Today’s post is all about famous bears; maybe because of the forest fires that continue to plague western states, maybe because here in Alaska it is garbage bear season, or perhaps because of a clue on this week’s NPR trivia show “Ask Me Another.”

Of course we start with Smokey Bear, a world-wide symbol for wildfire prevention and safety (seen here shortly after his rescue from a forest fire on the Lincoln National Forest in New Mexico).

On a most serious note, please respect bears by knowing the safety rules for traveling in bear country and keep your trash secure if you live in an area where bears are frequent visitors.  The only threat to bears is people so please be bear aware.


“No further, horselord.”


some of my favourite pics from the past two weeks of road-tripping around bc. always nourishing to be able to retreat into quiet places with loved ones. looking forward to developing film from a cheap disposable i used on the trips, too.

weird to be looking at the end of this extended summer, but there are certainly things to be excited for. endo appointment a month tomorrow, legal change of name certification completed, and a fresh start at schooling under my new name and identity

It’s like when things start Seeming okay things just come to a crashing halt– ANYWAY! Hi y’all! Opal here. Just a slight psa. I am going to go on SEMI-HIATUS since my classes are starting to get into the nitty gritty of things. Im already swamped, and I really wanna keep my GPA up. I will be dropping a few threads, as well as trying to start a queue. I hate queuing things but shrugs. Know I’ll be?? Replying to asks more rapidly than threads– I know that’s weird but it takes a lot less to format and cut asks so. Also! Also, I will be kind of asking y’alls opinions on some things for school? If that’s okay ofc! Just some minor things so I can actually enjoy it a bit more idk. Im rambling smh. ANYHOO THAT’S WHAT’S UP! Thank you all for understanding <3