel the sleepiness gaining on you.


‘tssss….-’ you bite your lip to prevent a squeal.

‘plsh-!’ b a d idea. your bottom lips bursts instead, blood dripping down your chin.

“Huh- are you okay??” You hold back tears and give Yuri a solid 'mm hmm’ as you push him- now much weaker- out the lobby and into the cold rink area. Quickly, you turn the other way as he turns to attempt to get one last glance at your gorgeous face. You wave your hand above your head as you yell out encouraging word to him, and walk out of sight.

Yuri is so happy. He got his costume back. His coaches and family and friends are relieved. Otabek’s free skate is closing. It’s his turn to shine. It was hopeless at the beginning, but thanks to you, he had his world back in his control again. Everything was perfect.

You hang your trembling head in the lobby, the flat iron in one hand, your phone in the other. You had just gotten a call from an extremely important client who was expecting her velvet skating gown t o d a y. You hadn’t even finished the initial sketches. You hadn’t even practiced your skating routine. Heck, you haven’t even gone skating in d a y s.

the camera *shrug* is on the floor, just your feet in view. silence, as you take a step in one direction- 'DAMMIT’- you jet off in the other direction, unclear which door you had gone through.


Yuri had waited hours for everyone to leave. He refused to believe you wouldn’t come watch him. You both always came to each other’s big competitions no matter where you were, or what you had to do. Plus, Yuri had meant to tell you something.

That you, had fueled his gold winning routine. That you had inspired him to skate to his fullest, not letting anything ruin his dream of winning gold his senior debut. He realized, you had always been there for him. Always listening, daydreaming, creating, skating: you were juggling so much, but you would drop everything to take care of Yuri’s concerns. He wanted to tell you he finally realized- but where were you?

Yuri stood in the middle of the ice and spun around, still in his free program costume and skates. aha! there. in the top row, 9th chair from the door, there you rest.

Yuri bounced up the steps after clicking on his skate guards, his gold clanging against his chest. “[y/n]! [y/n]!” He repeated like a child. “[y/n] [y/-” he lost his breath, unable to finish your name. He first saw your bleeding lips and black bags, and rage bursted within him, assuming you had been hurt. “WHAT HAPPened. WHO DID THI-”

Yuri froze. Silence as he scanned the rest of your sleeping self. He looks down at the sleeve of his outfit, down at a red stain on the the red flames. The camera *shrug* goes into his eyes and it flashes back to after you got the call that Yuri lost his costume.

You had taken a deep breath after hanging up, and pulled yourself up and back to your desk. You dug through your cluttered files to find that costume pattern again. You stayed up all night- your 3rd all nighter in a row- working non stop. No food, no water, only bathroom breaks. Your sewing machine wasn’t working fast enough, so you decided to hand stitch it as fast as you could. Pricking yourself several times, running low on energy, your trembling body couldn’t handle anymore. But, you remembered why you were remaking this outfit in the first place. You loved your friend Yuri Plisetsky, and every time you thought of him blabbing to you about how he’ll win Finals, you found the strength to keep going.

camera *shrug* flashes back to Yuri covering his mouth, looking down at you slouching peacefully in the stadium chair. He picks you up and onto his back, as he charges out the stadium and down the street- still in his skates and costume- to get you to the comfort of your boutique bedroom. “[y/n], I’m such an idiot…” He shakes his head to avoid running into people in the hazy blur of confusion and tears.

So close, yet so far.

That v important client, an old, plump, fancy looking old lady dressed in lavender velvet with an orange tabby peaking out of her purse. Yuri stopped, almost tripping over his skates, to stare and aw at the car while frantically searching for the keys in his costumes hidden pocket.

The old lady stared yelling. People stared at the out of place commotion as Yuri argued back and forth with her. “There is no WAY my dress cannot be done by today!” “She’s been working nonstop for DAYS AREADY SHE NEEDS A FU-” and on and on, until.

Yuri spews out insult after explanation, not noticing that the old lady has stopped talking. She finally puts what’s in front her together: his costume. the girl on his back. her condition. his medal. flashback.

“But that’s absurd! That design is so lovely! And to only be used ONCE??” 'sorry Madame, but that’s my policy. i make each costume once and only once. inspiration shouldn’t be oversqueezed. if you don’t have any inspiration, you’re as good as dead..’ “What’s that daring?” ’-you’d turn into a robot!’ “A robot??” 'beep. boo beep bop.’ “Ohohoh! Darling you’re too much!” 'ahe, so is your bill…’ “What??”

end of flashback. The old lady turns away. “I won’t let this go unheard. My workers shall see to it that this dress be made ASAP…which, will take about 2 weeks. So be ready.” And she walked away, into the sunset. Leaving Yurio with his mouth agape, “wait leave the cat noo”

You wake up the next day and frantically try to get out of bed to make up the days of work you missed out on. But Yuri catches your drowsy figure before plopping you back into your comfy sheets and blankets Yuri wrapped you back in, while informing you of how you would be missing the Grand Prix, and the Old Lady’s visit. He had slept on the floor while you were surrounded with a castle of pillows and sheets.

“[y/n], I’m sorry I didn’t notice you working so hard for me- not just today but whenever I have a petty problem, you never fail to fix them right up, even if it costs you more than it should.” 'Yuri-’ “No. I’m such an idiot. There’s nothing I can do to fix anything now..” ’…huh- Yuri wha-’

*CRACK* RIGHT DOWN THE CENTER. 'YURI WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST DO-’ “It’s hasn’t decreased in value, and, I sure as hell don’t deserve the entire thing myself.” Yuri handed you one half of the gold medal. You gingery grabbed it with your stil shaky hands. “Listen.” He now had a strong tone. “Don’t for a second think I would want you to be hurt. Especially not for my sake. Okay?…oi, heard me sleepyhead?”

your gaze seemed ghost like as you stared through the broken gold medal piece. 'But, b-but your always here to help me out too. You get yelled at a million times just to help me out with something, and your always checking in and defending my reputation when I should be the one out there.’ Yuri opened his mouth to speak, but you held your hand up. 'I love you. I know that.’ His jaw dropped agape, 'But as a friend as a lover- I don’t know.’ He gently rested his head on your legs, staring out the window, 'I just need to find the word I’m looking for. Okay?…yo, you heard me asswipe?’ “hEY WHERE DI D THAT-”

YURI DIDNT VISIT YOU FOR 2 WEEKS AFTER THAT. You wanted some space to get back into the flow of things. You two had never been apart that long. He felt terrible, especially at himself. Next time you two saw each other was at a red carpet for the Grand Prix finalists. The paparazzi took pictures in pairs, and the other female finalists had gone out of their way to leave you the odd one out. That when Yuri stepped next to you, all happy too happy to leave JJ as the odd one out, and to see your stunning outfit that had ironically matched his. That was the first time Yuri Plisetsky had ever said he loved you.

*1 0 Y E A R S*

the camera *shrug* is on the floor of a dock at twilight. there are two sets of feet. one with platform boots, and the other in converse.

it zooms in on the platforms. looks like they’re facing each other, holding hands.

’…and all those years ago, I was looking for the word to describe this..’ then, it zoomed to the converse. “I-I’m guessing you found it then, right?” Back to the platforms. 'Yuri..I’ve been searching for the right word all these years..“

The camera zooms up to reveal the black skinny jeans tucked into the black platform boots, a cat sweater and short blonde hair as well. Tears were visible in the eyes of the young adult, as he covered his mouth with his hands.

The camera now panned up to revealed the black converse’s owner. A young girl wearing black leggings and a [c] flannel, kneeling on one foot. She could barely choke her words out of her grinning face, as she watched the boy smile through tears in front of her

And, it’s soulmate!’

“I would like to rent a movie”

“Which movie would you like to get?”

“The one that’s named The Bee Boo Boo Bop Man”

“Nah man you’re thinking of The Boo Boo Bop Boo Beep Man”

anonymous asked:



some trivia about the individual girls:


  • has an entire folder on her computer dedicated to pictures of cat paws
  • owns so many fucking snap-backs, all of which have stupid shit like “dope” or “fuck” or “stop” printed on them. 
  • one year for her birthday, every single one of her friends got her a rainbow flag. she now has like 12 and sometimes she likes to use them for blankets. bailey always rolls her eyes because “kels, those are so fucking thin. they’re not blankets. youre being ridiculous” “let me be GAY BAILEY” 
  • would get along with kent parson. like, out of all the characters in the comic, she would probably click best with parse. him or lardo. the three of them could literally take over the world if they wanted to
  • on that note, her and bailey would DEFINITELY be down for a threesome with lardo. they’ve told her this. it’s a thing. 
  • hates shopping only because she’s so impatient that if the first four things she tries on don’t look good she just. storms out. 
  • fave 1d member is louis
  • uses old spice deodorant because it’s just BETTER than girl deodorant
  • used to be a dancer, but she likes team sports better. she still knows how to move tho. bailey is v lucky. 


  • loves dogs more than she loves her parents
  • her snapchat is truly a gift to all of her friends. she’s so gorgeous and she’s always postin selfies. her story is always like sooooo long but its worth it and no one ever skips it because she is an angel
  • is really close with march and april, since she’s the same year as them and they were freshies together. the person she’s closest to is kelsey, obviously, but the three of them have a p unbreakable bond, and when kelsey is drunkenly running around shirtless at parties making all the cishets slightly uncomfortable, bailey is usualy chilling with march and april, leaning on march and shit talking people with april in a deadpan voice
  • SHE PAN!!!
  • collects sunglasses. she wears sunglasses inside and people would get on her about it except she’s literally so pretty and intimidating and she looks good no matter what so why would they do that the answer is they wouldn’t bc they don’t want t get punched in the face
  • she has anxiety but in a VERY different way than jack. like at one point kelsey mentions to bitty that bailey has anxiety and bitty is like “??? she’s nothing like jack ????” and kelsey is like “shhh anxiety presents itself differently for different people” 
    • people assume she’s just very Cool and Intimidating, but literally after every interaction with other humans she turns to kelsey and is like “they hated me didn’t they” and kelsey is like “BABE no they loved you and thought you were cool and hot” and bailey is like “ok thank god”
    • her anxiety attacks aren’t very physical, they’re mostly pretty dissociative and internal. kelsey and march are the only ones who are good at helping her through them
  • hates doing laundry bc she has SO MANY FUCKIN CLOTHES 
  • her favorite thing in the world is putting her face rly close to fans and talking and doing the robot voice. kelsey gets fed up with this about .4 seconds into the summer. 
    • “kel-sey sher-man. i have come to steal your boo-ty. beep boop”
      “why must you ru-in my fun. boop.”
      “i love you. beep beep.”
      “robots can’t love”
      (gasp) “THIS ONE DOES”
  • her fave ice cream flavor is rocky road


  • has a tumblr. used to be a fandom blogger when she was in high school, but now she’s just kind of an aesthetic/funny shit/reblogs her friends’ selfies kinda blog.
  • eats more ice cream than any person should. she’s also tiny. where does the ice cream go? how is she so in shape? what’s going on? she’s magic
  • used to do ballet, and could probably still do most of the moves. she basically only quit bc she reached the age where, if she wanted to make a career out of it, she would have to start seriously working towards it and she was like “fuck that” so she decided to be a jock instead.
  • on the topic of that: she does not fit in with Jock Girl aesthetic at all. she’s small and hates to smell bad and complains about practice a lot, but she loves her sport and she loves her girls so it’s fine.
  • loves boybands so fucking much. refers to one direction as “her boys”.
  • forgets that shes very small and tries to fight people all the time. especially if they’re mean to amanda. it’s fucking game over if you fuck with amanda
  • SO MANY PET NAMES. all the girls call each other babe and sis, but sara is the one to break out all the “sweetie”s and “honey”s and “angel”s. she calls amanda “her b” so often. it’s ridiculous.
  • her favorite animal is cats, and she has a ton of clothes with cat prints on them. she wants to own like 500 cats. she’s a mess.
  • used to collect stuffed horses. she was a horse girl. no one knows this except for amanda because she doesn’t want to be shamed.
  • only child
  • tragically heterosexual. she wishes so badly that she could just date amanda and be done, but she loves boys too much.
  • has broken every phone she’s ever had in less than a year. she’s a phone dropper. invest in a case, idiot. 
  • loves photography. she’s not good at it, but she tries really hard and has like 3000 followers on instagram so. it’s chill.
  • loves scented candles and bath bombs and never shuts up about baths. 


  • underestimates her own height a lot and bumps her head on shit all the fucking time
  • gives the best hugs
  • can draw!!! and paint!!! 
  • loves movies a lot and gets v invested in tv shows
  • will not ever say no to giving people a piggyback ride
    • one time she tried to give march a piggyback ride, but since march is also stupidly tall, it ended with both of them running into trees and making everyone else fear for their lives. 
  • both her and sara are theatre majors!! they talk about theatre ALL THE TIME!! also they’re both v v talented and tend to burst into song all the fucking time. it gets worse if they’re actually involved in a musical at the moment. 
    • the entire team knows all the lyrics to every song in hamilton simply bc amanda and sara won’t fucking stop
  • her fave movie is the lion king
  • she’s an alto (sara is a soprano, this is the only thing that causes them any problems in their friendship, but it also means they can sing all the fuckin harmonies like woah)
  • loves markers and crayons. especially brand new packs. 
  • platonic kisses are something that she wholeheartedly believes in. amanda has a lot of love to give ok.
  • giggly drunk

I was gonna write about jessie too, but jessie is basically piper’s baby so i’ll let her add on with jessie, march, april, and caitlin if she wants. (and mal and mol)